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Polycell Stain Stop Aerosol

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Polycell Stain Stop is a highly pigmented paint which permanently prevents existing stains reappearing through paint.

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2006 09:38
      Very helpful



      covers stains on wood ready for painting


      Have recently spent THE most fabulous day glossing new spindles. Myself and himself have done this complete with bad heads and bad grace. However, HUGE Brownie points for the shopping lady who managed to purchase all of the right "ingredients" for the job, and who did the initial preparation in readiness for himself to take the glory!!
      This little product has been a trooper, and I thank the man at the d.i.y. store who suggested I bought it.


      This is 250ml spray can with pull off lid, made by Polycell, who I do believe, make lots of products, and recommends Dulux paint. Yes…blatant advertising on the can, probably because they make Dulux paint. Stain Stop is also available in 1 litre cans if you have HUGE surfaces which need to clean up their act.

      **The Product**

      This has to be sprayed so probably wise not to give it too good a sniff to describe the smell. Actually, without putting your nose close to the spray, you can indeed smell it…not pleasant, but it does warn you not to inhale it. The spray itself is completely colourless, and you do wonder how it will work, but work it does.

      **What it does**

      This is a highly pigmented paint which promises to permanently prevent existing stains from reappearing through paint. It provides one coat coverage over water stains, grease, nicotine, crayons, rust and soot. All I actually wanted it to do was permanently cover those knotty bits you are prone to getting in new wood, and which have a nasty little habit of showing through the gloss work you have so painstakingly finished. It can be used on masonry and plaster, and is surface dry in ten minutes.

      **How you do it…**

      1. Check the surfaces are clean and dry and put on your eye protection (???)
      2. Give the can a good old shake until you hear a general rattling about. This is the steel pellet, and you should keep that shaking going for another minute.
      3. Hold the can away from your nose, and 20-30cm (does anybody measure this?) and spray evenly over the spray.
      4. Leave for 10 minutes, and hey presto, you are ready to paint or wall paper
      5. If it's an especially nasty stubborn little stain, let the product dry fully and then apply a second coat.

      **Be careful**

      There are lots of warnings, so I won't list them all. The product is highly flammable and is dangerous for the environment. The fumes can cause drowsiness and dizziness and it is toxic to aquatic organisms. Don't smoke when you are spraying it (obvious reasons) and keep the container in a well ventilated place away from sources of ignition.
      There is a warning which I don't see often, stating that it has a very high VOC content (ie more than 50%), and this is what makes it dangerous to the environment. I am not an expert but I think this is maybe something particular to lots of aerosol type containers and products.
      Yes, there are even more warnings, but I was still going to use it, without the protective eyewear.

      **Need some help?**

      Call the Polycell helpline
      01753 550555


      Polycell (an ICI company)
      ICI Paints
      Wexham Road
      Tel: 01753 550000


      The site is actually quite informative. It allows you to select your task and suggests suitable products for the job in hand, and gives detailed information of the products. Great idea if you don't have a helpful diy storeperson!

      **Does it work?**

      Well, put it like this…I bought it and I am now sitting at the pc while himself clears everything away.
      Yes, it works.
      I prepared all of the new woodwork through the week, sprayed this product onto all of those dark knots of wood, left it to dry and then primed the woodwork. I have done this before without this Spray Stop and you really can see those dark bits of wood showing through. After using this, the woodwork was really ready for one coat of gloss.
      Hey presto, we now have gleaming woodwork and I am the reigning queen of d.i.y.
      One word of warning…I thought it would be a pretty smelly job, and made sure that little lady wasn't in the house until the next day. The fumes are quite noxious, the type which give you a headache. It was a bit chilly when I opened all the windows and doors but this was preferable to the smell of the spray; there is a warning on the can about the fumes so I suppose if you decide to do this in the winter, you wear your woollies.
      The spray does dry within the advised 10 minutes and I did have a go at painting over the spray straight after 10 minutes, and it works brilliantly.
      I can comment only on its use on new knotty wood, and don't know if it covers soot, nicotine etc with the same aplomb as it does the dark knots of wood, but for the work I did with it, it was excellent.
      Now…time will tell if it's as good as its word and covers the stains permanently.

      Thanks for reading… if anyone knows a good painter and decorator, it would free upmy time to be on this site.

      Daniela x


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