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Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fit & Fresh / Misc House Type: Storage

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    2 Reviews
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      29.01.2012 19:02
      Very helpful



      A well thought-out, versatile set that makes it easier to have a safe, healthy home-prepared lunch

      If the Christmas presents you get are anything like mine, then there are always some that disappoint and some that really surprise you. When I received a gift from a work colleague I wasn't sure what to expect; it felt like a bag with something inside. I thought it might be toiletries, but how wrong I was!

      ~ ~ ~ What I Received ~ ~ ~
      When I opened the wrapping paper, I saw a pretty bag in a light shade of turquoise, patterned with chocolate-coloured swirls. It has a contemporary look about it.
      I opened the single popper fastening, curious to see what was inside. I was a bit puzzled to see what initially appeared to be some small Tupperware - type containers. On closer inspection I noticed a flat container with a blue liquid inside. It transpires that this is a set of three containers with an ice pack to place between the larger box and the two smaller ones. The prime purpose is clearly to keep packed lunches fresh and safe, and I'm as keen to avoid food poisoning as the next person! The clever thing about it is that the ice pack fits inside the lid of the larger container, held in place by plastic extensions that function as clips. This is so effective that it's actually not that easy to remove again once in place. I don't think there's any danger of the ice pack falling out if you've fitted it correctly! There's also the simple option of placing the ice pack between the larger container and the smaller ones on top. It's probably worth mentioning that I think there's plenty of room at the sides for other items, such as a piece of fruit, yoghurt or even a drink carton/bottle. I've done the first two. You can probably tell that I find it a very versatile set.

      The pack is completed by an informational leaflet, which gives ideas on how to use the containers, how to keep them clean - they can be placed in the top rack of a dishwasher, but not a microwave; the ice pack cannot be placed in either - but why would you want to? There is information about a free online diet and fitness programme; I haven't signed up ... yet! It also mentions other products available in their range, although I wonder about UK availability as the leaflet is aimed at the USA market in my opinion. Lastly the leaflet points you to the makers' website at www.fit-fresh.com

      ~ ~ ~ How I Use It
      I tend to use the large container to make myself a sizeable portion of salad. I use one of the smaller packs to things like cheese, olives, and tomatoes separate if I feel like it. Equally they would hold fruit, a chocolate biscuit - items of that kind of size. I would have liked a small pot in which to put a portion of salad cream, as I like to add that when I'm ready to eat, but that's a minor criticism as I use one of the smaller containers - it's just that they are a bit large for that purpose. I have also used the larger pack to contain sandwiches and found they kept very fresh when used with the ice pack.

      ~ ~ ~ A Bit of Research ~ ~ ~
      I looked on the Fit and Fresh website but was unable to find a bag similar to mine, which is a bit surprising as it has a metal tag on it clearly stating 'Fit and Fresh'. The bag was made in China. It doesn't actually state that it has insulating properties but I think it probably does. I wondered if the bag and containers had been bought separately and 'married' together but I don't think so; it all fits together too well as a set.

      ~ ~ ~ Durability ~ ~ ~
      It's too early for me to tell but I noticed on the Amazon USA website that a few minor concerns had been raised about the plastic lids on the containers warping a little, while still fitting well. I do wonder whether the popper on the bag will last, as it closes quite near the top of the plastic containers if you are using them all. Time will tell.

      ~ ~ ~ Value for Money ~ ~ ~
      It's difficult to give a price for this item as it was a gift and I'd be embarrassed to ask the person who gave it to me. Amazon lists similar products for a price of £11.94 but without a picture; the company is Medport if you're looking. Ebay was listing a lunch set with a breakfast set for £8.50 but £5.99 p & p the day I checked it - the lunch set did not have a bag like mine. [So there are clearly other products available in this range] However I wonder whether my gift came from Sainsbury's as my colleague has a daughter who works at a store that is much bigger than my local one. A search of their website reveals that they have stocked items from the Fit and Fresh range.

      ~ ~ ~ In Conclusion ~ ~ ~
      This was one of my best presents! When I returned to work after Christmas I was keen to show my colleagues, and particularly to thank my friend. They were slightly amused by my enthusiasm and admiring of my new set at the same time. I've only had a few opportunities to use it yet, as I only work part time now, but I think it's going to be very handy, as space in the fridge at work is at a premium! It does mean I shall feel more confident about the food safety of some items I might pack, especially as the weather becomes warmer - hopefully before too long!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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      15.07.2009 21:42
      Very helpful



      No more warm & dry lunch in the office.

      With the start of this summer being a hot one and my office at work being like an oven (despite the door being open most of the day), my lunch was beginning to look a bit dead & dry by the time I'd get to it. I'd got a cool bag, but it was a bit big and I looked silly walking into work looking like I was going on a picnic, so I decided to look for a smaller one.

      Sainsburys currently have a load of summer items for sale... picnic sets, cool bags, lunchboxes etc, so I decided to take a look and see if they'd got a "cool bag for one". They'd got a couple of different ones, but just as I was about to pick one up I looked at the lunch boxes next to them and spotted the Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Set.

      The Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Set is a lunchbox, but it's no ordinary lunchbox... It's a God send!

      The Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go set comprises of 1 lunchbox which holds inside two "side cars" (basically, two small containers, each roughly a quarter of the size of the lunchbox) and (here's the clincher) a removable ice pack to keep your lunch cool!

      The lunchbox can be used in a couple of different ways... With the ice pack held in the middle of the lunchbox, you can put your sandwich / salad / whatever, in the bottom (underneath the ice pack) and your sides or snacks in the two little containers which sit neatly on top of the ice pack (the ice pack is shaped to hold them). Then, obviously, you put the lid on which seals tightly (but is easy to remove).

      Another way to use the lunchbox is to remove the two small containers and fill the lunchbox with whatever you'd like (basically, how you'd normally fill your lunchbox) and then put the ice pack in the lid before putting the lid on the lunchbox.

      Genius, eh? Either way, this lunchbox keeps your lunch nice and cool! Well, it will as long as you remember to put the ice pack in the freezer the night before and remember to put it back in the lunch box before you go to work, school or wherever... otherwise it's just a normal lunchbox with a couple of small containers!

      I have found the ice pack to still be nice and cool when I open my lunchbox at lunchtime, and my lunch is still as fresh as it was when I left the house rather than being tired and dry.

      I've found the lid secures tightly, yet is easy to remove. I mention this because I've found some lunchbox lids to be difficult to remove (when you're a bit of a weakling like me!).

      The lunchbox is made of durable plastic and I'm sure I'll still be taking it to work for many summers to come. The Fit & Fresh website (http://www.fit-fresh.com/ ) states that all their products are easy to clean, freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe (except the ice pack, which is just freezer safe, obviously!).

      I paid £5.99 for my Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Set from Sainsburys in Shrewsbury and I'm very happy with it.

      Fit & Fresh also do a range of food preparation products, storage products, food transportation products (lunchboxes, salad shakers and bowls, pods, bags etc), mixers & shakers, and kids lunchboxes, pods and water bottles. As you can see, they make a wide range of useful products. Having bought their Lunch on the Go Set, I wouldn't hesitate buying their other products should I need to.

      So, if you want to keep your lunch cool... Buy the Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Set!


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    • Product Details

      Large compartment can hold a sandwich, salad or entrée. Ice pack fits between the two compartments to keep food evenly chilled. Durable plastic, easy to clean, lid fits tightly and securely.

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