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Glade Touch'n Fresh

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3 Reviews

Brand: Glade / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    3 Reviews
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      17.10.2009 23:04
      Very helpful



      This is a simple product that makes life that little bit easier

      Glade Touch'n Fresh is one of those things I remember seeing on the television being advertised and thinking "well what is the point in that when you have air freshener already in the bathroom?", but when got home from work one day I found my wife had purchased one and so I decided there was nothing other than to give it a chance.
      The pack when you are starting out is simple as you open up the packaging and place the plastic socket onto the wall by taking the backing off the sticker on the back and push it on the wall and hey presto you have the main part over and done with.
      When your spray is empty (or when you are starting using this for the first time) you simply lift the front up and plug in your refill pack, close the front over and that is you ready to spray.
      The product itself is really very simple and yet makes a huge difference as all you need do to freshen up your room is press the front in at the bottom and a measured and concentrated spray is released into the air that freshens the room for ages.
      So why use this over an air freshener? This measures the amount of spray to release, is small and compact, stays on the wall meaning it does not need looked around for and is easy to refill.


      - Variety of fragrances available
      - Easy to install, use and refill
      - Compact and well designed
      - Measured spray of fragrance
      - Scent lasts for ages
      - Although more expensive than conventional sprays this lasts ages and works out as good value


      - None

      Glade Touch'n Fresh is a simple product that just makes life that little bit easier.


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      28.11.2008 22:08
      Very helpful



      An air freshening spray that helps beat bathroom odour

      There are an amazing amount of air fresheners available on the market today, plug ins, sprays, solids, candles, aerosols to name just a few.
      This idea from SC Johnson is another very different idea. A plastic unit that you attach to the tiles next to the loo using a `sticky tab`, the unit has a top that you depress and that emits a fine concentrated perfumed spray and freshens the surrounding air. Of course Glade Touch and Fresh can be used anywhere in the home, but it is especially useful in the bathroom.
      Glade say that the pure and light perfume spray eliminates odours naturally and has a long lasting effect.
      Glade touch and fresh comes in two parts, the casing and the aerosol, it is easy to assemble, just lift the lid of the casing and then slot the aerosol into position, it is then ready to use.

      The unit complete with refill is priced at £2.59 in Wilkinson's, so it is reasonably good value and a refill can be bought for £1.95.
      There are different scents, soft petals is a sweet floral fragrance and Linen and lavender a much calmer more gentle perfume.

      The air freshener is pleasant to look at and the white casing will match any surrounding. I always find that if I use an aerosol can in the bathroom I end up with a brown rusty ring where the can has been left sitting! A Glade unit tends to last about a fortnight in our bathroom, but once you have bought the casing from then on just the refills can be bought.

      I always go for the Soft petal fragrance, it is sweet and fresh. Two little puffs of the aerosol will usually clear any stubborn bathroom odours. But it is described as being long lasting, which I would disagree with to some extent. The perfume is strong once it is first sprayed, but it does fade away fairly quickly. Glade has the right idea though, if you have guests staying it is lovely to be able to clear bathroom odour quickly.

      Before I tried Glade Touch and Fresh I always had an aerosol can in my bathroom, but apart from the point I mentioned earlier about the tin getting damp with condensation and leaving brown circles behind the aerosol spray was far too heavy for a confined space such as the bathroom, if too much was sprayed the air would nearly choke you!
      So I feel this is one of SC Johnson's good ideas.


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      19.02.2008 18:41
      Very helpful



      A great way to keep the bathroom fresh

      Everyone out there knows all too well of the aromas we often find radiating from the bathroom!

      ==The Bathroom==

      How would you describe the bathroom? A private place to lock ourselves away for a few precious moments of privacy. A place to hide whilst indulging in secret habits. A place to read! A place to wash and make ourselves feel fresh again. A place to relieve ourselves! Whatever you may think of your bathroom it is probably the room we spend most time cleaning and trying to keep smelling fresh. So many products on offer, cleaning products, disinfectants, shower cleaners, glass cleaners, bleaches, air fresheners! The list is endless. I like to keep an air freshener handy in the throne room just for the moments when the air in there doesn't smell as fresh as you would like. Tins of air fresheners just don't do it for me, the moist air in the bathroom makes the dust cling to the top of the lid and the bottom always seems to end up rusty leaving a ring mark! Gel and solid fresheners just don't seem to last! That's when I thought I would try the Glade Touch n Fresh. A neat little plastic product, easy to keep clean with no rust and small and pretty enough to sit neatly in my bathroom.

      ==The Packaging==

      The Glade Touch n Fresh comes packaged in a little cardboard box. In the box is a plastic holder hinged at the top and a little aerosol canister. After easily opening and removing the contents from the box you then open the hinged plastic holder and slot the aerosol canister into place, it clips in easily, you then close the holder and it's ready to use!

      ==The Product==

      This air freshener can either be placed neatly to sit in the bathroom, perhaps on the cistern or the windowsill, or alternatively it can be stuck to the wall using the sticky pad attached to the back. A simple product to use for all ages, you simply just push the front of the plastic holder, which in turn releases a puff of air freshener from the top. One puff is usually all that is needed to mask any unwanted, nasty niffs. I find this usually lasts about 2-3 weeks in our house. Refills are available to buy so you don't have to keep replacing the whole unit.

      ==My Views==

      A pleasant looking little air freshener, which looks quite a home in the bathroom. Easy to use with good, quick results to help create a clean and fresh atmosphere in the bathroom.

      ==Useful Information==

      This little Touch n Fresh air freshener can be bought from Tesco at £2.63 and the refill costs £1.95. It is available in different scents - refreshing, soft petals, linen and lavender, all smell lovely but my favourites are lavender, a nice relaxing scent, and soft petals, a beautiful floral scent.

      Manufactured by S C Johnson "A Family Company"

      Thank you for reading.

      For more information you can visit their website www.scjohnson.co.uk

      © lel1969 February 2008


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    • Product Details

      Glade Touch'n Fresh air freshener is a concentrated spray that delivers a fine mist fragrance. Unlike other spray air fresheners that only freshen the air for minutes, just one spray of Glade Touch'n Fresh fragrances the air for a long time.

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