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Kimono Owl Money Box

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Brand: Kimono / Misc House Type: Money Box

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2011 15:32
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      A cute and quirky little money box

      This Kimono Owl Money Box is a cute little fella! I first spotted this in a retro themed gift shop and I loved it because I like animal themed things. The Kimono Owl is available in two different sizes, with the smaller one costing £8.00 and the larger version costing £14.00. I have the smaller one and it is a little smaller than what you might expect compared to an average sized money box. The reason I chose the smaller owl is because they come in different colours according to size. The larger Kimono Owl is yellow, as pictured above, and the smaller Kimono Owl is pink and red which is a much nicer colour choice in my opinion.

      I'm not really into home decorating or knicks knacks, but a quick look around my house will show if I have a trinket or piece of unnecessary decor, then 99% of the time it will have an animal theme. This money box is shaped like an owl and has a cute wide-eyed look. My owl has a red patterned back and wings with a dusky pink coloured tummy, and felt applique details for the eyes and beak. I like the way that it looks as it is quite unusual and I keep it placed on my TV stand in the living room so that it is somewhere I will see it frequently and so remember to use it.

      The design of this money box is not what I had expected upon first sight. It is decorated with a beautiful patterned kimono fabric, and I had thought that the money box may be soft because of this, but in fact there is a ceramic base which forms the body of the owl money box, and the fabric is just attached over the top. Unfortunately the Kimono Owl has not been produced to a particularly high level of quality, and where the fabric sections are cut the edges of the material has been left raw, without any finishing or edging. I've had my Kimono Owl for a couple of years now and the fabric is wearing and fraying around the exposed edges which gives it a bit of a tatty look.

      The money slot is located at the back of the owl's head, so when you are looking at it you can't even really tell that it is a money box, it looks like a standard ornament. There is a rubber stopper underneath on the bottom of the owl, and this plugs a circular hole which you use to get the money back out of it. I have huge issues getting the rubber stopper out because it is very firmly wedged in and my long fingernails make it difficult to get a good grip and pull it out. Although this is a bit annoying for me, it's also a good thing because you have the reassurance that the stopper will stay in place securely even when the money box is full of heavy coins.

      The slot at the top of the money box allows you to put in coins of all sizes, however the hole at the bottom is a bit tighter and I have had some trouble trying to remove larger coins such as 2p, 50p and £2.00. I end up needing to wiggle the coins about and use my fingers to grip onto them and pull them out, whereas a simple shake is all that is required to remove smaller coins. I tend to use my money box to collect odd bits of small change, and stick to filling it with 1p's and 5p's until it is full, then I'll get them changed up and start re-filling it again.

      This Kimono Owl Money Box is a quirky item that has a kitsch retro feel to it and looks very cute. Although mine looks a bit worn out now it has served its purpose well, and stores my change securely. A nice item that would make an unusual gift for animal lovers.


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      FireAngels integral battery charges when the light is switched on, and powers the alarm when the light is off.

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