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Natural History Museum Jellyfish Aquarium Lamp

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Brand: Other Brands / Misc House Type: Lamp

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    4 Reviews
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      22.12.2013 21:53



      I moved to my university room and obviously one of the rules were NO PETS! I absolutely adore fish and I remember watching the film 7 pounds starring Will Smith. This is one of my favorite movies and I guess my obsession with jellyfish started from that moment. Jellyfish are the most incredibly beautiful but dangerous organisms in the world. With me doing a degree in biology, I had to have this on my desk. The product itself is so believable and genuine that I have successfully fooled my friends into thinking that i have REAL jellyfish. Even my mother has asked me what I feed them! While I am studying the jellyfish in the tank allow me to focus; I find it comforting to observe the floating as it puts my mind to peace. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself talking to them now and again!


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      18.05.2013 15:20
      Very helpful



      Great fun jellyfish light.

      Noisy daughter (nearly 4) is fascinated by all things living. Slugs, fish, wolves, hamsters, even flies, they all provoke an excited noise and a lot of interest. She has all manner of silly interactive pets and even Playstation pet games, plus we have a house full of real living animals. I found this lamp by accident when browsing on Ebay whilst looking for a cuddly jellyfish toy.... yes really!

      We paid a tenner for this but from what I can see they are now discontinued from most shops. They initially retailed at around £29.99. Although hard to find this exact one new, there are several very similar ones available online though including Amazon.

      I had never seen one of these in action before although have a not so secret lava lamp fetish so am not adverse to strange lighting. There are some fish lamps available but I never cared for those much and my local family centre has an aquarium one which the kids love but it is gaudy and plastic looking. I bought the jellyfish lamp because the colours looked good and the jellyfish look pretty realistic on Youtube videos. I knew that my daughter would love this.

      The lamp is shaped like a dinky fish tank with a black plastic casing and clear front. The lid houses LED lights. The tank holds three "jellyfish" which bimble around aimlessly and amusingly when the thing is turned on.

      The lamp comes to you needing a set up. There are some instructions but it is not very difficult to follow, certainly not flat-pack furniture level involvement...


      You basically need to fill the tank with water and add a squirt of washing up liquid and then throw your jellyfish into the tank. We named ours first but you can skip this bit as they all look the same.
      Then the moment of magic, you turn the thing on. Three over-excited wibbly jelllyfish wobble and sometimes skitter about.

      There is a little rubber bung on the top of the tank which you open to get the water in. The water needs to be filled to the top for everything to work properly and eliminate air. We used a plastic jug for this. The detergent used reduces the bubbles and enables good movement of the inhabitants. Then you squish the jellyfish into the tank- there is a bit on how best to do this in the instructions.

      There is a cable to connect up for the light part at the back of the tank which is self explanatory. All that is left to do now is to turn it on.


      These things once in the water are amazingly lifelike. I was quite surprised at how good these look. They have the same translucent glow of a real jellyfish and the tentacles look lifelike. If that is not fun enough then you can increase the interest by setting the LED lights to run through the colours which shift gently from one to the other, or you can choose a colour and leave it at that. we liked the blue best and the light that it gives to the room is really mellow so it is perfect for night time. The light that is emitted from this lamp is subtle enough to leave on at night yet bright enough to be able to see and avoid the obligatory piece of left out lego that I inevitably step on when I need to go and have a wee.

      The lamp and movement of the jellyfish when combined with the colours creates a hypnotic effect and my daughter and I loved watching it.


      The lamp is shaped like a dinky fish tank with a black plastic casing and clear front. The lid houses LED lights. It is pretty well made with no rough edges or obvious flaws. The jellyfish bimble around aimlessly and amusingly when the thing is turned on and this starts fairly immediately. They are made from soft wobbly silicone and feel very strange in your hand when you hold them out of the water too which is amusing for children.

      The tank is fairly stable despite being a smallish size and the lid fits nice and flush on the top. It makes a slight noise that reminds me of a fish tank pump which I guess could add to the authenticity. All in all the lamp kit is reasonably well made for the money and certainly worth the cost for the fun factor.

      The instructions state that this is not suitable for kids under 14. My daughter is nearly 4.... she copes just fine with a hot multi-fuel stove so I think she can manage not to fiddle about with the lamp. I guess it depends on the child. The instructions also state rather obviously that being an electrical device, you will need to unplug this before emptying it...


      Apart from the fun factor and the chill out factor this thing could be useful for those who home educate as it is a brilliant tool for involved discussion about sea-life, pollution, electricity, safety, LED lighting, evolution etc. The possibilities are endless. The other really great thing about this is that mood lighting like this has some very positive effects on people with profound learning disablilities and I have known of several projects that use LED lights in a chill out space for people with non-verbal autism. This could be a valuable tool in a similar setting and of course it would be a great thing to have in any classroom, childrens centre, or even hospital ward.


      If you get air bubbles in the tank they will impede movement of the jellyfish. You can either add a few more drops of washing up liquid, check that your water level is at the top or let the water sit for a day or two to let the bubbles disperse. When you add the water initially do it slowly to minimise bubbling.


      We love this. It is small enough to site on a shelf or in a small corner and it is effective and bonkers enough to keep both my daughter and I amused...

      * Fun and educational lamp
      * Lovely coloured mood lighting
      * Three baby silicone jellyfish included
      * Fully sealed water-tight tank
      * Mains adapter included
      * Dimensions: Height: 22cm x Width: 23cm x Depth: 8cm

      This is a great lamp for kids. With it's mellow lighting and unpredictable inhabitants it will amuse as well as create a decent ambience. There is no jellyfish poo to clean up either.


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        29.11.2010 21:11
        Very helpful




        Some time ago, I visited a friend and saw this Jellyfish lamp in their home - I was so impressed with it that I promptly vowed I was going to buy myself one - before just as promptly forgetting all about it . My boyfriend however didn't, and a few weeks ago, presented me with my very own jellyfish lamp.

        The lamp looks very much as it does above - it's shaped a little like a fish tank, and concealed within the lid part of the tank are various little LED lights . There are three jellyfish that float around in the tank, but before you can turn it on, you need to assemble the lamp .

        This really isn't complicated, although the instructions are a bit vague- essentially, you need to fill the tank with some cooled boiled water and add a generous dash of washing up liquid, and then gently pop your jellyfish inside, head first, and poke down with a spoon so that the heads fill with the soapy water mix. Then pop the lid back on . Do make sure the jellyfish are fully covered in water and washing up liquid though, as the soap stops bubbles getting stuck on the jellyfish, which would trap them at the top of the tank.

        Then, you're ready to go - simply turn it on, and within a few moments, your jellyfish are bobbing and darting about, looking, I must say, incredibly realistic . I loved the fact that there were varous different LED lights, and that you could set them to either phase through the colours slowly, or just leave the lamp on your favourite colour. I really like to have it phase through, as the gradual change in colour, combined with the jellyfish's incredibly realistic movement it incredibly relaxing to watch.

        The one downside to this, aside from the need to assemble the tank, which takes a little while as you need to get the right mix of soap and water, is the fact that this light does emit a very slight buzzing sound. This can be irritating in an otherwise silent room, but I find if music is playing or the TV is on, then you actually can't hear the noise much at all .

        I think this is a brilliant light - simply stunning to look at - that would suit any room. 4 stars - one off for the setup process taking a little while initially, and for the slight buzzing .

        Available online in a multitude of shops, costing around £36, with many cheaper versions, not Natural History Museum branded, costing around £20.


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          21.01.2010 00:03
          Very helpful




          Jelly fish lamp quarium

          Little Miss had some vouchers for WHSmith and after a very long look around this was one of the many items she decided to buy. He is very interested in the natural world and so we did a bit of reading about the National History Museum.

          **The Natural History Museum**

          The Natural History Museum is home to around 70 million specimens, and looks after one of the world's most important collections of natural history, and
          the Museum explains and investigates all aspects of the natural world.

          Visitors can touch, weigh and examine thousands of real specimens and the Darwin Centre shows some of the Museum's 70 million specimens, and the libraries hold the largest collection of natural history books in the world, including more than one million printed books and 500,000 original drawings, paintings and prints.
          One of the things which we liked was that sales of this product supports the work of the national History Museum.

          **Product and Packaging...**

          The product comes in a box showing the jelly fish floating about and inside once we open it are three silicon jellyfish and a mains power adapter as well as an instruction manual.

          *How to set it up...**

          First lift the rubber tab on top of the unit and fill the tank completely with water. You have to fill water to the very top of the tank, so the water pumps can circulate water fully and the jellyfish can move in a realistic way. Add two to three drops of liquid detergent (we added liquid soap) to the tank. This will reduce the amount of air bubbles in the tank and give better jellyfish movement. Add the jellyfish by gently pushing them down into the tank with a long blunt instrument, such as the reverse end of a pencil. Push firmly down into the tank with the jellyfish upside down as shown in the diagram to release air bubbles that may be trapped within the jellyfish. Replace the rubber tab on the top of the unit.

          **Connecting the lamp-quarium**

          The connection of the lamp quarium is very simple. Simply connect the wire the the back of the product and plug it in. Then, turn on the press button at the front of the lamp quarium which will start the lights going.


          As ever these things come with warnings...

          * Not suitable for children under 14 years old.
          * Adult supervision is required.
          * Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may represent
          a choking hazard.
          * The Jellyfish lamp-quarium should be unplugged from the AC adapter before emptying water.
          * The Jellyfish lamp-quarium must only be connected to the power supply included with
          the product.
          * Do not use any other power source, or use multiple power sources.
          * Only the AC adaptor provided with this Jellyfish lamp-quarium should be used for correct assembly..

          I am a tad confused when I read the instructions- it's not suitable for children under the age of 3 and 14...which is it

          **Price and Availability...**

          The RRP is £29.99. The product is not available on amazon but we bought ours from wh smith with a 25% discount.

          **So what do we think of it?**

          When we first set it up we obviously didn't put in enough water because the three jelly fish clustered at the side and there was no real movement. However once we had added more water and poked the jellyfish a bit then they did start to float around a bit., although they do a lot of upside down floating. The information on the box promises that the jelly fish will float about and suddenly dart but we haven't seen a lot of this happening.

          The colours are very pretty though, and the 5 colours change every few seconds. Once you have poked your jellyfish around they do dance beautifully but I don't see much darting around.

          The product is very very easy to set up, looks pretty, is quite educational and although it is a tad over priced for what it is, it is a product I would recommend. The lamp- quarium adds a lovely glow to a bedroom and is something girls and boys would like...


          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela x


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