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Loctite Glue Remover Gel

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Brand: Loctite / Type: Glue Remover

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2011 22:56
      Very helpful



      Great product that works

      When I moved into my new flat a few months ago I had no furniture of my own and had to buy everything from scratch. All the pieces of furniture that I bought were flat pack and we spent an entire weekend assembling beds, cupboards and drawers. Before doing this we'd laid down old curtains on the laminate floor to try and protect it from scratches. We almost had a bit of a disaster with the cupboard as stupidly we missed a step and tried to stand it without putting the back on. With nothing to hold it together it soon started to crack. Fortunately we realised our mistake fairly quickly and got the cupboard back on the ground pretty quickly. Thankfully there wasn't too much damage done and I was able to use a little superglue to strengthen the joints that had cracked slightly.

      Unfortunately in my haste to glue things together I'd spilt some superglue and as I'm sure you'll all know superglue dries in seconds and as it had spilt on the curtains there was a small, but not insignificant, piece of fabric stuck in the middle of my laminate floor. I was hesitant to apply too much force to pull this off as I didn't want this to damage the underlying laminate.

      I scoured the internet to see if I could find a way to remove the superglue. Many of the suggestions I came across mentioned acetone, which is the main component of nail polish remover. I tried this, repeatedly soaking the area affected, but this did not make any difference. I eventually gave up and became resigned to the fact that I would have this unsightly piece of fabric permanently stuck to my floor.

      However a few weeks later, whilst browsing the aisles in Homebase, I spotted Loctite superglue remover. I'd never heard of such a product and I was really excited that this could possibly solve my problem leaving me with my floor back again. I had high hopes for this as Loctite actually manufacture superglue so it makes sense that if anybody has an 'antidote' to superglue it would be them! At £2.69 for a 5g tube this wouldn't break the bank if it didn't work though.

      The superglue remover comes in a small tube not too dissimilar in appearance to superglue itself! It claims to be suitable for badly bonded items, stained surfaces and bonded fingers. It doesn't only work on superglue but on all glues in general. It can also be used to remove traces of sticky labels, inks and permanent marker stains although I have not needed to try this. The formula consists of a non-drip gel, which makes it suitable for use on vertical surfaces. It should be noted though that this is not suitable for painted or varnished surfaces or on hard plastics.

      To use I pierced the tube with the lid to release the gel and then applied this lightly over the affected area so that it was completely covered. As recommended in the instructions I placed a folded tissue on the treated area and left this to work overnight, keeping my fingers crossed that it would do the trick. The next morning I removed the tissue and wiped the affected area with a damp cloth that had been soaked in some soap and warm water. I was impressed to see that as I wiped the cloth over the laminate the fabric came away effortlessly to leave the laminate floor beneath undamaged and looking as it was before. There were some small bits of residue of superglue left over so I repeated the procedure the next night, which completely removed all the glue.

      Overall I am really impressed with this remover and am very happy to have my laminate floor back to normal. This is something that I will keep on standby for any superglue emergencies in the future.


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