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Hippo Water Saver

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A robust polyethylene bag that gets placed at the bottom of the cistern. It holds up to 3 litres of water and prevents all of the cisterns water from being flushed.

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    3 Reviews
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      22.01.2011 09:54
      Very helpful
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      If you get owt for nowt, you can't complain, lad.

      Water companies throughout the land seek to promote their environmental credentials by offering these and other similar water saving devices to their customers. For the most part, they do so whilst letting water go to waste hither and thither through their own inefficiencies and mismanagement of the network.

      This may seem a little harsh, given that they will all spout forth about the underinvestment in our antiquated water distribution network, much of which dates from Victorian times. Whichever stance you take, water costs us a lot of money and many of us now have to pay according to our usage.

      Before metering became a reality for the majority of us, there wasn't much incentive for us to save water so we used to waste it all over the house. With my serious head on (just for a moment) it has to make sense to seek to preserve our water and promote water conservation. Now that we pay through the nose and especially since devices such as these are often made available for diddly squat, there is good reason to avail ourselves of the opportunity to drop this little Hippo Water Saver into our toilet cistern and in so doing save up to 3 litres of water on every flush.

      Given that all that this and other devices do is to take the space that would otherwise be occupied by water, you could put almost anything inside the cistern such a house brick or your wife's inedible meals and could achieve the same water saving, so let's not get too carried away here.

      If this costs nothing and all you have to do is order one off the website then it's hard to argue against it. There isn't anything wrong with the product, but I wouldn't pay to have one because all it is is a big polyethylene bag really so with Amazon charging £1.09 for this, I can think of much better ways to spend my money. On the Hippo website, they are £8.94 for a pack of three! The manufacturers claim that if you install these in your toilets, you will save on average £20 per year. Apparently 10 million of these have been sold since 1997.

      Unsurprisingly, the Hippo the Water Saver website is extolling the virtues of corporate promotions so that companies who want to jump onto the eco friendly bandwagon may do so and in so doing seek to curry favour through the promotion of their environmental credentials, however spurious they may be..

      One final thing to remember for all you folk with newer houses or new toilet installations (since 2001), it is entirely likely that your toilet will only use 6 litres of water per flush rather than the 7.5 or 9 of older toilets - i.e. - designed with water conservation in mind. It isn't appropriate, therefore, to seek to save a further 3 litres of water when you are only using 6 to start with. So if you want to avoid those 'dead otters' hanging around like a stranded Dreadnought at the bottom of the bowl, then you should consider other ways of saving your water.


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        03.04.2009 08:41
        Very helpful



        An easy way to save money with no impact on your life.

        I purchased this Hippo water saver due to reading a review by Sweet daisy on Dooyoo about them. She stated they were available from some water boards or various websites but I purchased mine off eBay for £1 with free postage and packaging.

        I have purchased a few items I have read reviews on but for once this is an item that will actually save me money

        What is a hippo bag?

        It is a thick plastic cube shaped bag that fits in the toilet system in order to save money and help the environment.

        How does it work?

        Simply open out the bag and fit it under the system ball. Pour in a 4 litres of water in the bag as you flush the toilet. From this point on each time you flush you will save a litre of water.

        My experience.

        I was very excited when my bag arrived and opened it out and read all the instructions and took it upstairs to the bathroom and that is where it sat as I didn't have a jug upstairs and thought I would take one up next time I went upstairs but I never thought about it.

        A week later after been fed up of seeing it sat on the bathroom floor I went downstairs simply to get a jug and read the instructions again.

        I removed the system lid.

        I put the bag over the ball and slipped it down and poured in the water while flushing.

        I replaced the system lid and left it to settle.

        The results

        I did find it very simple to fit whic was a worry for me.

        I found that initially the toilet bowl was dirty when I flushed as it seemed to stir up some dirt in the bottom but this soon settled down.

        My biggest concern was that would it flush away any deposits and I am happy to confirm that it is all flushed away.

        I am on a water meter so every penny I can save I need to. I have read various statistics that state you can save between £20 and £30 a year. As I live with just my son who is still in nappies so I would expect to be on the lower side of the savings but I only need to save a £1 for it to be paid and there is also the benefit to the environment which I have to be honest and say that for me to be environmentally friendly it has to not cost me money or impact on my life. This might not be the most politically correct response but it is the same as many others.

        I would recommend these to anyone who is on a water meter or anyone who is interested in the environmental issues. I would recommend you check out your water board first but if not then check out eBay.

        More information is available at www.hippo-the-watersaver.co.uk. They do sell the bags on here but are much cheaper on eBay.


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          23.04.2008 20:52
          Very helpful



          a water saving device used in toilet cisterns

          Everyone is talking about being 'Green' and doing what we can to help the Environment, as well as being energy efficient. So I have decided to write about one of the ways in which I am becoming 'Green' which saves me water as well as a little money, especially as household bills are continually rising.

          Since October 2007 I have been using Hippo Water Saver bags in my toilet cisterns. My bathroom suite is around 10 years old and doesn't have one of those 'half flush' toilets to save water, so I use the Hippo Bag.

          Most toilets don't need to use a full cistern to flush effectively. Of each toilet flush 30% of the water used is wasted, so you are literally flushing your money down the drain. The Hippo bag saves you 30% of water used with each flush, which equates to around ¾ gallon of water when fitted in an average cistern of approximately 2 gallons capacity. If you have a water meter, using a Hippo bag will reduce your annual bill by £20.00. I know that this isn't a huge amount of money saved, but 'every little helps' as they say. If you happen to own a business the amount of money you will save as a company will be a lot more, depending on how many employees you have and quite a few large companies use these to help reduce costs.

          The Hippo Bag is a simple and proven water saving device to help conserve water in household toilet cisterns. Hippo bags are made from durable heavy gauge Polyethylene which opens up into an open-ended box shape when placed in the toilet cistern. The bag sits in the water directly underneath the cistern float. So when the toilet is flushed, the water contained within the bag is the volume of water saved with each flush (30%). The bag also has a small hole, which acts as a relief valve, which allows slow circulation of water to prevent the water in the bag stagnating and evaporating.

          Many UK water companies have bought and distributed Hippo bags, as it is the most effective way to save water and promote the efficient use of water. I ordered mine free of charge from my local Water Authority, Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) and had the option of having 2 or 3 bags sent to me. I have also seen Hippo bags advertised on various websites (see below); however you have to pay for them. It is worth taking a look at your local Water Authority's website to see if they are available in your area. Here are some of the companies who promote and distribute Hippo bags:

          Welsh Water, Thames Water, Northern Ireland Water Service, South East Water, Three Valleys Water, Dundee City Council and the Environment Agency (to name a few).

          Fitting the Hippo bag is very is straightforward and can be done in a couple of minutes. All you need is the Hippo bag and a jug of water (as you will need to pour water into the bag when flushing the first few times).

          To start with, you will need to remove the cistern lid. Then place both hands inside the Hippo and push out the corners of the bag to create a box shape.
          Turn the Hippo upside down and place it's open end over the cistern ball float.

          Turn the Hippo over so that it is immersed in the water and the ball float inside it's open end. Flood the Hippo by pushing down with one hand placed inside.
          Flush the toilet in the normal manner and at the same time pouring 5-7 pints of water into the Hippo bag. At first it may seem that the bag sits high in the cistern, however after a number of flushes over a 48 hour period the Hippo bag will settle in.

          If you have a toilet which has a cistern with Micro floats and not the usual large plastic ball float, before fitting the Hippo, unclip the float making a note of it's location and hold the float arm up to prevent over filling. Immerse Hippo as above and clip the float back into it's former position. Then pour 5-7 pints of water into the Hippo. Again it will take 48 hours for the bag to settle.

          Having been used to my toilet flushing 'normally' for the last 7 years, the Hippo Water Saver has not affected the toilet flush at all and has not left anything lurking in the toilet after a flush. The only real noticeable difference is that the cistern fills up in less time than before. I can even continue to use cistern toilet blocks to freshen the toilet, as they don't affect the effectiveness of the Hippo bag.

          I have to say that if the bags had not been available free from my local Water Authority, I doubt that I would have purchased them. Having said that, I recommend using the Hippo bags and will give the Hippo Water Saver bag 4 stars as it saves 30% of the water used in each toilet flush. The reason that I have not given the bag 5 stars is due to it only saving around £20.00 a year on my water bill (as I have a water meter), however the bigger the household - the more water and money you'll be able to save.

          For more information please visit:


          Thanks for reading xx
          © sweetdaisy 2008


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