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Brand: Glade / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    7 Reviews
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      12.06.2013 20:16
      Very helpful



      A great product to have in your home

      Air fresheners may not be "my thing", but buying bargains definitely is. This was reduced to 20p when the Co-op was having a refit last year some time. 20p! Purchase made.

      Bargains are only bargains if they are used, however, and this sat at the back of my cupboard for months ... until I had my cats. Needing to keep them indoors for a month or so was always going to be a challenge, and they were large cats, both adults when I had them - so without going into detail, that was going to be a LOT of cat litter! I was paranoid that my house would smell, and remembered this little gizmo and unpacked it.

      The "plug in" plastic unit and the little bottle of fragranced were packed in a blister packaging, and once I'd got them out it was a straightforward operation to insert the bottle into the diffuser unit. On the front of the unit is a horizontal wheel which you turn to adjust the setting (or power of the scent) from 1 to 5. This is difficult to see - especially when plugged in at low level - the setting marks and numbers are all in the same colour as the main unit, just embossed into it.

      I set it at maximum, plugged in, switched on, and waited! Within a few minutes wafts of a delicious vanilla were permeating the house. Delicious at first - it did actually become sickly within a short space of time! However, thanks to the control dial I turned it to minimum and the fragrance was much more subtle - again, within a few minutes. I left it plugged in permanently, and it made no difference on my power monitor in terms of £/hr I was using, so was obviously using only a tiny amount of power.

      Since having the cats, it turned out I was wrong - I really haven't had a problem with them smelling or making the house smell. After a few days I realised this and switched it off. Since then I have used it in bursts - my cats don't smell (obviously(!!)) but there is an over-enthusiastic Tom in the neighbourhood who seems to pay regular visits to the area of the cat flap, and his smell definitely makes its way into the house sometimes. Switching this on (I did so tonight) gives immediate fragrance and peace of mind should anyone call round.

      Mine is situated on the landing and the fragrance reaches all the upstairs rooms and down the stairs into the hall area, all on the lowest setting, after about 10 minutes.

      The only down side in my opinion is that it's a bit ugly - quite big and hardly what you'd call discreet. It's the size of a standard plug plus the unit which is about 3 inches tall and about 2 inches square, on top.

      After 6 months of some periods of prolongued use but mainly occasional use there is still around a quarter of the fragrance left in the bottle, so it really does give good value - even though I may be a little biased by my 20p bargain!


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        05.06.2011 21:53
        Very helpful



        a great product I'll keep using but I have my favourite refills

        I like my home smelling nice and am constantly on the look out for anything that will help with what seems like a constant uphill battle. Plug in diffusers are always high on my list when it comes to this, they work well and the refills (depending on the brand) are generally cheap. This time, Glade was my brand of choice quite simply because I've used several of their products before and found them to work well plus, it was on offer for less then half price so I couldn't resist!

        The Product

        On opening the box you find the plug in diffuser itself and one refill. The scent of the refill depends on the pack you buy but you are informed of this on the front of the box.

        To use simply screw off the plastic top that's on top of the refill and insert this into the hole in the diffuser. It will only fit one way so you don't need to worry about getting it backwards. After this you simply need to plug the diffuser in and away you go. There are certain plug sockets it shouldn't be put into but I'll cover this later in the review.

        The diffuser itself is small and teardrop shaped so won't take up much room and although clearly recognisable as a diffuser looks quite attractive and not out of place, even when placed somewhere clearly visible.

        My Experience

        As previously stated the diffuser itself is fairly small and thin so once plugged in it won't get in the way of any plugs either side of it.

        I have two of these, one in my bedroom and one in my living room. There are five grades that you can have this set to, the grades are indicated on a wheel just above the plug in itself. The numbers are easy to see and the wheel easy to turn.

        The diffuser in my bedroom is set to number two and despite being a large double room I find this is more then high enough for the scent to be noticeable throughout the whole room. However, the diffuser in my living room is set to the highest setting (number 5) and is barely noticeable. Now I should point out that my living room is open plan and so incorporates not only the living room but also dining room, extension and kitchen so to be fair to Glade I am asking it to fill a large amount of space. I also have the "clean linen" refill in there which isn't the strongest scent in the first place. Even so, it would be nice to get a whiff of scent from it even if only when sat in the chair closest to where it's plugged in.

        I've found that the diffuser in my room (set to number 2) lasts between 5 and 6 weeks, the diffuser in the living room (set to number 5) lasts between 3 and 4 weeks. However, I only check the refill when I no longer notice the scent and so it may be that they run out before this I just don't notice.

        Energy efficiency wise - I unplugged both diffusers and checked the energy monitor, this showed no change with both diffusers plugged in or when they were taken out. Obviously I know that they do use some electricity but it's not enough to show a change on the monitor and so are very cheap to run.


        I buy my refills from ASDA and they cost me £3.67 each. There is also currently an offer on them allowing you to buy two for £6. This offer has been running for quite a while now and so may be a permanent one.

        They also now have essential oil refills, I've found that the scent from these tends to be slightly stronger whether this is due to the added essential oil or not I'm not sure but I do tend to favour these when buying them as the stronger scent means you can turn the diffuser down making it last longer.


        As with any product of this nature this comes with several warnings. As taken from the side of the box, these are: The refills are harmful to aquatic animals and so should be kept away from them. As with any product of this nature they should also be kept out the reach of children, away from your eyes and not ingested.

        These products are obviously highly scented and so those with a sensitivity to perfumes products should be careful when using these.

        The diffuser is an electrical item and therefore should not be touched with wet hands or any metal object. The diffuser should not be covered with anything when in use and should only be used in a plug where air can circulate around it, do not plug anything in above it and ensure at least 50cm between the diffuser and anything made of plastic or with a painted or polished surface. This is because the fragrance can damage some surfaces.

        The diffuser should also be kept upright at all times to prevent spillages and the refill should only be replaced when the diffuser is unplugged.

        The instructions also say that this should not be plugged into extension cables but due to a lack of choice both mine are and this has caused no problems for me - make your own call on that one.

        Price, Availability And Recommendation

        I bought both my diffusers on offer for £2.50 each which I think is excellent value. They are however widely available for just over £5 at full price and this is for the diffuser and one refill.

        Despite the lack of scent produced by the clean linen refill I'm still going to give it 5 out of 5. This is because I have tried many other refills (enchanted night, Brazilian mango flower and relaxing zen) all of which produced a reasonable amount of scent even with the diffuser turned down. The living room is also a very large space so I am asking a lot from just one diffuser. Therefore I am recommending it but with the advisory that the essential oil refills produce a stronger scent then the others in the range.


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          22.02.2011 20:09
          1 Comment



          Great product if you're looking for a cheap, refillable air freshener.

          As far as a review goes, there isn't a great deal that can be said about an air freshener. However, if you're looking to pick up something cheap that does the trick, then you can't go wrong with this Glade product.

          I went down to Morrisons in search of a cheap, plug-in air freshener that would fill my room with a nice fragrance. I browsed through the different brands, including Airwick and Febreeze, however the Glade product seemed the best value. Although it was a slightly more expensive product (around £5 as opposed to £4.50), the refills were cheaper and available in a much broader range of fragrances. The actual plug-in device is also a lot smaller than the other brands, meaning it takes up less space and it less noticeable to a guest etc.

          The product is easy to set up; simply insert the fragrance capsule into the device, turn it on at the plug and away you go. The product has 5 different settings (1-5), allowing you to set the level of fragrance being released. I have kept mine on the lowest setting so far, and the room still has a noticeably different smell.

          Overall, this is a nice little product for a low price, that is easy to set up.


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            18.09.2010 18:09
            Very helpful



            Brilliant air freshening unit!

            Both me and my flatmate are smokers, I own Colin the hamster and we eat a whole range of spicy foods in the flat. I like air in my flat sure and open windows however there is nothing like a nice burst of a fragrance to go along with the usual cleaning we do and I do like a fresh smelling home.

            I spotted this on offer the other night for £3.00 a unit in Asda (on offer). My boyfriend is coming to stay for the weekend later today and I've been cleaning like a mad thing to get the place gleaming and wanted a nice fresh smell for the bedroom and spotted this in vanilla which I love and purchased it.

            The Packaging:

            The box is white and light yellow and the front of the box there is photograph of a vanilla flower and the unit and I am told that it is Glade Essential Oil Electric Diffuser 'With Natural Oils' and that it is a Johnson product. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the product, I'm told how to use it, the size is stated which is 20ml (of the refill), warnings are listed and contact details for SC Johnson are given. Nice informative box this is and I bought the actual unit and the refill together.

            A Bit About The product According To The Information Listed On The Box:

            Glade Essential Oil contains natural plant oils that offer you the distinctive Glade fragrance you are looking for to consistently and evenly freshen your home.

            With the fragrance of Vanilla Frost, enjoy a festive blend of light vanilla enriched with a white flower bouquet.

            Glade Essential Oil electric diffusers are available in a wide range of fresh and original fragrances. Glade refills are available.

            Using It:

            What you get is two parts, the white plastic three point unit (that fits in a plug socket of course!) and the see-through glass refill. You gently slot the two parts together and plug it in! It's really, really simply to click the thing together!

            All you have to decide how much fragrance you want. To the front of the unit there is an integrated sort of dial numbered from 1 to 5, 1 being the lightest you can diffuse the product at and 5 being intensely strong. You can see the golden yellow liquid to the bottom of it so you can see with ease when it needs replacing and the hole to the top of it is where the aroma is released from.

            I have absolutely no problems with this at all and after using a few electric diffusers in the past now don't want to use anything but these Glade ones!

            They look good, put together with ease and dispense the aroma brilliantly. On 1 I simply get a light and ongoing smell of fresh vanilla from my unit, 5 is really strong and intense and great for quickly adding a fragrance to a room. How long the refills last of course depend on the setting you have them on. They last about a month on setting one, a couple of weeks on setting 5 and I find that in a smallish room setting 2 is more than enough! It really does disguise odours!

            If your happy to use an electric diffuser I think this is a great one and I particularly like the warming smell of vanilla and I prefer these now to simply spraying a bit of instant air freshener into a room that doesn't last and can be drippy! Brilliant Glade!

            Expect to pay about £3.60 for the unit and refill and about £2.48 for the refill only.


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              04.05.2010 13:38
              Very helpful



              A Great Natural Scent From An Air Freshener

              I love my home to have a clean fresh smell to it and with 3 children and penchant for cooking at all hours of the day this is not easily achieved.

              Air fresheners have come along way since the aerosol varieties which also smelled so artificial and heavy, you can now get them in every variety from candles, plug ins , sprays and even scented stones.

              I found the Glade plug in electrical diffuser on offer in my local home bargains store for just £1.99 and I was drawn to it as I love the fact that I can adjust the fragrance.

              ======= The Product ======

              The Glade diffuser comes in a box with a different picture depending on what scent you have chosen. When you open it inside is the diffuser and separately the scent.

              The diffuser is nice to look it and is quite small unlike some that I have seen, it has a rounded triangle shape to it that you can see from the picture above. It is open at the base and this is where you insert the scent bottle. On the middle of the diffuser is the settings from 1 to 5 which allows you to vary the heaviness of the scent.

              The scent bottle is quite small and is plastic rather then glass which I know some other brands use. The top of the scent has a plastic lid on which you remove prior to inserting into the diffuser.

              ===== How To Use =====

              Take the cap off the plastic bottle and insert in the base of the diffuser until it clicks into place.

              Plug it into the socket and switch on and the select the setting that you wish from 1 to 5.

              Please be careful if you take the diffuser out for any reason as it must be stored upright so that no liquid can get near the plug points. (I have thrown many away after my husband has taken them out to use the plug for something else and left it lying on it's side.

              ====== The Fragrance ======

              Within a minute of switching it on I notice the scent was filling the room and at first can seem quite overpowering and this is why I suggest starting the setting at 2 and adjust if you need to.

              I found that the scent filled the living room and was not just noticeable near where the plug was although obviously it was slightly stronger there and the scent was very natural and fresh and was not an over powering perfume smell.

              I keep my setting between 2 and 3 although when I have been cooking it does go up to 4!.

              The scent is very natural and does not smell synthetic as some air fresheners can do. I have since tried many different scents and they have all been very natural and most people comment on it usually with "ooh your house smells lovely what's that?".

              Always switch mine of in the evening as the diffuser can get very slightly warm and I think that it' best to have it on sparingly rather than consistently


              I find that keeping it around setting 2 or 3 I get two months from the diffuser before I need to buy refill.

              The refills can cost between £3.50 and £4.99 depending on where you purchase them and there is often great bargains to be had when shopping around.

              If you have a Home Bargains shop near you you can usually get the refills for approx £2.50 and sometimes you can buy the diffuser with a scent on offer as I did, in Home Bargains you can usually buy the diffuser for just £1.99 so I now have 4 spare diffusers!

              Poundland and Wilkinsons also usually have offers on so have a look and stock up.

              ====== My Conclusion======

              I think that this is one of the best air fresheners for giving value for money especially if you shop around and also for the natural quality of the fragrance.


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                26.06.2009 03:40
                Very helpful



                A great product that actually lives up to the expectations that it puts to the customer

                This little beauty has been a life-saver for my university life! The rules of my accommodation were that it was forbidden to smoke anywhere except your bedroom and then only two at once. But of course this never happened as groups of friends came down and the windows were opened. But when I would return from my night out the smell would be awful and to settle down and sleep in that room was thoroughly unpleasant even as a smoker myself. Normal Febreeze or Oust just wouldn't do it so i decided to bring out the big guns. After seeing countless adverts I thought I would give the electrics a try as surely they would have a little more power to them and be more consistent.

                I was not disappointed in the slightest. I went for the Clean Linen option, as pictured here, as I loved the smell in the Yankee Candle Range. Last year I would always have this candle burning in my room (until yet another rule was implemented). The scent was so similar that when my friend moved in upstairs and came in my room she said "mmmm it's Becky smell!". So I can guarantee they work. My room was obviously quite small but every time I went out I left one window open and plugged one of these in and even thought the window was open, when I came back i could still smell it.

                I have to say I often get bewildered in supermarkets will all the choices, especially when it comes to such things as air freshners and cleaning products and the packaging of this product is not really any more outstanding than anything else. You do have to first by the plug in but afterwards you can buy only the refills. It is really easy to assemble, just take of the refill cap and pop it into the plug in, connect the plug socket and you are on your way to a beautifully fragranced room.

                The price is a little steep but I believe that if you don't use it constantly and once a day it is worth the money. It is a little expensive to be buying them every week. There is also a little dial that you can use to indicate the strength of smell you require. I used mine on the maximum and it was on a lot of the time and still it lasted over 2 weeks. For larger rooms though you may need two. I can't vouch for this having only had my tiny little study room.

                They come in various scents: Soothing Lavender and Sweet Violet (anti-tabacco), Refreshing Bamboo and White Freesia, Soothing Lavender and Sweet Violet (anti-tabacco), Refreshing Bamboo and White Freesia, With Love, Glistening Snow, Clean Linen, Enchanting Night, Vanilla & White Blossom and Soft petals. (Courtesy of the SCJohnson website). As you may have noted there are a couple of anti-tabacco scents but actually I found that the Clean Linen worked well anyway and it was not necessary to purchase these specific scents.

                The only downside to these I found was that if i took them out I had to be really careful not to let them spill because then there would be nothing left. The product claims a "week sof freshness" and it has lived up to its slogan, except those times when they stood up and then decided to fall when I wasn't looking! Also a little warning from the box: Toxic to aquatic organisms. So if you were planning on feeding your goldfish with it....


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                05.06.2009 11:23
                Very helpful



                Slightly on the pricey side but there are some bargain refills around

                Glade Electric otherwise known as Glade Plug-Ins, a posh name for what is in fact a pretty ordinary product. It never ceases to amaze me, take a look along the shelves in our local Wilkinson's store and there are a million and one air fresheners in every shape and size that you can think of to choose from. Don't get me wrong here, I am not moaning, in fact I love the idea of air freshener, it's just the price that is the killer.
                Have you tried one of those Glade Touch and Fresh sprays yet ? I handed over £2.60 at my local Wilkinson's store for the Soft petal fragrance, granted it came along with a free refill but though the idea is great if you wanted to use it on a permanent basis then it would be an expensive do.
                While I'm on the subject of Glade Touch and Fresh, have you seen the television advertisement that they have used to promote it ?! Whoever dreamt that one up needs shooting ! -" I want to poo at Paul's house" - leaves you breathless doesn't it.

                Any other business ? Ooops, moving on swiftly to the Glade plug-ins.
                Again another fairly expensive product but I have rather fallen for these, in fact quite big time.
                Glade have decided that they are not only going to boggle our brains and offer us plug in air fresheners but they are also going to offer a scented oil version and a scented gel type.
                The scented oil version came out the winner in the end and I handed over my fiver trying to kid myself that is was still a good buy, after all you can buy refills for about £2.50 and if you look in the bargain basket you might even get a refill cheaper than that.

                Don't ask me why but my glade plug-in reminded me of the beautiful glass building in London - The gherkin. Maybe it was something to do with the shape of the top, what a vivid imagination I've got.
                The plug-in is attractive, there's no denying that - but when it is going to be plugged into a socket that will be partially blocked off by an armchair so no one will see it anyway, did we really need this state of the art design ? Glade obviously think that is vital and it was good of them to consider our interior design!
                The plug-in comes in two sections, the bottom part holds the oil and the stylish white plastic top houses the slider switch that allows you to control the aromatic flow of the oil. The unit is easily assembled.

                The plug-in can only be used in an upright socket, self explanatory really, if you place it in a horizontal socket then you are more than likely going to lose all of your scented oil.
                Once you have plugged the unit into the socket then you are in control of the amount of fragrance that is released at any one time by using the slider switch that is situated on the front of the unit.
                When the unit has been plugged in and switched on then it starts to warm the oil that is housed in the bottom of the plug-in. As the oil is gently heated the fragrance starts to flow.

                These Glade plug-ins are recommended for using in smaller rooms, they do work- I can vouch for that. The fragrance only lightly scents the air and I wouldn't think that it would be strong enough to mask pet smells or cigarette smoke.
                I have seen a plug-in that Glade have developed for using in larger rooms, these have an inbuilt fan so the fragrance is well circulated.
                Glade also have a night light plug-in on the market, no disrespect to Glade but I just wouldn't feel comfortable leaving anything with warm oil in plugged in and switched on overnight.

                The plug-in is a good if not expensive idea and although the unit works well I am sure that families with smaller children may be wary of using them, sockets usually tend to be within reach of tiny hands.

                The refills can be found in most major supermarkets, I usually seem to find the best buys in Wilkinson's though.
                I have been using the Vanilla and white blossom, a very soft yet sweet smell. The vanilla really appeals to me, if you are in the room with the door semi-closed then that smell is gorgeous.
                I know for certain that I have seen at least two other fragrances, one called With Love and the other called clean Linen.- just thought of another one too, Hawaiian breeze.

                It is surprising just how long that small amount of oil lasts, mine has been used most evenings for a couple of weeks and I still have plenty left.
                Glade say that the unit is safe to leave plugged in and there is no risk of fire. I do not doubt that for one minute but I would never feel comfortable leaving my unit plugged in and switched on if I wasn't in the house.

                Good idea, good smells, maybe no good if you have toddlers in the house or of you need to mask heavier smells. If we compare them to other air-fresheners they are slightly more expensive, I'm not going to predict that I will be constantly buying refills for mine, just when I see a good offer on.


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              • Product Details

                Glade Electric adjustable plug in diffuser with its discreet shape will consistently and evenly freshen your home for weeks of freshness.

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