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Homebase Value Wall Tiles

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Brand: Homebase / Type: Wall tiles / Siye: 15cm x 15 cm

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2011 14:09
      Very helpful



      Poor value tiles

      My husband and I recently bought a home in need of rather a lot of renovation. The last few months have been full of DIY projects and paying professionals to fix up one area of the house or another. After two bathroom tiles fell off the wall while I was in the bath, it became clear that tiling the bathroom needed to be added to the "to-do" list. Since money was quite tight, I opted to do the job myself with Homebase Value Wall Tiles.

      Homebase Value Wall Tiles are your basic ceramic white tiles with a glossy finish. They are supposed to measure 15cm x 15cm, but in practice I had everything from 14.6cm to 15.1cm. That is a massive range when talking about fairly small tiles. In addition, most of my tiles were not perfectly square, often one side was 2-3mm longer than the other. To make matters even worse, some of the tiles were not perfect rectangles but were in actuality parallelograms (meaning some of the angles were slightly off). All this together made it extremely difficult to tile neatly, particularly since I had chosen to go with rather thin grout lines (2mm). I am no expert tiler and never expected perfection, but these were ridiculous. Even someone with lots of experience would struggle to line these up perfectly and it would take considerably more time to complete the job. For someone like me, a novice, it meant the job took at least twice as long as it should have.

      Each box contained 44 tiles which is meant to cover 1 square meter, but don't expect all of them to be useable. In one box I had 3 broken tiles and one discoloured tile. In another box EVERY single tile was broken which meant I had to make an extra trip to Homebase to finish the job (and it was, of course, after they closed on Sunday before I opened this box and realized they were all broken- so my only bathroom was left half tiled all week as I didn't have time to get back to Homebase to exchange the tiles and finish the job until the following weekend). I found the tiles in the new box were much thicker (averaging 5.5mm rather than the roughly 4mm of the other 3 boxes I had used). This made them more difficult to cut (so I broke quite a few of them) and it was even harder to get a uniform look because these tiles wanted to stick out more than the others. Also, later I noticed that that the tiles from one of the boxes where a slightly brighter white. I doubt someone else would notice as the difference is not significant, but it's yet another reason not to buy these tiles.

      Although these tiles only cost £4.99 per pack, I feel they were poor value for money. Due to their vast variation in size, it took me much, much longer to complete the job. In the end I gave up and accepted that some of my tiles would not line up. As a result, the tiling just doesn't look that great. If you were paying someone to do the job I guarantee you would spend more in increased labour charges than you would save in tile costs. In addition, I would hesitate to buy tiles from Homebase again since so many of my tiles were broken. Clearly they are not very careful with them. In the future I will not fall for the false economy of Homebase "value" tiles. I will pay a little more for a decent quality product. These are only really suitable for the bin.


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