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Interflush Water Saving Appliance

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Manufacturer: Varyflush Ltd. / Misc House Type: Bathroom Appliance

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2009 14:58
      Very helpful



      A great little gadget to fit to your toilet cistern

      I like to think I am doing the best I can in terms of saving water and keeping my water bills down. I have a lovely little dual flush WC in my en-suite and also in the downstairs toilet but the one in the main bathroom is the older style and doesn't have the option of an economy flush. I have been using one of the water saving devices in the cistern and although that reduces water usage it isn't as good as the dual flush option. So for some time I have just been using the dual flushes and the toilet in the main bathroom is rarely used.

      Time to make some changes I thought - I looked at the cost of replacing the toilet but that was cost prohibitive especially as the suite is 'champagne' coloured and would be tricky to match so that might mean replacing the whole suite. I then looked at replacing the flushing mechanism but that was complex and probably beyond my DIY skills - I don't like to do plumbing because of the dangers of it going wrong and causing a flood. Then I found out about the Interflush water saving device and wanted to know more.

      About the device

      My first port of call was their web site www.interflush.co.uk where I was able to read all about it and, more importantly, watch a video showing exactly what you need to do it install it.

      The device is a simple little kit which you fit on top of your WC siphon which is closed when the handle is held down and open when the handle is up. That means that when you press down the handle the flush will start and you can stop it by just releasing the handle. Effectively that means you use just the water you need to clear the pan and can stop the flush by letting the handle go. You are then able to use just the water you need and no more so that no water is wasted at all. The manufacturers claim that it saves half the flushing water and 20% more than a dual flush system saves.

      So with that information and having watched the video through a couple of times to convince me it was well within my capabilities I looked at the price. There are two packs available - for £12.95 you can have the basic kit and for £14.95 you get the kit plus two drill bits and a screwdriver for use in the fitting. Postage and packing is £1.95. Although I have a range of DIY tools I decided to opt for the kit with tools as I knew that way I would be sure of having everything easily to hand.

      I placed my order on a Wednesday and the kit dropped through my letterbox on Thursday so I have to say I couldn't fault the service at all.

      Using the kit

      I don't know quite what I expected but the kit came in a pretty small package, small enough to fit easily through my letterbox. On opening it I found everything I needed, a complete set of instructions, drill bits and screwdriver and all the component parts. They include within the pack two 'rotors' - one works with right hand flushing and the other with left hand flushing so whichever you have the system will work with either - it is designed to work with front mounted handles. They also include 'spindle clamps' which clamp to the spindle in the handle and depending on the size of your spindle you can choose the right clamp.

      I was very impressed with the whole pack - it was packed in little envelopes with the right screws for each component in the bag with it. The drill bits come with plastic sleeves fitted so that you can't drill too far into your syphon and the instruction were pretty comprehensive. All in all I felt they had worked very hard to put together a great pack for the DIYer to use. That said if I am honest I much preferred the video instructions to the written word - the video was very easy to follow so when I decided to fit it what I did was watch the video a couple more times and I was ready to go.

      It was very straightforward to fit. If you follow the instructions carefully you shouldn't go wrong. Once I had fitted it I wasn't too sure I had got it right but once I read the packet and the bit where it said 'an air valve on top of the siphon is closed when the handle is held down and open when the handle is up' that suddenly made it all clear and a slight adjustment of the tension on the 'connector line' made it all work fine - I had just made it a bit too tight at first.

      In action

      What can I say - it does exactly what it says on the packet. I am in control of just how much water I use at every flush. They provide a little stick-on label for the cistern so that visitors will know how it works so it seems to me that they have thought of everything. I am very confident about it as I live alone and I know how it works. If you have children you will need to explain it to them in order to reap the benefits but they should soon get the idea.

      Would I recommend it?

      Yes I would, it was easy to fit and it does exactly what they say it will. They have a great Q&A section on their web site which covers any of the common problems they have come across and they do say to contact them if you have any difficulties at all. The service was excellent, the product well packed and presented - Great British inventiveness and service at its best if you ask me. A great way to save water at a very reasonable price - I certainly recommend this product which they say is guaranteed for 200,000 flushes (how do I keep count?)

      This review has also been published on Ciao by laramax


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