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Natural Terrier Print Cushion

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Debenhams / Type: Cushion

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    2 Reviews
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      23.04.2012 23:05
      Very helpful



      I like it.

      At home, one of my dogs is a west highland terrier and everyone who knows me that my dogs are much treasured members of my family. For Christmas, my niece bought me a Natural Terrier Print Cushion which, although not a westie not the front of it, is actually still a terrier and so she thought it looked enough like Noodle that I would really like it. It is a nice cushion and unlike many other canine related furnishings, it is actually classy and well made. I don't know how much the cushion cost my niece, but I have seen in on the Debenhams website for £16.00 - which is fairly expensive, but it does look good quality and so I guess you get what you pay for.

      The cushion is fairly small, but actually because I have a lot of cushions on my sofa already, it suits me better that it was smaller. It measures about 30 cm x 30 cm x 9 cm and so it's square in shape and not to bulky or thick. The actual front cushion background is a neutral natural colour, like a natural linen colour. The back is a a checked design which I think would actually be better if it was just plain black or alternatively the linen colour - and so I'm unsure as to why they picked that design. And then around the outside of the cushion is some black felt piping which helps to emphasise the square shape. On the front of the fusion is a design of a fairly stocky terrier - but I'm not sure what type of terrier it is. It looks like a cross between a jack russell and a scottie dog - but it does have the traditional terrier shape and look to it. It's less of a cuddly design and more of a realistic model of a terrier - and I actually like this.

      The material is soft and silky and it's comfortable to cuddle up to. It does have a slight texture to it which means that it is not perfectly smooth, but it's not irritating on my skin. The cushion pad itself is soft and it made of that polyester cotton wool type stuff that many cushions seem to be made out of. It is soft and not overly padded - which makes it slightly squishy. The cushion padding can be removed so that the cushion cover can be washed - and having washed it once in a cool washing machine load then it comes up nicely and looks as good as new.

      Overall, i think this is a good decent cushion and would suit a dog lover who also likes things to be tasteful.


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        15.04.2012 18:27
        Very helpful
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        Lovely cushion that will appeal to doglovers.

        I need some new cushions and was browsing the Debenhams website to see what was on offer, when I spotted this cushion.

        As a dog lover I admit I am tempted by dog related merchandise and even though this was not really what I was looking for, I decided I had to have it. More tempting was the fact that it had 20% off and as a cardholder I got a further 10% off.

        I ordered quite a few things from Debenhams and they delivered this within a matter of days.

        My initial reaction was that the cushion was much smaller than it appeared in the picture, but I admit I did not check the dimensions when I placed my order.

        So it is a dinky square cushion that measures 28cm by 28cm so around 11.5" square. The cover is made of 100% cotton and the background on the front is a natural colour, the back is a navy check and it is piped in black.
        It has a zip fastener and comes with a polyester cushion pad.

        What do I think?
        I bought this , thinking it would fit nicely in our leather chair, also known as the dogs chair, given it is the only chair they are allowed on, so an appropriate place for it to live .

        I love the dog on the cover; it is a black terrier of indeterminate breed. Possibly a Westie, but it looks like a picture from an old book of dog breeds from the 19th century. Or a mutt or Heinz 57, but looks like he should be called Billy. The picture looks like a rough pencil sketch and I think he is very cute.

        If you go on the website, be aware that the background is more a natural sort of linen/calico colour than the ithe cream colour in the picture.

        The fabric looks like linen, although it is cotton and is machine washable. It is a really nice quality and has a good square shape with a pad that fits the cushion snugly. The pad is not too big and not too small so the cushion although small is nice and plump
        My husband was distinctly underwhelmed by Billy, he thought the cushion looked old- fashioned and wondered whether it had shrunk in the wash.

        As I don't pay much attention to what he thinks, I ignored his comments. But I was deliberating about keeping it primarily because of its size as I didn't think it would offer too much support or comfort.

        What clinched it for me were the washing instructions as the cushion pad can only be sponged clean. Sorry but I just can't keep something that can't be washed and I don't think sponge cleaning a cushion pad is practical. I am a bit of a washaholic, especially with things like pillows and cushions that you rest your head and feet on.

        So reluctantly I have had to return this, had it had a washable inner and had it been bigger I would have probably kept it and supplemented it with another one from the same range.

        There are a few other designs, including one that has small pictures of various breeds on the front just like old cigarette cards, although that is more expensive, but it is more a standard size.

        This is a Debenhams own brand so only available from them.

        Full price for this is £16 but it currently has 20% off, so at the time of writing on sale for £12.80.

        Would I Recommend
        Only to dog lovers and to people who like dinky cushions. A nice quality but more a decorative item than a functioning cushion.

        But I will give it 5 stars as it is a very nice good quality cushion, but not big enough for my needs.


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