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Inspire Collection Jewelled Tealight Holder

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2 Reviews
  • Look pretty from a distance
  • Easy to clean
  • Look cheap up close!
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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2013 16:56
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to clean"
      • "Look pretty from a distance"


      • "Look cheap up close!"

      They look great at a distance!

      If you are my friend on Facebook you will notice that I have a pair of these, one on my new coffee table and one of my windowsill in my living room at the moment! My Mother bought me two of these when I lived in my last flat as a Christmas present to put on two windowsills in my then living room but then I moved to a flat with only one windowsill in the living room so I actually have one two many...never mind!

      I am pretty sure that these came in plain cardboard boxes with all the bits and bobs wrapped safely in bubble wrap, they came from Argos though are available from online sellers if you care to take a look.

      What You Get:

      One tealight holder comes with a sturdy base and then the second part that easily and securely twists in is a long thin piece with a candelabra effect look of crystals hanging over the base to the top of it. Those plastic beads are clear and act as droplets and come on 6 stems and each one has 3 different pieces of plastic droplets on them. The tealight holders themselves are black in colour as is everything else and is in a matt finish and there are four of those and hanging off them are four sets of two plastic droplets. The tealight holders themselves are simply clear glass and are removable for ease of cleaning and are quite deep so give off a nice effect when you have a tealight burning in them.

      Its simple to clean this with the glass holders being removable though you do have to be careful washing and drying them as they are glass of course but they are quite thick and not easy to break...though go easy on them of course! I dust the whole thing over with a clean cloth only to keep it in tip top condition.

      I love my holders though as my Mother bought me them. They are secure once put together, light to move about and easy to keep looking pristine which is always a good thing with such on ornate item of course. The glass holders on mine, even though used often hasn't gone sooty or messy looking. I do think close on these look a bit cheap looking though but from a distance look rather expensive so just stop people getting too close to them is my best advice, its just a shame that the droplets are not real glass in my opinion!

      My Mum paid £10.00 each for these in Argos when they were on offer though a quick look at the Argos website just tells me they are are a whopping £19.99 each, they are pretty but I don't think that is a good price for them I'm afraid and I wouldn't pay that....we're back to the plastic droplet argument I'm afraid!

      Google if interested or hop off to Argos!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        06.08.2011 17:42
        Very helpful



        A stunning way to house your tealights

        My mum-in-law has finally got the message. She buys awful presents, bless her, and just hasn't a clue about what to buy anyone. Now, I've actually known her longer than I've known Mark so really didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her I didn't like hardly any of the pressies she's ever bought me - although I'm sure I did when it eventually (and very accidentally) slipped out. Since then though it's been much better, basically because me and the older kids all choose our own gifts now - and the little ones are young enough not to know the difference between a naff pressie and a good one! Although Hollie was a little perturbed to unwrap an Action Man (Nanny quite randomly thought it was 'John'???) when her birthday rolled around.

        Anyways, this is what I chose for my birthday. Being a big fan of tealights I'm always looking for unusual holders, this one stood out for both its prettiness and also the fact it looks a bit like a chandelier - something I've always wanted but Mark always vetoes as he thinks they're 'tacky'. This from the Master of Style himself.

        The tealight holder, when assembled, stands at 38cm high and is 28.5cm measured across its widest point. Yes, it needs putting together but this is such a straightforward process that you don't even need instructions - Mark did this one and I'm sure it was just the base and top section that needed screwing together, although I admit I could have missed something! I did help actually, I popped the glass holders into place once everything else was put together.

        Once assembled the tealight holder stands stable and secure thanks to a wide base and very symmetrical styling, there's absolutely no wobble and the construction is much stronger than you'd think judging by the overall slimness of the design.

        This tealight holder holds six tealights, one in each glass. It will hold any standard tealights, although personally I find the Yankee Candle ones look slightly better when lit due to the fact that they come in plastic cups which look much smarter than the metal ones that cheaper tealights are supplied in. The glasses sit nicely inside the arms of the holder, personally I'd like them to fit a little more snugly as when the candles aren't lit it sometimes looks like the glasses don't quite fit properly. This is a minor thing though, and to be fair I light tealights most nights so it's not often I have look at naked (and slightly ill-fitting) glasses.

        When all six are lit the flames are not only magnified by the glasses themselves, but also reflected in the hanging crystals. This hadn't occurred to me when I picked it out of the Argos catalogue, so the lovely glow surrounding the entire candle holder was a really nice surprise.

        This is a classy item; the design is probably not going to appeal to everyone, but this has been styled for people who like a certain look. It's an updated candelabra, very modern in design but with a definite classical base which I love. The matt black finish is striking for it's simplicity; most tealight holders are shiny or at least shimmery, but this one doesn't need anything other than the sooty black paint as the candlelight is reflected in so many surfaces that a shiny body would just be overkill.

        The glasses are slightly too tall and narrow to fit a lighter in so you either need to get the knack of lighting the tealight then dropping it in without the flame going out, or buy a box of matches. I've perfected the knack (can't stand the smell of matches!), although fishing out the empty tealight cases if the wick has all burned down can be a fiddly job sometimes!

        The one and only downside to this gorgeous item is the fact that it is an absolute dust magnet, honestly I think 80% of all our household dust appears on this candlestick. I have to wipe the black metal section every day as the matt finish becomes literally dull with dust and the glasses show up fingerprints and smears - the glasses aren't handled often however so they don't actually get as grimy as you might think.

        I am absolutely one hundred percent happy with my birthday pressie. It's bigger than I expected and as the candles are arranged around the central post this tealight holder does have quite a large footprint. It was hard to find anywhere for it; it's much too wide to safely sit on an average sized shelf, but too tall for me to use as a centrepiece on the coffee table as Mark couldn't see the tele through it when he flakes out once the kids are in bed. It's light enough to be portable though so tends to alternate between the coffee table and dining table, looking fabulous wherever it sits.

        Anne paid £19.99 for this gorgeous tealight holder, and in all honesty I'd be more than happy to pay this even if I was using my own cash. It's so pretty and unusual that it appeals to both the girly side of me, and also the part that longs for the quirky things in life. The best thing for me is that this very attractive ornament serves it's purpose (as a tealight holder) perfectly, using it's glass and embellishments to enhance the effect of the small tealights and really brightening up the room.


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