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Ronson Multipurpose Ignitor

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Brand: Ronson / Type: Hob / Cooker / Fire Lighter

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2011 16:21
      Very helpful



      Great for the price

      As a lot of you know by now we have a log burner which reduces our fuel costs considerably as everyone round here gives us their waste wood from gardening projects and DIY! I make firelighters from newspaper in the way that my grandmother taught me nearly fifty years ago and make paper bricks from my friend's shredded paper.

      For my birthday last year my sister added an unusual present to my gifts from her in the shape of a Ronson Multipurpose Ignitor.

      For those of you that don't know, this is a piece of kit to make lighting our burner and candles easier. The whole thing is plain black, is about a foot long and looks almost like a narrow gun with handle and trigger and a slim straight barrel about five inches long. There is a scale on the side of the Ignitor with a slider to vary the intensity of the flame although to be honest we always leave ours at the highest setting.

      The pictures at the top of this review are of a newer version of this item rather than the one that I have which is the one that is currently available at Tesco's for just £3.27!

      When you buy the Ignitor it is attached to a piece of cardboard sealed in plastic so that it is safe to display on the shelf at the supermarket. All the instructions for use and the warnings are written on the cardboard.

      To use the Ignitor you just have to hold it like a gun, pull the trigger and a flame appears at the end of the barrel. The flame remains for the length of time that you keep the trigger depressed although the instructions recommend that you do not use it for longer than thirty seconds at a time. You are also advised to hold the Ignitor away from your face and clothing when lighting it and to make sure that the flame is out when you have finished using it - you don't say!

      As the Ignitor contains gas under pressure it must not be left anywhere hot or in direct sunlight and it must not be punctured or thrown onto a fire.

      There is a transparent little window on the side of the Ignitor through which you can see the level of the butane remaining inside. When it is empty filling it is easy peasy - you just get a can of gas lighter refill, invert it and press the nozzle into the filler valve on the base of the lighter for 2 seconds. You can then repeat the process a couple of times. The warnings on the pack do remind you not to do this near a naked flame. Would anyone really be that stupid?

      This little gadget has been a real help and is easy to use. The only problem with it as far as I have found is the fact that sometimes I find it difficult to light. Hubby says that I should half click the trigger so that some gas escapes before I click it fully to create the spark, but sometimes it just doesn't work for me! Incidentally it always works for him which he finds most amusing!

      This Ignitor would also be useful if you need a flame to light your cooker or when you have a bar b que.

      In conclusion I would definitely recommend this Ignitor - it certainly makes life easier when lighting the log burner although I will knock off a star for the fact that it occasionally doesn't work for me.


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