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Melanie Rose Xanto Cocktails Air Freshener

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Brand: Melanie / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    2 Reviews
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      26.04.2011 15:09
      Very helpful



      A fun, colourful air freshener that isn't for everyone, but is worth a go.

      I'm surprised to see reviews on here about the Xanto Cocktails range of air fresheners, as I can't find them in the shops anywhere now. I had to order a box of twelve from the supplier last year. However, as it's not a fragrance that I use every day I think the box will probably last me several years to come.

      There are quite a few different scents available in the cocktails range. The only two that come to mind just now are sex on the beach and pina colada. The one I am reviewing is the pina colada one.

      The can itself is large, the standard size of xanto's air fresheners is apparently 600ml, however most seem to come with 650ml, stating that 50ml is free. The picture on the can is really fun, and is a colourful tropical island design. A bit naff I suppose, but makes a change from the boring cans of air freshener that I have in the cupboard. I do find though, that these cans can sometimes be quite difficult to spray. I find myself having to shake the can whilst pressing the nozzle, as opposed to just pointing and spraying.

      On the bottle it states that it is a 2 in one spray, an odour neutraliser as well as an air freshener. I have to disagree with this, as I don't think it's any good at masking odours - it's definitely not a bathroom air freshener anyway. I only use it as an air freshener for the living room as I do love the smell. For the kitchen and bathrooms I use febreeze airfresheners.

      The most important factor is the smell. It's a mixture of coconut, pineapple, banana and vanilla. It is quite a musky smell which I know isn't for everyone. I do think this is the marmite of air fresheners as I love it, as does my best friend and our mums, but all of our partners hate it.


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        16.02.2006 16:51
        Very helpful



        Well worth a quid!

        "A seductive raunchy aphrodisiac of Ylang Ylang, Freesia, Iris, Strawberry, Cranberry and Musk blended with Southern Comfort and Ameretto to revive naughty memories of steamy rampant passion and drive you wild with desire".

        Nope, I’ve not gone mad nor got the wrong category, for this was the statement on the back of the can of Air Freshener!!

        Initially I was drawn to this by the bright colours and ‘busy’ nature of this along with name of the fragrance….Sex on the Beach. Being one that likes to try new and different products I thought this seemed a highly amusing and, as I am easily amused most of the time, I parted with my cash before you could blink an eye and me and my beast of a can were on the way home together. It never crossed my mind if it would be any good or smell awful it just seemed intruiging at the time!.

        So now I have been having a quick blast of Sex on the Beach for quite a while,I thought I would share with you what its like so :

        ITS TITLE

        ‘Xanto Cocktails Air Fragrance 2 in 1 Air Freshener and Odour Neutraliser’. This particular fragrance is Sex on the Beach but you can buy Bucks Fizz, Pina Colada, Singapore Sling and Tequila Sunrise if you so wish.

        THE CAN

        As I said this is a very, very ‘busy’ can. Its primarily purple in colour, but covered in pictures. There is a palm tree with a sun bronzed couple underneath getting quite close in their swimwear. There is the sea with the waves gently lapping at the shore. There is a main picture of a tall cocktail complete with straw and obligatory paper umbrella! The range of colours on this can is huge from reds and pinks to blues and greens. The front states the name along with "a Provocative Erotic Potion of Ylang Ylang,Freesia, Iris, Strawberry and Musk".

        As I had already read the description on the back I was actually starting to wonder if I had actually purchased an air freshener or was it something else in the can but as I hadn’t been to any other shops ;-) I knew it had to be what it said!

        Also this is a whopper of a can being a huge 11" tall and 2.5" in diameter. Having small hands I cannot grasp this all the way round and as it contains 600ml PLUS 50ml free its rather weighty as well. You certainly get your moneys worth!


        The reverse of this can has the minimal amount of info on it and basically states…. Shake can well, hold upright and spray lightly into the air.
        As with any aerosol it is a pressurised container and therefore should be kept away from sunlight and temperatures in excess of 50C. Its also flammable so no smoking and do not inhale. Keep away from children. Avoid painted or polished surfaces.

        The ‘ingredients’ list is

        I am not usually a fan of aerosols simply because of the CFC’s they used to contain that damage the ozone but this states it is ozone friendly so it passes on that score with me.

        The warnings and instructions are printed in 4 different languages besides English.

        EASE OF USE

        Pop the plastic cap, depress the standard nozzle and hey presto spray around the room. This does give an even and light mist when sprayed and does not hang heavy in the air. Sometimes when you spray air freshener you can see the mist come down and it can sting your eyes or make you cough, this doesn’t.

        As a side note here, for those that have pets this one does not make our dog sneeze when its been sprayed unlike others I have previously used.

        SMELL TIME!

        This is definitely a smooth, fruity smell just like a thick, well blended tropical cocktail. It is not too sweet due to the presence of the musk and it gives it that ‘deep’ smell. Predominantly the strawberry comes through, but not overpoweringly so and along with the Cranberry, Freesia and Ylang Ylang and combined with the Musk it gives it a gorgeous light aroma.

        Xanto have blended these ingredients well so that there is one overall unique fragrance to get your olfactory working.

        There was a slight hint of Amaretto but as for the Southern Comfort, well I couldn’t detect even an undertone of this so don’t expect to get tipsy on a few whiffs!

        It is such a warm smell too and makes a nice refreshing change from the standard forest pine, ocean breeze and all the other ‘flavours’ that you can get.

        Every time I spray it I have been trying to think of a near comparison for the smell and the closest I can get is that of a thick, red fruited smoothie or the red Solero ice creams. Even my son had trouble finding a comparison when asked.

        If you had nothing better to do you could sit and relax, close you eyes and imagine a warm tropical place that the fragrance invokes but as for the ‘steamy rampant passion and drive you wild with desire"….it certainly isn’t THAT good and besides, I’m sure we’d all rather have the real thing than leaving it to a can of air freshener!

        MY OPINION

        I do like this very much. It’s a passionate fragrance although I think that the quote from the beginning of my review is taking it just a little too far!

        Its a light mist and it seems to evaporate quite quickly into the air hence not making me cough or sneeze. However, saying that, once sprayed the fragrance is long lasting and even if I spray it in the morning I can still smell it in the afternoon, albeit faintly.

        As for the odour neutraliser claim, we have no ‘doggy’ smells and any cooking smells seem to disappear after spraying this so I assume this does the job quite well.

        Visitors have asked what they can smell as its so gorgeous so I am happy with that too.

        It seems to be OK around animals as our dog doesn’t sneeze but I would recommend covering a goldfish bowl before you sprayed this just in case any did get into the water. The can doesn’t state anything so better to be safe than sorry.

        Its extremely good value for money and even though I use it nearly every day (not cause we have a smelly house, but cause I like the fragrance!) my 650ml is going to last for ages so it gets a 5/5 from me.


        Ok, I hope you are sitting down…..this air freshener and in fact all the Xanto range cost a WHOLE 100p…yep one whole pound!

        Xanto is a brand name of the Company melanierose and besides air fresheners you can also buy products in the following:

        Bath & Kitchen Mousses
        Multi Surface Polishes
        Power Activ & Toilet Mousses
        General Household Cleaners.

        All cans are 600ml at least. They are available from outlets such as Neilds and Savers and also any pound type shop, although the full range may not be stocked.

        Melrose Homecare
        CB1 4DA


        As ever, thank you for reading,

        © HotBabes 2006


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      • Product Details

        A seductive raunchy aphrodisiac of Ylang Ylang, Freesia, Iris, Strawberry, Cranberry and Musk blended with Southern Comfort and Ameretto to revive naughty memories of steamy rampant passion and drive you wild with desire. /

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