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Pirongs Teacher Planner

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Brand: Pirongs / Type: Stationery - Planner

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2012 22:14
      Very helpful



      An essential for any teacher

      Recently I've been training to become a teacher - to the point that I'm now very close to qualifying and even have a job! As part of my course, I have spent 5 months on placement at a high school and the one thing that has really been a lifesaver is my teacher planner!

      My own planner was given to me, but I have done some research and it costs about £7.20 for an A5 size planner (like my own). I would happily pay this, or the £9.80 required for an A4 size planner. There are a range of colours, both bright and subtle depending on your taste. My own is bright green and I must say I love the brightness of it - I definitely won't lose it! You can also opt to customize the planner for an extra pound, picking the colour of the ring binds and the ribbon, or even have it embossed with your initials for another £3.30 (I wouldn't pay this much for embossing, but that's just me). I personally wouldn't customize as I'm happy as the planner comes; a nice bright colour and the perfect innards for planning my teaching life and I'm all set!

      The diary itself includes:
      - A day to day lesson view, with blocks for each lesson & any homework. You can even chose a selected number of lessons suitable to your school timetable (5, 6 and 8 periods). There is also space at the bottom of each page for additional notes - which always comes in handy!
      - Parents evening timetable, which is found a blue-paged section at the back. There are 7 parents evening pages, which can be quite handy to record who & what time you are meeting. However, there are only 18 spaces on each page, and depending on how many parents you need to see and how many parents' evenings you attend, this may not be enough!
      - Registration pages are also found in the back blue section. There are 50 pages of these, each a double-spread. These are extremely handy to keep track of all those test results and homework marks!
      - Timetable pages are also found in the blue section at the back of the planner. I think my only disappointment is that this is not at the front of the planner, which would make much more sense.
      - A 2 year planner section at the front (another blue paged section) with enough room for a couple of words.
      - Pages to write in dates of examinations
      - 16 notes pages in the front blue paged section - I haven't used these much as they are buried in-between a lot of pages and can be a pain to find. I stick to the notes section provided on each school day.
      - Even a table to record radio stations - I have no idea why this is there but oh well!
      - There is a plastic pocket at the back of the planner. I'd like there to be more, but that could result in a planner crammed with scraps of work, so I don't really use it and sometimes forget it is even there.

      There are things I would like to improve with this planner, such as bringing the timetable to the front & making the blue sections even easier to navigate. This could be done by having various coloured pages for each section, because otherwise it can take me some time to find the page I need!

      The main feature I love about my planner is the layout of each day. There is enough room in my A5 planner to fit in my notes about each lesson I have planned and any homework I am setting or collecting. There's even room for my never-ending to do lists in any free lesson gaps! The small size is perfect for me as I have teeny writing, and the planner doesn't take up much room (or weight) in my bag - which is a bonus when I'm cramming work and text books in there!

      Overall, I love my planner. There are elements that can be improved, but I get around these by using the ribbon in the planner, and little tabs to mark my important pages. Several friends of mine now have the planner (but an A4 size), and even the school I am on placement as provided them for each teacher (before I got there though!). I think next year I shall get an A4 size, just for a little extra room - although I will have to sacrifice some room in my bag! And the cost isn't too bad either, and considering how much I use it I certainly can't be without it anymore! Recommended to all you budding - or experienced - teachers out there!

      Prices and numbers of pages retrieved from the Pirongs website - www.pirongs.co.uk


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