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Parker IM Premium Gun Metal Chiselled Fountain Pen

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3 Reviews

Brand: Parker / Misc House Type: Pen

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    3 Reviews
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      11.06.2013 16:10
      Very helpful



      A lovely pen when working

      I recently bought the Parker IM Premium on a hospital trip on which I managed to slip into Ryman's, to replace my poor, unfortunate, beloved Parker Sonnet - on my last leave, I left it someplace between the loony bin and home, and haven't seen it since. While not quite a Sonnet, the IM Premium has proved to be an excellent, if temperamental, writing pen.

      =Initial Impressions=

      My Parker IM Premium came on a blister card, held in a little plastic bubble. Also on the blister card were five cartridges of black Parker ink; the colours available from Parker, including black, blue, and green, are interchangeable. The pen comes in various colours. Dooyoo has the gunmetal one; mine is a deep black. It also comes in various widths of nib; mine is "fine", as I like to write with the slimmest nibs possible.

      The pen is made entirely of metal, and has a signature arrow-shaped clip on the lid. The barrel of the pen, rather than being smoothly cylindrical as in most Parker pens, has a faceted, chiselled surface.


      It's easy to install an ink cartridge and begin to use the pen; simply unscrew the lower section of the barrel, containing the nib, and push a cartridge into the exposed inner end of the nib section. You may have to get the ink flowing by scribbling on scrap paper or rotating the cartridge before screwing the barrel closed again.

      The Parker IM Premium sits quite comfortably in the hand. I find that the faceted surface allows for a better grip than other Parker pens allow. However, it isn't as comfortably weighted in the hand as the Sonnet, and feels at times decidedly too light. This is also a fairly thin pen; I find that I like that, but it's a matter of personal preference.

      The IM Premium's fine nib writes clean, smooth, fine lines. It moves softly across paper, never snagging or scratching -- it performs similarly to the standard Parker IM and to the Sonnet. It's certainly up to the normal Parker standard.

      However, I find that this pen can on occasion be temperamental. If it has been kept in a cold place, such as my bag in a stone building in Scotland, or has lay on its side for some time, the IM Premium may throw a hissy fit and point-blank refuse to issue forth any ink. A pen that doesn't write isn't very much fun, and I've found myself spending a lot of time scribbling wildly on scrap paper to reactivate the nib, which is awfully prone to clogging.


      I love Parker pens, and I love the Parker IM Premium. It writes cleanly, smoothly, quickly, with an agility and grace uncommon amongst pens. However, all these things apply only when it writes, and, sadly, in the case of mine, that isn't very often. A clogging nib and a small range of operating conditions mean that sadly I can only give this lovely writing instrument a 3 out of 5.


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        09.11.2012 04:27
        Very helpful



        Very useful/worthwhile item if you're going to be writing a lot and want a status item to do it with

        I always used to write in fountain pen when I was younger as it made my handwriting neater so I suddenly got the urge to use one again and splashed out when someone gave me a WH Smiths voucher...

        The pen is of a gun metal type material, it has a push on and pull off lid - which is very secure unlike other brand fountain pens I've had - which is very good news as fountain pen ink does flow freely and would go everywhere in my bag/pencil case. It comes in different nib sizes (medium and fine) - I have a fine one as I find these easier to get nice handwriting with and think the pen just looks smarter in this size. It can be refilled with half cartridges or long ones - any colour though I'd give it a bit of time before you write anything important if you've just switched to a colour you weren't previously using as it can blend strangely.

        The pen writes fantastically once the ink starts flowing (once you have pushed the cartridge in and it has clicked it still may take some time to come through) and writing is continuous i.e. the in doesn't run out halfway through a sentence. It also has a nice weight to it so it sits well in your hand and is not likely to break/it is not flimsy!

        However, I have found that it can sometimes write in a bit of a scratchy way which makes it more difficult to write with. Also the part of the pen that you hold can be slippery/cold as it is metalic feel, but I've found that you get used to that the longer you have been writing with the pen and it becomes less of an issue. Also, I have found that I end up smudging the ink as I am used to biros where the ink dries instantly, obviously this doesn't as quickly so it's just something to be aware of when writing quickly.

        A major issue with this pen is the price - obviously it is a Parker so you have to be prepared to spend more - but £20 upwards for a pen seems a bit steep to me, and I know there are other fountain pens you can get cheaper. So unless you are going to use it a lot it may not be worth it for you! However, then you run into problems with paying lots for ink cartridges - some pens say you specifically need Parker cartridges which are a lot more expensive. My pen came with a large pack of cartridges so I have not yet had to buy news ones, so I don't know if it works with other brand cartridges such as WH Smith or Tesco as that would cut down the price a bit.

        Overall, I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants a quality pen and is not afraid of spending a bit more for just a writing utensil!


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        28.05.2011 16:03
        Very helpful




        Parker pen

        I recently had a notion that I wanted to relive my youth and start to write with a fountain pen, and jot down my ramblings in a new note book.

        One of the pens I remember from years ago is the Parker pen range so this was clearly going to be my first choice.

        The range of pens promises to combine sleekness and functionality with an enhanced level of design and elegance. It is available in textured, chiselled silver and gun metal; I bought the chiselled.

        **What are the key features?**

        * stainless steel nib for high quality performance and durability
        * Designed to provide an optimal writing experience for both right and left handed writers
        * Classic Parker arrow design on cap
        * 14cm in length
        * Available in two nib sizes - medium and fine

        **What's in the box?**
        This pen is supplied in a Parker presentation case , which is basically a black box, padded inside to protect the pen.
        The box contains one standard Parker ink cartridge (blue), 2 years international warranty, instruction booklet, and of course the pen.

        **The pen...**

        The pen itself is quite a sleek design with a pull off push back on lid- takes a bit of a pull but at least when I put the lid back onto the pen, I know that it's secure. It is gun metal grey in colour with a cross pattern all over the pen.

        To add one of the cartridges, simply unscrew the centre of the barrel and press the cartridge into the pen. It takes a bit of a push and once in the pen, I always give the pen a bit of a shake to get the ink out. Once the ink has been inserted, then it does flow freely through the nib and I don't have to keep shaking the pen. It also doesn't blot so the writing flows nicely and this continues through tho the end of the ink cartridge.

        The one thing I find difficult about the pen is the fact that when I first started to use it, it was quite slippy, since it's more smooth than the biro pens I usually use. However, this has improved for me with use; I don't know if my hand adapted to the slippiness or whether the pen became more worn and so less smooth- I am inclined to think the former.

        The RRPis £31.99 and the pen is available online and in stores- I bought mine from WHSmith. It's worth shopping around for a bargain


        I don't normally spend this kind of money on a pen but as a treat to myself, it's been worth it. I enjoy writing with it, and now always use it when writing cards and stuff.

        It was not the easiest pen t use when I first got it but now I am used to it, I chose this over other pens. The flow of ink is smooth and even and the nib for me just the right thickness.

        Recommended for anyone wanting a stylish reasonably priced ink pen

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela xx


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