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Pingi Dehumidifiying Sachet

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Brand: Pingi / Type: Dehumidifier for use in boats and in the home / Available: various sizes

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2011 14:42
      Very helpful



      Does what it's supposed to and costs very little


      Our home is a lovely little semi detached cottage that is over 125 years old and whilst it's perfect for us in most ways it does come with a few problems; slight damp being one of them.
      Though the house has been treated with a damp course there is still a slight problem though we have a powerful dehumidifier which helps a lot it's not eradicated the problem entirely and our bathroom tends to suffer the most as at times it's not always practical to open the window to release steam in this room. When I came across 'Pingi the dehumidifying penguin' in a Lakeland brochure that came through my door last year I knew something like this is what we needed to help..

      What is Pingi?~

      Pingi is a dehumidifying sachet that is approximately six inches tall and three inches wide. This particular size is 250g though it is available in a smaller sized 150g for areas such as drawers etc.
      The sachet itself resembles what my sons say is a Santa sack and it does have a look of this as it gathers in towards the neck. The sachet is made of a breathable netted material and is filled entirely with small moisture absorbing beads which though can be felt when handling the sachet, are not visible.
      The sachet is entirely white - a bright white at that - and on the front is the outline of it's namesake in the form of a little penguin named Pingi. Pingi is quite visible as he is a prominent blue in colour and acts as the timing indicator telling you when he needs recharging by turning a different colour.

      Price & Availability~

      Pingi is available to order from Lakeland stores or if you check out his own website @www.pingi.com and it will list available venues to purchase your own from.
      I paid a reasonable £7 from Lakeland about 6 months ago now and as it was amongst other items I qualified for free P&P, but if bought separate their is a charge of £5 so it's worth noting this is wanting to try it out for yourself.

      Where is Pingi suitable for?~

      As the Pingi sachet is relatively small in size it is ideal for places such as the glove box in your car, cellars/pantries, wardrobes, large drawers, any large storage boxes - most places in fact though obviously the smaller the area it is covering the more effective it is going to be. Personally I place mine in my bathroom cupboard where I keep items like spare toilet rolls/cotton wool/ face cloths etc - the kind of things that are more prone to absorbing condensation.

      How to use your Pingi~

      The thing that attracted me to the Pingi sachet is the fact that all you have to do to recharge it is simply place it in your microwave for 5 minutes on full power. It is advised that you place it in a bowl or on a plate when recharging it and this does make sense as there is a lot of excess moisture left over when the 5 minutes are up and if you try to be a clever clogs by not placing it on something appropriate then you will find yourself spending unnecessary time afterwards wiping your microwave down.

      The sachet becomes extremely hot once the 5 minutes are up and it's advisable to leave for equally the same amount of time to allow it to cool before handling.

      It states on the packet that it is important to always recharge the sachet by placing it with the indicator facing upwards. I have always adhered to this so I don't know what damage would be caused by placing the wrong way up.

      How will I know when to recharge Ping?~

      The blue outline of Pingi the penguin is quite bold when you first use it and after each subsequent recharge. Once the sachet starts to absorb any moisture it will show up via the indicator and Pingi will start to slowly turn into a paler blue, then purple before finally turning a pale pink. Once the outline of Pingi is barely visible due to the paleness of the colour then it is time to pop it in the microwave. By recharging the sachet the outline of the penguin once again becomes a bold blue in colour meaning he is charged up again and ready to go!

      My experience of Pingi~

      As mentioned in the first paragraph we do actually have a very effective dehumidifier that works very well at reducing excess moisture from the air. I wanted something small that I could fit into a cupboard or place indiscreetly on a shelf for mainly my bathroom area. I thought as this is probably the worst room for getting condensation due to showering etc I would see how effective this little sachet would be at tackling the problem and if it worked out well would be more inclined to buy more for different areas of the home.

      Once I had received Pingi he was already charged up so I simply removed 'him' from the cardboard covering that surrounded him and decided to firstly test his effectiveness in my bathroom cupboard.
      There didn't seem to be much happening for a few days despite the bathroom being very steamy due to all of the family showering/ bathing on numerous occasions (though not together may I add!).
      After about day 3 I did notice the penguin indicator starting to change slightly in colour to a paler blue, though it wasn't substantial enough at this point to recharge him.

      After 4 days Pingi had turned entirely pale pink and felt heavier so I knew it had definitely worked at helping to reduce moisture.
      After recharging I placed him back into the cupboard and again it was around 4 days later when the indicator again told me it was time to recharge. This set a regular pattern that I followed for a few weeks before deciding to test him out in a different area.

      I have a shelving area underneath the tank of my toilet that is impossible to place anything on as the condensation from said tank tends to drip down on resulting in small 'puddles'. I thought Pingi wouldn't make much of a difference here as the tank constantly gets condensation but thought it was worth trying..

      I found that the sachet turned colour within literally hours of placing him on the shelf but wow for the first time in the history of me living here the tank wasn't dripping with moisture!
      It didn't totally eradicate the problem don't get me wrong, but it has made a huge difference and I would say it has improved this particular area by 80% which is very impressive.


      I have been very pleased with the performance of this as to say it's only small it certainly seems powerful at doing what it's supposed to so is definitely worth the money. Another thing that impresses me is the fact that there is nothing toxic about this according to the packaging can be used more or less infinitely so it's definitely economical in the long run and the fact it's only £7 in the first place certainly scores highly with me.
      I really like the fact this features a little penguin as it's suddenly gained a whole persona rather than just being a household object. When it is in view my boys like to go check on Pingi to see if he has changed colour - if it was just a plain indicator I don't think they would be half as interested so I do like this aspect greatly (and so do my boys).

      The only real negative I have found is the fact that the more it is used and recharged the 'grubbier' in appearance it becomes. At first it was a bright white and looked even aesthetically pleasing when placed out in the open but the more it's been used the 'dirtier' it now looks and this is because of the moisture beads which seemed to have darkened for some reason.
      That is the only bad thing I can say about it and it's not always on view anyway as it gets moved around so it certainly doesn't get marked down from me for that.

      A fantastic little dehumidifying sachet all in all and a welcome addition to the household.


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