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Minky Cordless Pro Sweep

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Brand: Minky / Type: Brush

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2012 16:39
      Very helpful



      An ok buy and a better alternative to me struggling with a large, heavy vac!

      My large flat has laminate floorings throughout it. With friends visiting, 4 hamsters with sawdust in each of their cages and a kitten who loves to spread cat litter everywhere I really need to clean my floors daily.

      However I have a back complaint and a bad spine, I suffer with M.E and all these things make it difficult to get round to doing it and the very last thing I want to be doing is sweeping and scooping down and getting all the bits up or using a vacuum that is heavy and this is why I recently invested in the Minky Pro Sweep from my Freemans catalogue for £30.00, hoping it would be lightweight and simple to use and empty and so on.

      The Packaging:

      The pro sweep comes in a small oblong box and on the front of the box we are shown a small picture of the pro sweep and we are told that it is Minky Pro Sweep 'Cordless Electric Sweeper' and that it is for multi surface sweeping, that it is lightweight and easy to use and that it has 'Twin Edge Sweeping' then other information on the other sides of the box includes being told a bit more about the product 'Collects everything in its path - dust, debris and pet hair' and that it is suitable to be used on carpet, vinyl, tiles and laminate and has a runtime of 45 minutes from when it is fully charged and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Inside the box there is a leaflet giving yet more information on using it and how to empty it and so on then inside the pro sweep comes in 4 pieces that are simple to connect together with no tools required at all.

      The Pro Sweep:

      Well as I have just mentioned this comes in 4 pieces so you get the bottom of the pro sweep which is the head and the bit that sucks up debris and then you get three thin chrome poles that click together and the top one has a light brown long plastic, smooth handle which is a good size and comfortable to use and matches in colour the main of the unit. Also you get a charger and for 45 minutes of usage the unit needs to be charged for 8 hours every time and when it is charging there is a light that goes on..... the only negative is that you have to use your common sense as to when it is fully charged as that light doesn't switch itself off or anything when it is fully charged which to me is a bit of a pain.

      This when put together is a lightweight machine. The rollers of bristles are orange and light brown and you get a large strip of this , then out the corners of the plastic unit two further areas of small and shorter bristles to try get into the corners are there and there is an on and off large orange button.

      I find this really light which is perfect for me with a back and spine problem. I can control it although the sweeper is quite flexible and I don't lose control and the suction on this is quite strong and picks up bits quite easily though if anything is heavy I have to go over it a couple of times but it does eventually grab it. If I go over power leads and the likes it even picks those up so I do have to be careful!

      However this isn't fault free sadly. It is impossible to get into corners of rooms, and the front section of it is slightly beveled which means I can't get it right to the edges of my rooms and if anything is slightly damp it gets very caught up in the bristles however you can pick it all out when dried its just a bit of a nuisance. The other issue is 45 minutes of runtime isn't that long to vac/sweep a large home which means it can konk out and I have another 8 hours to wait till I can use it again however it is a wireless sweeper!

      It is easy to empty the sweeper as well and it holds a lots of debris. It has a a see through plastic section to the back of the sweeper that simply pulls off with again, little effort is needed to empty it but once again when I go to do this the bits can fall out all over the place if I'm not very careful indeed.

      On The Whole

      :Its easy to use, small to store and easy to do so. The handle comes off so you can use it as a handheld sweeper/vac and its all wipe clean. My only beef with it is that it takes so long to charge it up and I can't get into corners or up close to my skirting boards and for this fact I never feel like I have done a good enough job cleaning my home however if your not as messy as us lot and only want something lightweight and easy to use this could be a good investment for you!

      Do Google online if interested in one of these though do realise that although I got this from Kays (wwwfreemans.com for £30.00 this does carry a retail price usually of £45.00 it just happens to be on offer at the moment!).


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