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Silicon bands in shapes.

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      05.10.2010 21:37
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      coming to a playground near you

      Sometimes, and I say this as a child of the 70's, it's good to know that kids are still kids and still like the simplest of items. Case in point this product - "googly bands", which seem to have become the latest craze, in the tradition of yoyo's, smelly rubbers and all the strange things that children have ever collected. Yes, the latest "must have" item for the kids I know aged 5-18 is in fact..........rubber bands. I kid you not.

      Googly bands are silicon rubber bands that come in various shapes and colours, and can be bought in packs of 12 for about £1, from newsagents and supermarkets - though they are sold out pretty well everywhere in our area at time of writing. The bands themselves are in packs in a theme, so for example a pack of vehicles, animals or dinosaurs. You get 6 different designs in various colours in each pack, the band themselves are about 5cm long and, as I have already mentioned in the shape of various items, like the icecream in the picture above. To the adult eye it can be hard to see if any band in particular is an elephant or indeed a tyrannosaurus rex, but to children they seem to have instant appeal.

      The bands are quite stretchy and just the right size to fit a child's wrist - they don't seem to leave a mark or hurt, they can also be used to attach hair. They could also be used in the traditional manner I suppose, to hold things together - they do seem to be quite strong. The children I know just seem to want to collect them and show them off in the playground or in their pencil case, there are 9 designs available at the moment as far as I know with glow in the dark or glitter bands being the most sought after.

      As tends to be the case with these crazes (remember Rubic's cube?), there are already imitations available, these don't seem to spring back into the shape quite as well as the googly bands do and are not as well designed. I can't quite see the appeal myself but my daughters seem to like the animals the most and I saw a class of 16 year olds get unbelievably excited about some dinosaur bands the other day when offered them as a reward in school. These bands are everywhere, all of a sudden, which is, I have to say the way these crazes go.

      So there you have it, of all things kids have ever gone mad about this is the latest thing, and they are shaped bands - there's little else to say really, other than these probably won't perish before the craze is over.

      I think, as a parent (and sometime reward giver to children in my care), that there are worse things that kids could want to collect. These are a fairly cheap item and the designs are pretty varied and do appeal to kids, whether it be from the silhouette of a lion, a flamingo or glasses these are, inexplicably to me, something that kids want, and we seem to have acquired rather a collection already as they are a perfect reward or pocket money toy. Recommended, as kids love them - even if I have no idea why.


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      The latest playground craze!

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