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Method Plug In Air Freshener Sweet Water

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Brand: Method / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2009 14:50
      Very helpful



      I can't recommend this- it is unpleasant.A waste of money.

      I don't really like air fresheners, especially synthetic versions, and so I tend to rely on opening windows, and using essential oils to keep my home sweet smelling. We don't smoke, but we do have 3 Persian cats and a little dog, and together these four can make a quite an interruption to a fresh clean aroma in no time.

      Having been totally delighted with many products made by the American firm "Method" that have recently been very successful in The United Kingdom with their natural products,I decided to try one of their plug in air fresheners. I thought I would see if my guests could be greeted with a lovely perfume, rather than that of a houseful of friendly feline fumes, and the early autumn aroma of newly walked dog.

      I must admit air fresheners are not on my weekly shopping list as I doubt their safety, but after my experience with this one I would say if you want to use them then choose your favourite, don't be lured by the hype around this one as I will now explain.

      They sell two air fresheners to choose from, Sweet Water and Grapefruit and Pear, and from my online shopping favourite Ocado I chose the Sweet Water, which was £5 for the entire unit, and £3.50 for subsequent refills. The product is designed to last 6 to 8 weeks and so I thought whilst more expensive when compared to their main competitor in this field, Ambi-pure, that they would almost certainly provide a more natural fragrance, which was guaranteed to be free of anything artificial.
      I suppose in my mind I was expecting a very natural essential oil scent.

      I must quote what Method say about this product as it was probably what drew me to purchase in the beginning, in conjunction with their reputation for making chemically free, environmentally friendly cleaning products, which I favour over conventional ones.

      Method say" While having a babbling brook running through your living room is an unlikely scenario; our sweet water fragrance sure will have you fooled. Don't get out your fishing gear just yet, though. It's only a mirage.
      Your home is an extension of you, and we think it should smell fresher than a chemical factory. That's why Method creates nature-inspired fragrances. It's like bringing the great outdoors inside, but without the pollen and bugs. So, go ahead. Breath easy."

      So when I opened my diffuser, which is presented in an attractive box in shades of blue and white with a peep through window to see the product clearly, I was very excited as I thought this would be rather good.

      To use is simple, all you do is to hold the bottle upright, remove the cap, and insert into the bottom of the aroma pill, and rotate the bottle clockwise until it is tight. Then you simply plug into the electrical socket.

      It does assure me that there are no nasty chemicals and no animal testing, and that it contains natural essential oils. The box however does have a scary black cross inside an orange box indicating it is an irritant. It also says it is toxic to aquatic life, and that it must be kept away from children and pets.

      I must say this wasn't what I expected, and on further inspection I also noticed it is not to be used in high traffic areas, or in any confined spaces. This seems like a contradiction to me and I certainly found this so different to what I thought I was buying.

      Still having spent £5 on it I decided I must persevere and plugged it into the hall socket. We have a very large hall and not too much traffic goes through it these days, so I thought it would be lovely there and would provide a welcoming smell. Forget it- it was absolutely everything you would hate. The scent was over powering and chemical in nature-forget babbling brooks, this was intense overload of synthetic smelling,choking fumes. My husband came in from work and said "what on earth was that dreadful smell?" and my son said the same. We endured it for 3 days and then finally decided to banish it to a part of the house not used so much, and there it has lived out its days.

      There is no way I can recommend this. It may lack some of the more notorious chemicals in more traditional air fresheners, but it still has enough irritants to invade a fish tank, and it is a simply horrid smell. Forget babbling brooks, this is not anything like that. It is not "Sweet Water" at all, and it was a complete waste of money.

      It does last the full 8 weeks unfortunately, but for me it couldn't come quick enough.

      No I am back to fresh air and essential oils of my own, and I shan't be buying any refills for this. A complete waste of money and time.


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