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Hippowaste Hippobag

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Brand: Hippowaste / Misc House Type: Bag

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    6 Reviews
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      04.06.2013 23:19
      Very helpful



      I would definitely use a Hippobag again.


      When we decided to re-fit our kitchen one of our main concerns was how to dispose of the large amount of rubbish that was our old kitchen. We were changing the lay out to some extent and replacing wall and base units as well as worktops and a large sink. Also there would be vast amounts of cardboard boxes which the new flat packed units arrived in. We were going to hire a skip which isn't too much of a problem as we have our own driveway and so do not need to acquire permission for the skip from our borough council nor do we need to go to the bother of getting safety lights as we would have to if it the skip were placed on a public highway. But we do have a car parked on our drive and my husband's work van is often parked on the kerb next to our drive.


      A week or so before the kitchen was due to be delivered I looked on line for skip hire companies and during this process stumbled upon skip bags. I mentioned these to my husband and we both thought that these could prove to be a good option. We looked for the bags in DIY stores such as B&Q and Wickes but found that they only seemed to sell or have in stock, the small waste bag (1 cubic metre), and medium sized (1.5 cubic metres). I understand that Wickes do now stock the large skip sized bag. We knew that with so many cupboards, worktop, large sink, and other bits and pieces that we would be disposing of we would definitely require the largest size of bag. This roughly equates to a medium sized conventional metal skip. My husband was a little sceptical about whether these bags would be strong enough to hold enough in terms of both capacity and weight. We had a good look on the website and read up about these skip bags and saw that a bathroom suite and still more, or even a medium sized dismantled kitchen could fit into one bag and so, after mulling it over, we thought we would take a chance on the bag rather than a traditional skip. This was mainly because we thought there were several advantages to the bag over the metal skip.

      These were as follows:

      The skip bag is approximately 4.5 cubic metres making it just slightly smaller than the standard size of skip (5 cubic metres) which seems to be the most common size used for domestic hire and can often be seen on the kerbside or in placed in people's front drives, or at least it does in my location. We knew that we would have a lot of rubbish to fill the skip with but we felt that a bag of this size would fit better on the driveway and still leave a clear pathway between the car and the skip bag so that we could have a good pathway with which to access the front door.

      A regular skip is delivered and left upon one's driveway and then it stays in that place from delivery until collection, but a skip bag can either be collected from participating stores, or delivered to your door, but when empty and folded it takes up minimal space and can be kept inside a house, garage or shed. If it isn't needed for a while then the front drive or street is not hampered by a large ugly skip.

      We inspected the bag as advised and when knowing it was undamaged we re-folded it and then kept it in the large plastic bag which it had been delivered in. This was also folded and tucked out of the way in our front porch. As the old kitchen units were taken down these were placed outside in the back garden until my husband was ready to fill the bag. I think it is a bonus to have the bag ready and waiting rather than being left outside. This is an advantage as with a skip it is quite common for people to take up space in your skip by sneaking their own rubbish into it for free!

      With the skip bag there isn't a time limit on the hire period and so we didn't have to rush to fill it; we could have waited for weeks or even months if we had wanted to, at no extra cost. And remember, even when rubbish has been put in the Hippo Skip bag you can choose when you feel it is full enough and only then contact the company so that the bag can be collected.

      Price wise we thought from prices we had been given that the Hippobag bag would work out a little cheaper than a traditional skip.

      We have our own driveway with a dropped kerb but for those who don't the skip bag is a really good idea as it can be easily placed in a front garden and as it isn't rigid there is some flexibility in where it is placed. When it's collected the lorry is easily able to pick it up from the front garden via the roadside.

      The bag may be able to be placed on the kerbside but then, as with a normal skip, local council permission will be required.


      The bag was delivered to my door within a few days. It had to be signed for. It was delivered in a large polythene bag. It is deceptive when in the bag and really doesn't look as if it is big enough to hold as much as it does.


      Our skip bag was filled with our old units-the doors, carcasses, shelves, two bar stool type seats, a large sink, worktops plus some other rubbish that we came across while carrying out the work.Manufacturers state that the bags are strong and can take the weight stated but if the bag is damaged perhaps by sharp objects then its efficiency will be compromised.

      They recommend that the bags are suitable for: bathroom clearance, kitchens, and garden waste...in fact most domestic DIY waste but not sharp objects.

      Once my husband had got to the stage when he was ready to fill the bag he made sure that whilst still empty it was well placed as we knew it could be left in place for around a week and so bearing this in mind we chose to place it as far away from the car as possible but somewhere that the lorry would be able to reach it when it was collected. We made sure that the bag was opened out to its full extent and was as crease free as possible. Once we were happy with its position (bear in mind the bag can't be removed once it is even partly filled) we started to fill it, although this was mostly done by my husband.
      We thought that the key to getting the optimum performance from these bags was to ensure that the rubbish was placed in it carefully and sensibly, making use of the space available. My husband put the larger objects in so that smaller objects could be placed inside. He also made sure to put large pieces of wood such as shelves and the old kitchen work top along the inside sides of the bag which helped to reinforce the sides. Really we were delighted with the large amount of bulky items we managed to fit into this skip bag.


      When the bag was full my husband rang the company to tell them that the bag needed to be collected. He was told this would be done in about a week.

      After a few days had gone by and the bag hadn't been collected I began to get a little anxious. This wasn't because the company had taken longer than stated but it was by now getting near to Christmas. Also we had already had bad weather and I thought that if we experienced more snowfall then that could easily delay the skip bags collection and, as the festive season was fast approaching, I wanted the driveway clear, the front garden cleaned up in preparation for putting up our outdoor Christmas lights. I dreaded the thought of a huge bag of rubbish left cluttering up the drive at a time when I wanted things to look as good as possible.

      Bearing this in mind, I decided to ring the company and see if I could hurry them up. I telephoned and was told that the bag would soon be delivered but the man I spoke to said he would try to get a more specific day for me and would ring to let me know. He rang back after a bout ten minutes to say that the bag would probably be collected that very day.

      Not long after this conversation the lorry turned up to collect the Hippo Skip.

      The manufacturer states that the bag needs to be placed within four metres of the road (public highway) and that the road needs to be at least four metres wide to allow the lorry access to your road or property. The vehicles that collect the Hippo Skips are usually standard 26 tonne lorries.

      The bags are hoisted onto the lorry by a crane. I watched this operation with interest from an upstairs window and took photos for the purpose of reviewing. The lorry driver must have thought I was mad or wanted a photo of him; he gave me a friendly wave as he prepared to drive away.

      As long as common sense is used and the bag has been placed leaving decent access (remembering the bag has to be hoisted up) for the lorry, with no tree branches or high walls to obstruct the lifting of the bag, then it seems to be quite an easy process for the lorry driver to operate the crane. I watched the driver prepare to hoist the bag by attaching it carefully and then up it went from my property and over the pavement and onto the lorry with nothing at all dropped in the process. I had been worried that something might fall out and damage our car (or perhaps someone else's!) or that the bag could possibly break with the strain it was placed under but fortunately all went very well. I think that as long as the waste in the bag doesn't overfill the bag and stays more or less level with its rim then the bag can be lifted and the waste inside will stay secure within.


      We ordered on-line because we couldn't purchase a skip size bag from any local DIY stores quick enough to suit us. When ordering on-line we decided to pay there and then for the delivery of the Hippo Bag and also for its collection at a time chosen when we were ready. We didn't really know how long it would take my husband to dismantle the old kitchen and so this was very convenient for us. We chose the bag and collection package which currently costs £149.98.

      The bags seem to be on sale in DIY outlets for around the same price. If you are thinking of purchasing a Hippo Bag then these details from Wickes may be of help (www.wickes.co.uk):

      Hippobag Midi

      * Width: 90cm
      * Length: 90cm
      * Capacity: 1 tonne waste (or 1 cubic yard)
      * Type: Skip Bag
      * Height: 90cm
      £8.69 plus a collection charge of £59.99

      Hippobag Mega

      * Width: 90cm
      * Length: 180cm
      * Capacity: 1.5 tonnes waste (or 1.5 cubic yards)
      * Type: Skip Bag
      * Height: 70cm
      £11.79 plus a collection charge of £79.99


      * Width: 165cm
      * Length: 210cm
      * Capacity: 1.5 tonnes of waste (or 4.5 cubic yard)
      * Type: Skip bag
      * Height: 100cm
      £27.99 plus a collection charge of £129.99


      For us the Hipposkip was definitely a success. We managed to fit a lot into it in terms of weight and bulk. I was pleased with the service we received from the company as both the delivery and collection of the bag happened within the times stated. When we contacted the company we both found the service to be polite and helpful.

      I'm not saying we won't ever hire a conventional metal skip again but we are again in need of some type of skip having undertaken more DIY projects as well as work in our garden. We are definitely thinking of using the HipposSkip on this next occasion.



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        25.02.2012 00:03
        Very helpful




        Since starting my new job this year, I've been working on getting my house redecorated and decluttered . The last room we did was my daughters - probably one of the worst in the house in terms of the sheer amount of stuff that needed hauling away. Some of the stuff was easy to get rid of - the scrap man was only too happy to relieve us of her metal bed frame - but a lot of it was really just rubbish - wallpaper, assorted old colouring books, old bedding, ancient toys, and lots of dismantled tatty flat pack furniture.

        I looked into skip hire online, and was shocked by how expensive it can be - In my area, even hiring a mini skip with a 1 ton capacity is over £150 quid - and then there's the hassle of arranging permits with the council for placing it on the road, something that, considering the number of cars parking on my street, was sure to be a problem. Then, I came across the hippobag!

        What a genius little invention - a heavy duty plastic bag, that you can simply collect from your local DIY stockist, carry home, and arrange delivery at a later date. I picked mine (midi size) up from my local B&Q for £8.98 , and it really was a doddle to carry it home, as the bright yellow bag came neatly folded within a clear plastic wrapper with a handle . It didn't weigh much at all - I didn't weigh it myself, but it didn't seem any heavier than carrying a few tins of beans .

        The instructions on the bag are crystal clear - it tells you how to arrange collection, what kinds of waste can be disposed of using this bag, where to position the bag for easy collection, and how to set up the bag so that the sides don't collapse in on themselves. It also mentioned the need to obtain council permission if you need to place this on a public highway - but also explains that, as long as it is positioned within 4 metres of the road, and away from trees, walls and hedges that may obstruct the crane, you'll be fine .

        This was ideal for me - my from garden doesn't have a gate at the front, as it is accessed via an alleyway. However, it does have a 3 foot fence, but being close to the road I could simply position the bag on the lawn, and know there would be no problems collecting it .

        The bag is made of a thick and very strong plastic - it reminds me of the bags builders use to deliver sand. It's bright yellow, folds out into a cube, and has four sturdy handles, making it fairly portable. The sides are flexible, but not so soft and saggy that they fold in on themselves - this made it possible for us to part fill it INSIDE the house, and then carry it out onto the lawn to fill up the rest.

        This particular bag, the midi, can carry up to 1 ton in weight of rubbish, and has a volume of one cubic yard. This was perfect for my needs -after dismantling, I managed to fit in a flat packed chest of drawers, a flat packed bookcase, and a flat packed entertainment centre, as well as around six bin liners of old wallpaper, bedding, clothes etc. that were not fit for re-use, and even a couple of old dining chairs. The bag can be used for various types of waste - clean packaging, clothes, bricks and soil, garden waste, wood - all of which hippobag will try to recycle

        There are a few things that can't go into the bag - electrical appliances and batteries for example, clinical waste, food waste, chemicals. These are all common sense really, as these items need disposing of sensibly. It is worth noting that they also don't take mattresses too.

        Arranging was an absolute doddle - just go online, pay for your collection (54.99 for the MIDI bag), make sure your bag is in position, and within 5 working days they'll come and pick it up. You need to give them a few details - address obviously, what kinds of waste are in the bag, where it is located on your property and a contact telephone number. Hippobag told me mine would be collected two days after I called them, and asked me to make sure that someone was at home at the time of collection, and to make sure they had access.

        I asked my neighbours on either side to park a little further down the road on the afternoon in question until the bag had been collected . About half an hour before the bag was due to be collected, I got a call saying they were running an hour late - I really didn't mind to much, in fact given that my area was coated by about 4 inches of snow, I was impressed they were out collecting at all, and even more impressed that they had had the courtesy to let me know.

        They arrived, and hoisting the bag off my driveway took no longer than ten minutes - a few minutes glancing over the bag to make sure the waste was suitable for them to remove, a minute or twos discussion over the best way to get the bag hooked up, about a minute more of pulling it a foot further away from the fence , and then the lift . Lots of junk and clutter , gone, just like that.

        The real beauty of this for me is that, unlike hiring a real skip, I wasn't under any particular pressure to fill it . I didn't have a set collection time in a day, two days, one week . I could take my time filling it, be sure I had everything in it that needed to be, and then arrange for a collection to suit me!

        I really cannot fault hippobag. At less than half the price of skip hire, and an awful lot more convenient, I will certainly be using them again - I have many more DIY projects planned for the future, and the fact that I can simply pick up a skip on the way home from work, carry it home with me, and then take as long as I like to fill it, before arranging a collection is just amazingly convenient. There are also other sizes available, the mega bag (1.5 ton, 1.5 cubic yards) and the Hipposkip (4.5 cubic yards, weight limit 1.5 ton) which means that, even if I should need to dispose of large bulky items, such as a bathtub, it's possible to do so easily.

        A full five stars, and no hesitation whatsoever in my recommendation.



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          16.02.2011 16:07



          I recently bought a bag and filled it up booked in a collection and paid my fee. On the day they came to collect I was told that they couldn't fit their collection truck down the road as it is too narrow. Funny as our rubbish trucks get down the road. Anyways I forced to pay more for the collection so they could send a small truck out. This also led to a delay in the bag being collected as they only have two small trucks covering the whole of the country. Who knows when they will come to collect now!!! To me the whole thing sounds like an excuse to get more money off people.


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          31.07.2009 15:43



          Hippo made the mistake, i then found another company, there mistake cost them

          I used a Hippo Bag about two month ago, the bag was removed by a third party as it was not collected for so long!, i called them up, stating it needed to go, but in the end i had to look about for someone else to do it!
          Every cloud has a silver lining as they say!, When it was removed, the waste carrier stated he collects bags in this area all the time, for barneybags i think he said. I bought one of these from Pompey Hardware in Fawcett Rd, on Monday just gone, it was £5.99 and had a flyer thing inside with all the info etc...I had to look at the website, and actually emailed regarding collection, i though i'd better call them up, as i am not very good with all this sort of stuff, but low and behold, two minutes later they called, making sure i was happy for the collection to take place and all info was correct! You would never guess who collected it!! It was that bloke again! Mark was his name, lovely chap, the wife had a laugh!, the bag is gone, within 48 hours and cost £48.50, so it all worked out with finding the same service locally, but for less! sorry to say i am now a barneybag user rather than hippo, but this experience may well be a one off, as i am sure there are always a few bumps along the way for businesses. This is just my impartial view, as i am sure hippobags have many happy and regular customers, its just that i am not one of them!. I would recommend looking into barneybags, even if a hippo user, compare the service/price and make your own judgements.


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            10.03.2008 13:27



            I used the Hippobag system for the first time last week. I bought the bag last Monday and it was collected on Friday. The bonus for me was that it wasn't sitting outside our house for too long as would a skip. The process was so simple and therefore I would recommend it to anyone who has the need. I used the mega bag to get rid of a garage full of clutter. I bought the bag from Homebase and booked my collection online. If you book in a collection before 31st May you could be in wih a chance to win a spring clean for your home. I would definitely rate this service and will consider using the bag for future projects.


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            03.04.2007 09:54
            Very helpful




            Recently I had to remove the remains of an old rotten shed from our garden and decided there was not enough rubbish to warrant even half a skip, so while on a trip to Homebase, I spotted the Hippo bags, and decided they seemed perfect for the job in hand.

            What is it?

            The Hippo Bags come in two sizes. The Midibag holding 1 tonne in weight or 1 cubic yard of rubbish, which is ideal for small garden clearance or general household rubbish, even small rubble piles that need disposing of.

            The Megabag is larger and will take a full size bath or household doors in it to give you an idea of size. If you are more technically minded it holds 1.5 tonnes or 1.5 cubic yards.

            They are both bright yellow in colour and are made from extremely strong and durable woven Hessian type fabric. They will easily hold bricks and builders/DIY waste.

            How does it work?

            You buy the hippo bags flat packed from local stockists (Homebase for me) at a small price of £7.99 for the midibag and £10.99 for the megabag.

            Take it home and fill it with your rubbish, remember to place it within 4 metres of a public highway though, so it can be collected easily.

            Once full you phone Hippo or go online, pay for the collection - £42.45 for the midi and £59.45 for the mega and they will come and collect it within 5 days of your call.


            Why use Hippo?

            Well, YOU are responsible for the legal and safe disposal of your own rubbish. If you hire an untrust-worthy person to collect your waste you cannot be sure it will be disposed of legally and the onus will fall on you should your rubbish be found fly-tipped.

            Hippo promise they will recycle 80% of the waste they collect and they dispose of the remainder in a safe and legal manner. They are authorised waste collectors and support householders Duty of Care obligations. (Duty of Care obligations are your responsibility to dispose of your own rubbish properly).

            In fact Hippowaste are so dedicated to the safe, legal and environmentally friendly disposal of waste they have set up a grant system. If you have a deserving project that you feel could benefit from a free bag and collection you can email them with the details. This could be great for school allotment projects or anything else along those lines.

            My experience

            I have used Hippo on a few occasions since that first encounter with the big yellow bags and have been extremely satisfied and happy with the service and overall ease of use.

            The first time I used them I brought both sized bags from Homebase as I was unsure which I would need for the job I had to do. In the end I used the megabag and this fitted all the old shed debris inside as well as a lot of old wood and bricks from behind it. With plenty of space left I had a good clear out of all old rubbish in the garden and once the hippo bag was completely choc-a-block I called them up on the number displayed on the leaflet with the bag, and paid for the collection. They came within 2 days and hoisted the bag up using a lorry with a crane arm, hooking onto the loops around the edge of the bag.

            The call centre staff were really friendly and helpful and the whole process of paying for collection was painless and easy. It is much cheaper than a skip and a lot easier in my opinion. You can fill them at your leisure, as you buy them from shops and don’t arrange collection until you have finished the job. We have on occasion taken a few weeks to fill one, when a job took longer than anticipated and this would have been unacceptable for a skip.

            I found them extremely helpful when I cut down the rose bushes in the front garden. You know what it’s like trying to get thorny branches into black bags. They rip everywhere and you end up with more scratches than you can believe. This was easy though and by using the midibag I threw the thorny bits in as I cut them. The bag ended up fairly full but very light, as it was only greenery. I was actually able to lift it into the car and empty at the green skip at the local tip, saving on collection charges and being able to re-use the hippo bag.

            We still have one of each size in the shed for future use, whether that be with collection or not, they are definitely worth a look at and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to you.


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