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Homebase Vinyl Shower Curtain

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Brand: Homebase / Misc House Type: Shower Curtain

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2011 18:28
      Very helpful



      A good quality shower curtain

      I'm not really a fan of showers and would much rather have a bath, however my fiancé would not be without a shower so when we moved into our house he was pleased to see that there was already one installed. The down side with our shower is, in my opinion the shower curtain, I would ideally like to have a fixed glass screen on it (the shower is over the bath) however with paying for the wedding at the moment this is not really a priority. I personally find shower curtains are ok for a while but then gradually go mouldy and black along the bottom no matter how much drying and cleaning you do. This was the case with out current shower curtain so it was another trip to Homebase to look for another one. My attention was drawn to colourful Croydex Vinyl Shower Curtains neatly folded up in little bags, particularly the one which had large pink flowers on it. After readying a bit about the brand on the label and convincing Mark to have a pink flowery shower curtain we brought the first one which had attracted my attention.

      The Croydex Vinyl Shower Curtain is specially treated to help keep it clean and fresh, other than the colour of the curtain this was what persuaded me to purchase it, I hate shower curtains when the start to go mouldy and black along the bottom no matter what you do, a shower is supposed to keep you clean and I never think you can wash yourself properly with a mouldy old shower curtain hanging next to you. The Croydex shower curtain as the name suggests is made from a vinyl type material, this is specially treated with a Hygiene n Clean Anti-Microbial Treatment, this basically helps to keep your shower curtain clean and fresh, in other words not mouldy and black. The Hygiene n Clean Anti-Microbial Treatment provides a built in protection against bacteria, dust mites, mould and mildew, this in turn helps to protect against asthma, allergens as well as preventing odours ad staining on the curtain itself. All of this helps to prolong the life of your shower curtain meaning it is not going to go mouldy and smelly within a few months of using it (hopefully!) This particular shower curtain is safe for the whole family including your pets ( although I have never tried showering my 3 cats!) and it is also good for the environment. The Croydex Shower Curtain has a small label attached to the bag it comes in, this provides details of what the Anti-Microbial Treatment protects against, these include
      *Mould & Mildew
      This is particularly important for those with weakened immune systems, as well as children making the Croydex shower curtain ideal for general family use.

      The Croydex Shower Curtain is made of an almost clear, although slightly frosted vinyl type material, it feels like a strong plastic, the design we chose is Flower Pop, the curtain has large pink flowers of different shades covering it. The design of the curtain is in no way over the top or 'in your face' the flowers although quit large are quite spaced out and also in various shades of pink to tone it down a little, our bathroom is quite small but the curtain when hung up does not look over the top at all and complements the mainly white colour scheme perfectly, it really does bring a bit of colour into the room. The curtain comes folded up neatly inside a wash bag with a draw string top, this is made from exactly the same material as the curtain itself. The Croydex shower curtain is ideal for all power showers and as the label states made of a fully waterproof material, although I wouldn't expect anything less of a shower curtain I'm not sure what the point would be of a non waterproof shower curtain.
      Our curtain rail is similar to that of a curtain track so we often have trouble finding a curtain to fit this as a lot of them are for rings not the eye and hooks we have, however the Croydex shower curtain is suitable all shower curtain rails making it perfect for our rail, there are 12 eyelets at the top of the curtain evenly spaced meaning the curtain can securely be hung in place, these are all tear resistant meaning they will not gradually rip the more the curtain is used, the material around these does feel stronger and slightly thicker in my opinion. The size of the shower curtain was something I didn't think to look at however when we got it home it was plenty big enough measuring 180cm x 180cm when fully stretched out it easily reached along the whole length of the bath keeping the water well away from the bathroom floor.

      The tags attached to the bag containing the Croydex shower curtain state that it is environmentally friendly, all of the packaging and tags are recyclable and the bag containing the curtain is reusable.
      Caring for the shower curtain is very easy, the instructions are clearly shown on the label attached to the bag. The curtain itself comes ready, although if it is a bit on the creased side when you unfold it you can easily remove these by immersing the curtain in a bath of 'hand hot water', however we did not need to do this as our curtain was not creased at all. Keeping the curtain in excellent condition is easy, to keep it looking clean and fresh you simply need to wipe over it with a sponge or soft cloth on a regular basis. When the shower has been used obviously the curtain is very wet, so to allow it to dry properly I always leave it stretched out for a couple of hours, although the curtain is treated to prevent mould and odour building up I find that leaving the curtain to dry properly also helps.

      I brought my Flower Pop Croydex Vinyl Shower Curtain from our local Homebase, it was very reasonably prices at £9.93, this was a lot cheaper than a lot of other shower curtains we had been looking at. The curtain is of an excellent quality it is durable and hardwearing, we have had our curtain several months now and it has been used most days and it is still in excellent condition and looks good as new, there is no sign of the bottom of the curtain going black and no mould at all, the anti-microbial treatment really does work and keep the curtain clean and fresh.

      I would definitely recommend the Cryodex Vinyl Shower curtain, it is reasonably prices and hardwearing. For me more importantly the curtain is extremely easy to keep clean, fresh and mould free. I love the design of our curtain and it goes perfectly in or bathroom, however it does also come in a variety of colours and designs to fit any bathroom. This is an ideal shower curtain for any home, I would definitely by this brand in the future.


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