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Proteam HO1853 Set of 4 Remote Sockets

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Manufacturer: Proteam

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    1 Review
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      12.12.2009 01:44
      Very helpful



      Good idea but buy another brand

      I was browsing HotUKdeals one day and seen a deal for a pack of 4 Proteam remote controle plug sockets at £2.50p (75% off) in Wilkinsons, so off i went to grab a bargain, and when they scanned through the till at £1.25p my partner ran back and got a pack too.

      A bit about them
      you plug one of your units into a wall socket, then plug your lamp,TV ect into the unit and then you can switch the lamp/TV on and off via the remote control, you get 4 units that all work of 1 remote.
      The packaging contains the following information/claims:
      No more stand by
      Turn any appliance on and off easily
      For responsible energy users
      Great for those hard to reach sockets
      No more bending or kneeling

      Specifications: (copied from manufacturers site)
      With Power On/Off Indicator
      Individual Code Adjustment
      With Child Protection
      Frequency 433.92MHz
      Transmission Range: 30m (Open Area)
      230V AC / 1000W
      Controls Up To 4 Channels
      Each Channel Independent Up To 10 Receivers
      LED Transmission Indicator
      Individual Code Adjustment
      Frequency 2433.92 MHz
      Transmission Range: 30m (Open Area)
      Battery 12v 23a

      The product
      Comes in a simple blister pack showing your 4 sockets and remote control, once you manage to get the thing open (i hate these heat sealed blister packs!) the white sockets are quite light and a compact size, measuring aprox 95mm x 50mm, a bit smaller then a plug in timer, the plug and socket are at the bottom end of the unit then is risers up about 50mm, this top part has a small red light on the front and 2 dials on the back to set the socket number and the chosen frequency, the sockets are well designed and very modern and discreet looking.
      The remote control which is also white measures 110mm x 40mm and matches the design of the sockets, it has 4 x on buttons and 4 x off buttons and a small red light, the back of the remote has a 4 position frequency selector and a small door to access the 12v battery that powers the unit.

      Set up
      This sounds like it's going to be complicated but it not, no adjustment will be necessary unless you get interference on the factory presets, only then will you have to change the frequency of the units/remote.
      The units and RC(remote control) all came preset to channel 1, if you get interference on this channel just switch them all to channel 2 and try that (switches on back of units and RC).
      The units came preset to numbers 1-2-3 and 4 (identifiable by the small switch on the back) which correspond with the buttons on the RC.
      Plug unit number 1 into a wall socket and plug a lamp into the unit and switch the wall socket on, then on your RC press the button 1/on and the lamp will come on, press the button 1/off and it will switch off, and repeat the process using unit/buttons 2 ect.....

      Using the units
      I found unit number 1 by looking at the little turny switch on the back of it and plugged it in to my wall, i plugged my tv into the unit and switched the wall socket on then i pressed the 1/on button on the RC, the unit clicked and the red light came on, i then switched the tv on as normal, using the RC i can now switch my tv on/off at the wall socket so it is not left on standby saving me electricity!

      Good points
      Fantastic idea as it says on the box this switches things off at the wall saving you electricity and money, and it's ideal for sockets that are hard to get to like the one behind my pc!
      Perfect for the elderly and disabled for switching lamps on and off

      The bad points
      The first unit worked for about 1 week then stopped responding to the RC, i tried another unit and this only worked intermittently, i tried a new battery which did not help, then i just gave up on them.
      the remote control although designed to match the units looks very cheap and plastic'y.
      Priced at £19.52p on amazon
      The results
      I am glad i only paid £1.25p for these and now i know why, they don't bloody work! they are now sat gathering dust in the useless gadget cupboard, and i still cant really decide if they would have been there anyway even if they did work lol
      I think the idea is fantastic for the reasons marked in the "Good points" column but i cant recommend this brand.
      I have been told aldi/liddle sometimes have similar items on offer that are much better quality.


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