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Brand: dotcomgiftshop / Type: Storage Bag

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2013 09:38
      Very helpful



      Fab way of storing things

      I wanted to get some kind of extra storage for my daughters toys and when I come across this jumbo bag on the dotcomgiftshop website, I thought it would be perfect.

      There are a few different designs of jumbo bags to choose from, I personally have the pear design but they have allsorts to choose from such as polka dots, vintage, rose, spaceboy, paisley rose and Christmas. Whatever design you choose will cost you £4.95 and they are only available to purchase from www.dotcomgiftshop.com and a delivery charge will apply.

      The first thing I thought of when I received the jumbo bag at my door was the Eastenders launderette, they always have huge laundry bags in there and the size of this one definitely compares to those. When the name suggested jumbo, I didn't think it would actually be jumbo! The size, when full unfolded, is approximately 60cm wide, 30 cm deep and 50cm high. It would be perfect for storing duvets, sleeping bags, clothes, towels, crafty bits, the list is endless. I originally purchased this to put away for Christmas and the new intake of my daughters toys but changed my mind and instead of carrier bags that the Christmas decorations were previously stored in, decided to use this instead as it looks a lot better in the cupboard under my stairs.

      The material used for the majority of the bag is recycled plastic, it's quite thin but at the same time very durable, I think it would take quite a lot to break or rip it in any way. The feeling of it is smooth and has that crinkly, rustling sound when you pick it up or touch it, exactly like most laundry bags do. A simple way to explain it is basically a laundry bag but thinner! There is a zip that runs from almost the top of each side, right across the top, the zip is attached to the bag lovely and there doesn't seem to be any gaps at either end. The handle is made from that tightly woven material which makes them hardwearing and unlikely to break.

      The pear design is quite simple, the bag is covered in pears in a symmetric pattern coloured in two different shades of green on a white background. The handles and zip, being brown in colour, break the pattern up but still go with the overall look well.

      I love this jumbo bag and will definitely be purchasing more in different patterns, I wish I bought the Christmas pattern instead of the pears first as I use mine for the Christmas decorations. I want to buy some to store my winter duvets when I'm finished with them soon as I can leave them in the bags under my bed without any worry of them getting damaged.

      For the price, you really can't go wrong. The pear jumbo bag is a cheap and effective way of storing things. It is durable and looks lovely. I'd definitely recommend it.


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