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Brand: Pledge / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    5 Reviews
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      23.02.2013 20:29
      Very helpful



      My absolute favourite furniture polish

      I have always used Pledge Aerosols to clean the furniture in my home, as does my own mother. I remember helping mum to clean and polish when I was little and she always had a can of Pledge Original Furniture Polish. The look and style of the can hasn't changed a great deal over the years but now they do make these in a range of different smells, though in my opinion, nothing actually beats the original one. When I was still living at home and before I was married, I remember the old cans having a cap that you had to remove before shaking the can and pressing down the rather large nozzle. Nowadays the design has changed in that there is no cap to remove and the nozzle is placed down inside the top of the can. It looks neater and more modern, I suppose. The furniture polish itself hasn't changed though, I'm, pleased to say, and it's just as good now as it always was.

      I really like to use Pledge Furniture Polish as I feel it's a better quality than any other supermarket own brands I've used and the price isn't much more expensive. It brings up all the wooden furniture in my house to a lovely shine and finish and as it also contains conditioners, this polish really does protect my wooden surfaces, not to mention making my home smell really lovely.

      Tesco's sell cans of Pledge in 250ml sizes for about £1.20, though I personally manage to buy mine slightly cheaper at just 99p from Home Bargains. They don't always have the original one in stock though, and if I can't manage to find it in there, I'll pop to Tescos' as I really do prefer the smell of the original.

      Whenever I ask my husband to polish the living room for me he really goes overboard with the can. He sprays very liberally across all of the wooden furniture and wipes it off with one of my clean dusters. He actually sprays far too much and no matter how many times I try to explain to him that her really doesn't need to use quite so much, he never takes any notice.

      Personally, I prefer to spray a TINY bit directly onto a clean duster and then wipe over the furniture, rather than spray it onto the furniture directly. It's best to spray too little than to much as you can always add more if you need to. The cloth just glides across the surfaces and brings out a shine and depth to the wood and really makes it gleam.

      I also think that Pledge actually prevents dust from settling quite so quickly back onto the furniture again. I have tried lots of other brands of furniture polish but I always go right back to Pledge. It never smears or marks the furniture and it doesn't take ages to dry. As soon as I put a duster over it, it's ready, with no waiting for it to dry at all.

      It's a great quality product and I'm sure I shall continue to use it still for many years to come.

      Highly recommended.


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        14.01.2013 11:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        great furniture polish

        We have lived in our current flat for about 2 -and a half years now and one of my new years resutions is definitely to spruce it up a bit, de-clutter and give every inch a good, thorough clean!

        Pledge is one of those essential items in my little cleaning cupboard I like to always have on standby. It is a polish that has a unique formula as it also contains conditioners which easily remove dust and dirt, whilst simultaneously protecting the table from daily wear. It is designed for all surfaces but especially wood, which is why it is an ideal polish for my wooden table which we have in the front room that always seems to collect dust quicker than the speed of lighting! 

        Using Pledge is easy enough, It comes in a 250ml aerosol can with which I spray the polish directly onto the table. The design of the can us simple as it doesn't have a metal cap on it, so the open nozzle is exposed meaning tou can start cleaning immediately! However, as there is no safety feature it's definitely best to keep the cab well out of reach of children.

        Using a cotton cloth, a quick wipe around the table easily removes any dust and dirt and leaves my table with a lovely wooden shine making it look almost brand new again! It dries really quickly, and does not leave the table soppy or sticky. The smell of Pledge is quite strong, a fragrant oaky smell which compliments the table and fills the room with an aroma I love.

        Pledge aerosols are relatively cheap and I'm sure I managed to grab it recently quite reasonably cheap in my local 99p store, but before I had purchased this aerosol for around £1.30 in sainsburys. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone out there who has a wooden table and wants to give it a good once over on the cheap and leave their wooden furniture smelling lovely :)


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          07.01.2013 08:34
          Very helpful



          best on the market but not significantly so.

          I'm not really too fussy when it comes to buying furniture polish for at home anymore and will often buy a store brand unless some named brand is on offer at a similar price. This is how I came to purchase the pledge wood 5 in 1 classic furniture spray as it was on offer for around a pound a few months ago and so I am using this currently. I have tried various other pledge aerosols in the past and so this is my review.

          If you were to ask me the first name that pops in to my head when I think of furniture polish I would say pledge. I grew up with my mum buying pledge and as I would often offer to help out with the polishing as I got older I would often be using pledge! When I moved out I would sometimes use pledge and sometimes use a store brand but I do think pledge is the best and most well known furniture polish on the market.

          The current polish that I am using is a classic wood five in one spray. It comes in a brown and yellow aerosol which I think represents the look of wood quite well. The pledge name is prominent as it is on all their aerosol cans and so you cannot miss that this is a pledge product made by SC Johnson. What I like with the pledge aerosols is they have the spray located in the top part of the can much like some air fresheners do now and I find this so much easier than having to take off a lid and replace it and I always end up losing them!

          The classic polish I have currently claims to be five in one and will:
          -enhance natural shine
          -remove fingerprints and marks
          -remove up to 90% of allergens in dust

          I think most of the pledge polishes claim to do this and it is another reason why I think they are the best on the market really.

          Using this polish is nice and easy and I just spray it on the surface I require and then wipe it down with a duster. I find that my surfaces do shine after using pledge polish and I think they seem to look better after using pledge as opposed to a cheaper store branded product but the difference in quality isn't so significant that I would never buy the store branded product. I use it on my bookcases, display cabinets, picture frames, window sill and ornaments and find it works well on all of those.

          This polish smells quite nice and I do like a polish to do that. Many pledge aerosols have nice fragrances which are noticeable as you dust and the smell will often linger in the air as well afterwards giving your home a subtle fragrance for a while.

          I don't think pledge keeps your surfaces dust free for any longer than a store branded product but I do think that that give a bit more shine to your surfaces and they do remove fingerprints and marks with ease really in my experience which is really handy when you have children at home!

          A 250ml spray usually costs around £1.50 but you can sometimes find them on offer for around a pound. I would say buy it if it is on offer but if not perhaps try out the store brands because they aren't all that inferior in quality and whilst I do think pledge is probably the best out there we are living in a time where saving a few pennies is essential really.

          Thank you for reading my review!


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          24.07.2008 21:21
          Very helpful



          a great spray polish from Pledge

          I paid £1.25 a 250ml can of Pleadge classic beauty furniture polish at our local Spar. It can be found cheaper, I know, but had run out so I went to the nearest shop.

          The brown can is about 25 cm in height so I reckon this is good size - any smaller and it would be forever on my shopping list.

          This particular can has a yellow and red strip stating 20% extra free - 300ml for the price of 250 ml. It also states the brand name clearly in white.

          I like the design of the can - it doesn't have a metal cap on it so you can literally spray and go!

          We have two wooden tables, handmade in Africa as a wedding present for my parents. I inherited them from my late mother and they are very special to me so I treat them to Pledge as I really want to keep them looking good so they can be passed onto my daughters.


          non-ionic surficants
          alphatic hydrocarbons

          The usual warnings are given: - eg

          don't use near children
          don't use nesr the eyes
          don't use near a naked flame


          don't use inside baths
          don't use on untreated wood

          Just one squirt seems to go a long way as it's quite concentrated and I always use a good duster and the dust picks up straightaway.

          I've also used it on stubborn stains such as dried-up tomato ketchup and it has removed it with no real rubbing.

          The best thing for me though is the smell!
          It has a lovely fragrance which lingers for about half an hour making the house smell freshly-cleaned.

          I have been know to give the whole room a quick spray before visitors arrive - psychologically giving the impression the furniture's been cleaned when it hasn't actuallly been touched !

          A recommended polish from Pledge


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          18.11.2007 19:46
          Very helpful



          Furniture polish

          On my almost daily toil round the supermarket, I frequently find myself lingering with intent around the cleaning aisles…oh for a sparklingly clean house, and all at the flick of a duster. That’s the idea any way! Over the years, I have tried a number of furniture polishes, the good, bad and the downright ugly, and apart from another very popular brand, this is one of my favourites.
          I am not, I hasten to add, addicted to cleaning, and I don't think one furniture polish does a "better" job than another, I just go for the smell!!

          ~~WHAT IT PROMISES~~
          It promises to clean condition and protect multi surfaces, although beware…it is not suitable for untreated wood surfaces- I do believe this is true of many polishes.

          There is not a big long list of promises for which I am grateful.

          ~~THE PACKAGING~~

          I think we have all seen Pledge gracing the shelves of many a shop. The packaging is actually very simple. The one I have is classic beauty- I am unsure as to whether this is the polish or the surface once it has been rubbed with the stuff. There is just the name written on the front of the aerosol can and all the instructions and bits of information written in exceedingly small writing on the back.

          ~~WHAT IT DOES~~

          So there I am with my little brown can. I have to read the instructions carefully, and since it is very small and close together, this does require some effort. All I have to do is shake the can thoroughly, hold the can upright and spray at a distance of about 6") from the surface. Then, get a soft cloth and polish immediately to a shine. I assume I can use it on a range of surfaces although it doesn’t tell me which ones. The reason I make this assumption is that it tells me only not to use it on floors or the inside of baths; obviously, since it polishes surfaces to a shine, then they could become very slippery.

          ~~DO NOT USE IT ON~~

          Unsealed or waxed wooden surfaces, floors and the inside of baths.

          For use on antique surfaces, the polisher should seek expert advice.

          ~~CAUTIONARY TALE ~~

          There always seems to be a cautionary tale, often longer than all of the other bits of information. The main ones seem to be:

          Use only as directed
          Pressurised container
          Protect from sunlight and temperatures above 50 degrees C (not a problem)
          Do not place near hot surfaces or fireplaces
          Do not pierce
          Do not spray onto a naked flame or an electric fire
          Keep out of reach of children
          Solvent abuse can kill instantly

          ~~DOES IT WORK?~~

          I have been dusting for years! However, I I took note of all the cautions and wafted round the house with my yellow cloth and brown can, and, as a polisher, yes it does work. It certainly wipes away all those smears on wooden surfaces and my house looks dust free, and best of all, as I mentioned earlier. This polish has a real "just cleaned" smell. It may not last longer than other products but just after it's been cleaned, the house has a smell of...furniture polish.

          The can itself is easy to use being simply a press down and spray aerosol can. The nozzle on the front means that the spray can be directed successfully onto the surface, and there doesn’t seem to be any random squirts of polish, even when I get to near the end of the polish. Another thing I like about it is that it really does spray right to the end- I sometimes find that the fine mist becomes clumps of foamy stuff when I near the end. Not with this though.


          About 79p for 250ml but as with everything, there are special offers etc.

          ~~SIMILAR PRODUCTS~~

          Also available in:

          Clean & Revitalise Aloe Vera.
          Clean & Refresh Springtime.
          Revitalise & Protect with Beeswax.

          I imagine they all do more or less the same thing, perhaps with very slightly different smells.

          ~~PRODUCED BY~~

          SC Johnson


          Thanks for reading.
          Daniela xx


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      • Product Details

        Pledge Aerosols provide your furniture with superior care and protection from everyday marks, ensuring a beautiful natural finish on wood. Its unique formula contains a blend of polishes and conditioners, which easily remove dust and dirt to clean and protect from daily wear and tear. Pledge brings a range of products that care for valued wood surfaces - Classic Beauty, Clean & Revitalise Aloe Vera, Clean & Refresh Springtime and Revitalise & Protect with Beeswax.

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