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Morrison's First Home Vinyl Shower Curtain

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Brand: Other Brands / Misc House Type: Shower Curtain

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2011 13:49
      Very helpful



      A fantastic bargain shower curtain from Morrisons!!!

      Morrisons supermarket is not a shop that I happen to be in all that often, mainly due to the fact that it is not all that handy for me to get to and there are alternative supermarkets closer to my house. On a recent trip out with my sister however, we happened to be passing by a large Morrisons supermarket and we decided to go in for a wander around.

      Whilst my sister was going around the store picking up a few bits and pieces, I happened to notice that there was quite a large 'home ware' section within this particular Morrisons store and decided to take a closer look.

      I noticed that there were several shower curtains on sale in a variety of fabrics and colours, which ranged in price from £2.99 up to about £9.99. I stopped to look at the range of curtains more closely as I had been meaning to replace our rather battered existing shower curtain for some time, but had never got around to it.

      I decided to purchase a shower curtain from the 'bottom' end of the price range, mainly because I am planning on decorating my bathroom at some point in the next year or so, and at that time I will be installing a glass shower panel or will buy a new co-ordinating shower curtain. Furthermore, I have spent a reasonable amount of money (over £20) on shower curtains in the past and have found that their quality has not been particularly great, and so I was cautious about the quality of the shower curtains this time around.

      For these reasons, I thought that one of the cheaper shower curtains would suffice for my own personal needs at the time, especially given the fact that I would be looking to replace it in a few months' time. The curtain that I ended up buying cost a mere £2.99, so I knew I wouldn't be too disappointed if it didn't last particularly long, or ended up being made of poor quality.

      There were two shower curtains on sale in my local Morrisons for this price, one was made of plain white material, and the second was made of what appeared to be very thin plastic, but had a patterned 'daisy-like' design on a white background. I chose to buy the printed design shower curtain and thought it looked fairly pretty for the sum paid.

      When I got home, I set about hanging the new shower curtain. The packaging was easy to remove, and consisted of a clear plastic outer wrapper. Inside the wrapper, the shower curtain was folded around a few pieces of cardboard, to allow it to keep its shape within the wrapper. Once discarded, I could see that the shower curtain was a fairly generous size, and appeared to be identical in size to any other shower curtain that I have bought in the past. In case it is of relevance to consumers' individual bathroom dimensions, I can tell you that the actual size of the curtain is 180cm x 180cm.

      The Morrisons shower curtain is supplied with its own hooks, and these were within the plastic packaging too. These were easy to remove from the plastic, and were enclosed in a small plastic wrapper. There are twelve hooks supplied with the curtain, and of course there are twelve holes at the top of the curtain to allow you to hang it on your shower rail. I can see from this curtain's packaging that this particular shower curtain will fit any shower rail, so this may be worth bearing in mind if you have had problems with similar products being suitable for your own bathroom fittings in the past.

      When it came to attaching the hooks to the curtain itself, this was incredibly easy to do given the simplicity of the curtain's design. Each of the hooks or rings is a sort of "C" shape, so there is a small space or opening in the centre of one side of each hook. This opening can easily be inserted through one of the holes at the top of the shower curtain. Once all the hooks were attached, all I had to do was 'stretch' each of the curtain hooks at the opening on the centre of the hook around the curtain pole so that it clicked onto the pole quite easily. I will be honest and admit that I was slightly dubious about being able to assemble this shower curtain and hang it by myself, assuming that I would need by husband to help me when he got home from work, but in actual fact the whole process only took around ten minutes, and I didn't experience any difficulties at all.

      The fabric of the shower curtain is a vinyl material, which is like a thin plastic. As I mentioned earlier, the curtain that I chose has a pretty printed design, and this is like a 'daisy' print which is on a plain white background. The daisies are mostly white, and are printed in a fairly random pattern, with every third or fourth daisy being printed in a silver-grey colour, which is not particularly metallic or eye-catching, but this detail helps to break up the pattern a little. It is not the most attractive shower curtain I have ever owned, granted, but I must admit that the crispness of the white colour and the flower design certainly give a clean, crisp look to the bathroom now that it is installed. The shower curtain that I had before this one was a much higher quality but it was made of a clear coloured fabric, which I realise now was perhaps a bit drab. The whiteness of my new shower curtain seems to have 'lifted' the overall look and colour scheme of my bathroom, an impression that is still noticeable even after six weeks or so.

      I find that the Morrisons shower curtain is very easy to clean and care for, and after almost six weeks of use I have not noticed any mould or soapy residue, which is a significant problem I have had with other shower curtains that I have owned before. I think the vinyl material of the Morrisons shower curtain is quite 'slippy' and this helps to avoid any soap suds or lather from clinging to the fabric and forming into residue. I have cleaned the shower curtain several times, which I have found very easy to do with a simple hot water and detergent solution. A normal household cloth seems sufficient for cleaning the vinyl fabric of the shower curtain and leaves it looking very fresh and well, as good as new!

      The particular shower curtain that I bought is from a range at Morrisons called 'First Home' which would suggest to me that Morrisons have put together a range of household essentials aimed at those consumers who are setting up their first house, which can be an expensive business in itself of course, but even more so when all household items must be purchased up front. In my honest opinion, I think that Morrisons is extremely justified in giving this shower curtain the sub-brand of 'First Home' as I personally think that anybody who was setting up their first home would be extremely hard-pushed to find such a reasonable quality shower curtain elsewhere for such an affordable price.

      I would whole-heartedly recommend the 'First Home' shower curtain from Morrisons, and I am so impressed with the quality that I will be making another trip to my local store to check out what other items are in this range... what a fantastic bargain!!!


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