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Minky Trio Concertina Plus Airer

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2 Reviews

Minky / A three tier concertina airer from Minky with clothes hanging space

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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2012 19:42
      Very helpful



      A decent clothes airer.

      Due to the weather going colder i decided it was time to bring out my trusted clothes airer, anything to save my electric bill tumble drying!
      Unfortunately as soon as i put it up and hung my clothes on it my daughter decided that woyuld be the ideal time to fall onto it, thankfully she was only slightly bruised, but my airer didn't come off as well, with one of the legs bending out and snapping at the joint!

      After initially buying an airer from my local B&M store, and having to return it (as it was crap!), i found that in my local Asda they had started selling the airer i am now reviewing at a really bargain price of £15.00, instead of the usual retail price of £28.00, a fantatsic saving for a product that looked like it would actually work!

      The airer itself is a new design (according to the packaging), with it also having flip out hanger holders.

      As with many of these airers they are a concertina design, making them much smaller and easier to store when not in use (doesn't happen much in my house from about October onwards!), and also making it so much easier to assemble, simply pulling upwards to open up, then slide the two plastic clips on the sides to lock the airer in it's upright position, and the opposite to compact down again, this was incredibly easy to do and even i managed it!

      The item states that the spaces between the airer arms are slightly wider spaced too, thus meaning that the clothes should dry a little quicker, as they are less likely to be hung over each other, i agree they are spaced a little wider but didn't really notice a quicker drying time.
      Although this airer is pretty much the same size as my previous one, it states that it should hold the equivelant to one load of washing, though doesn't state what kg load it refers too, my washer is a slightly larger load holder, and i have yet to fit everything on, if i did it would probably take a week for everything to dry!

      The hanger clips one the sides are quite useful to those who have a lot of shirts to dry, and would help with reducing the wrinkles before ironing, though it would need to be ofset on each corner with another garment to keep the airer steady, it does state that the airer should be carefully ladened up, keeping it as evenly distrubuted as possible, which is easier said than done if you are attempting to dry your big bath sheets, they weigh a ton when wet!

      The only grip i have with this, and it is a minor one and is due to me expecting the airer to be sturdier than it is due to the good brand name, and that is the wobble effect.
      Although this airer is much sturdier than the last piece of rubbish i had, i do find that if my children go anywhere near it i am warning them not to lean on it (they think it's ok to lean on it when walking past it!), and as the framework is hollow it isn't as sturdy as i would hope for.

      All in all this is a better airer than i have ever used, but would have liked it to have a much sturdier feel to it, though from the point of view it was purchased for (drying the clothes), it works very well, and as long as it is loaded up properly should last me for quite some time!

      For more information visit - www.minky.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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      08.10.2010 22:55
      Very helpful



      A sturdy and practical solution for drying clothes indoors

      Laundry is a household chore I must admit I am a bit obsessively fastidious about.

      I do a load in the washing machine every day. Actually I lie...I do at least one load in the washing machine every day, and since I moved I don't have a tumble dryer to help me out on wet days, although I have never really been a fan of hanging all my washing out on the line to dry anyway - I tend to save that for the towels and bed linen.

      For some years now I have been using concertina airers for indoor drying which I picked up in Poundstretcher. Whilst they are not particularly big, you can dry one duvet cover or one king size sheet on them so they have served me quite well.

      Sadly durability hasn't been great with these airers and one of them recently snapped.

      I decided to replace two of them, and sad as this may sound, I already knew what I was going to buy to replace them.

      I had seen the Minky Trio Plus Concertina Airer in Asda before I moved from Edinburgh, and liked the fact the tubing was thicker and the airers had extra hooks to add clothes hangers. Priced at £25 it had been my original intention to just buy one, but when I got to Asda I was delighted to see the airer was on offer at £14 so I decided to buy two.

      ~~What puts the "Plus" into the Trio~~

      When I got the airers home I was immediately impressed at how easy they were to unfold. My previous cheap airers were fiddly and confusing to fold and unfold, whereas the Minky merely required you to pull the frame and the frame locks easily via a slot on either side of the frame.

      You do have to be careful you don't get your fingers caught when you wish to fold the frame up, but using a little caution and common sense you should be fine.

      Once I had unfolded the airer I was surprised at the height of it in comparison to my old ones. The Minky Trio Plus is 140 cm in height, is 56 cm wide and claims to offer 15 metres of hanging space. I must admit I was a little dubious about this claim at first - I have about 20 metres of hanging space on my washing line outside and whilst you can't effectively hang up a duvet cover AND a king size sheet on this airer, you certainly can get almost as many clothes on here as you would on a 20 metre washing line.

      The airer is designed in such a way that you can easily place, for example, 6 tops on the airer and have plenty of space for smaller items. Similarly you can easily hang up two pairs of trousers at the top and have plenty of space underneath for tops or knitwear. You can also use the airer to dry knitwear flat using the bottom section of the airer which is slightly wider and has four rungs instead of the three on the two sections above it.

      I had been drawn to the Minky Trio Plus because the airer also has additional hooks for clothes hangers - I frequently hang shirts and tops on hangers, a habit I picked up some years ago when my husband was alive as I found it much easier to iron a shirt that had dried this way.

      There are four hooks on the airer - all located at the top side of the airer. They flip out reasonably easily - although I struggled with the first one as I couldn't work out how to open them up - and there are three grooves. This gives you space to hang up 12 garments on hangers to dry, in addition to the rack space on the airer.

      Aesthetically, although large, the airer looks good, being made as it is predominantly of tubular silver steel, with blue plastic used on the joints, on the sliders which hold the unfolded airer in place and on the hooks for hangers at the top of the airer.

      The airer can handle a weight of up to 18 kilos - the most I have dried on here at once weightwise has been two large bath sheets and the airer could probably cope with several more in terms of weight, if not airing space.

      When the airer is folded flat it doesn't take up a huge amount of space - I store mine behind a permanently open door but it fits easily into my kitchen cupboard too. As the airer is lightweight due to the tubular steel frame it isn't difficult to move it about either and it helpfully stays folded and doesn't grow a mind of it's own as previous airers I have had have done when folded.


      I can highly recommend the Minky Trio Plus Concertina Airer if you are looking for something to hang clothes on to dry indoors.

      It looks good, is sturdy and easy to fold and unfold and most importantly, can easily cope with drying large laundry loads if the weather is inclement. It offers versatility thanks to the hooks for hangers and the larger bottom tier which is ideal for drying clothes flat.

      Even if you pay the recommended retail price of £24.95 you are getting an excellent product, but if you can shop around and get one for less, so much the better - I feel I got a real bargain paying £14 for mine in Asda.


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