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Brand: JML / Type: Bathroom Accessories - Bath Spa Mat

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2011 10:32
      Very helpful



      A simple spa bath that creates bubbles but is quite noisy

      JML Bath Spa

      I had looked at these and similar items on Amazon and they seemed so expensive and as I had no idea what they were like I wasn't ready to risk spending my hard earned Amazon vouchers on one. A friend and I were in Buxton exploring the town one day and we were in a charity shop looking at books when I spotted this for £8. I asked if it had been electrically checked as i didn't want to risk being electrocuted. The lady convinced me that everything is thoroughly checked before it can be put in the shop so I thought I'd give it a try.

      At that price I thought it could be considered my donation to the charity if it was awful. I did look in the box as i also didn't really fancy using something grubby that had been in another person's bath and everything looked new. I still filled my bath and put in baby bottle sterilising tablets prior to using it in my bath just to make sure.

      My sister had spa bath in her old house and we found that you had to fill the bath so full before using it otherwise water squirted all over the bathroom so I was intrigued to see how this one worked.

      It comes in quite a large box and in the box you get:
      A roll out mat for the bottom of your bath with blue round discs in it
      the small power box
      A very long piece of connector tubing
      A nice little remote control
      Some little square things for you to put essential oil on. These go in the tubing near the motor to give you that aromatherapy experience.

      Considering mine was second hand everything was in there and looked new. I got everything out and had a bit of a glance at the instructions but it was pretty obvious what to do with everything really.

      The (now sterilised) mat goes on the bottom of the bath and there are suction caps on the bottom to fix it so that it doesn't float around. You can decide where in the bath you want it or if you want it up the back a little then push down the suction caps to fix it. Initially I stupidly put the mat in the bath and connected the tube at the end that I would be sitting so once in the bath I realised this and had to do a bit of creative gymnastics to take the mat out and re stick it down the other way. The tube connects at your foot end!!

      So tube is connected to mat which is in the bath then the other end of the tube connects with the motor. Both the tube and the cable are really long so that you can plug it in outside the bathroom so there is no risk of any electricity in the bathroom and you can have the motor away from the bath too. Also it stipulates quite clearly that the box needs to be a certain distance away from the bath and needs to kept raised so you should not have it on the floor, this is so that there is no danger of any back flow of water getting into the power box. So you will need a suitable surface in your bathroom, like a small table or a chair a work surface or even just put the toilet lid down and put it on there.

      The power box has an on off switch and then you can control it from the bath with the little remote. The first press makes it come on, the second press makes it bubble harder and the third press stronger still and it isn't until the fourth press that it switches off. My husband had a panic as he pressed it thinking he was switching it off and got even more bubbling.

      How does it feel to use it? Well it isn't quite a Jacuzzi. It works by blowing warm air through the bath water as opposed to shooting jest of water at you so the effect is less string than jets of water but still very relaxing. I can't say I felt my muscles being massaged by the effect but it was quite pleasant. I put some bubble bath in the bath and it did an excellent job of creating oodles of bubbles. The one I choose at night time is a lavender one and it did make the scent of lavender fill the room so that was also very relaxing.

      However the motor is VERY noisy and that somewhat detracted from the relaxation as it sounded like someone trimming the hedge or mowing the lawn in the next room which is not really soft mood music. I was lying in bed when my husband was enjoying his bubble and even in the next room I could hear the motor loud and clear

      Along with the rather less than relaxing sound of a motor running the so called warm air pumped through is not that warm. In fact it felt quite cool to me. Not only did it feel like cool air was being pumped at me where I wanted massaging but this cool air did distinctly cool the bath water.

      I filled my bath about half full and I would say that is perfect as you have enough water to cover you but if it was any fuller then the splashes would flow out of the bath giving you another cleaning up job after your bath which slightly takes away from the relaxation enjoyed by bubbling in the bath

      As i mentioned I paid the huge amount of £8 but I have seen them on sites for around £50. Just headed over to the JML site and they were £69 reduced to £29 now online from their website http://www.jmldirect.com.

      Would I recommend it? Not sure really, for £8 it is a bit of a novelty. As for massaging that is a non event as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately the relaxation element is somewhat spoiled by the motor which sounds as though someone has a car engine running next to you so really not the soft mood music you might enjoy in a spa.

      I will hang on to it for a while and use it if the mood takes me but it is a faff setting it up and then of course you have a large wet plastic mat which you need to dry before you can put it anywhere. Then you have the added problem of the fact that although it came out of the box unless you take it all apart it doesn't fit back in so where do you keep it? We are lucky in the fact that we have a very accessible loft with fold down steps just beside the bathroom and that is where ours is kept along with my foot spa but these things are big and bulky so you do need to think of this before purchasing.

      I would put it in the same class as my foot spa ;it is very nice to use but a real faff to get out, empty and clean up then store so I often think twice before using it. You may see this on eBay or freecycle in a few months time depending on how I feel or I may just hang on to it until we sell the house and make the decision then. I am really glad I didn't spend nearly £70 on this and this that £30 is a fairer price and £8 the perfect price for me!

      Sorry about the title but as kids we would fall about laughing to that joke!!

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name,


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