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Rupert Calendar 2013

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Publisher: Flame Tree

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    1 Review
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      28.12.2012 18:45
      Very helpful



      Great calendar for a Rupert fan

      ===Why I Have This===

      Was given this as part of my Christmas gifts by a niece who knows I have always liked Rupert Bear.

      ===The Brand===

      Published by Flame Tree Publishing and made in China. Available on Amazon and from Past Times website.

      ===The Product===

      Large 12 inch x 12 inch calendar.
      ISBN - 978-0857753205
      The front and back are glossy card.
      Made in China for Flame Tree Publishing.
      12 full page pictures of Rupert and a corresponding 12 pages of calendar - to be viewed as a two page spread - the top page is the image while the bottom page is the monthly calendar - this has 1.5 inch squares for each day. There is a hole on the top of each page for hanging.
      Has the dates of holidays and events included.
      Each calendar page also has a small image taken from the full page image which is also shown - so you may have a small Rupert or a bird etc somewhere on the calendar itself.

      ===Images & Facts===

      Each month has a full page image and some facts on Rupert Bear as well:

      Image taken from 1977 Annual cover showing Rupert in a red duffle coat in a castle with penguins.
      FACT - Alex Cubie took over the cover design of the annuals from 1974. He had previously been employed to assist Alfred Bestall

      Image taken from 1950 Annual cover - showing Rupert riding in a shell being pulled through the sea by fish.
      FACT - Full sized paperback annuals were produced up to 1950 when rationing ceased and hard covers were introduced with this edition.

      Page 115 of the 1970 Annual. - Rupert and his chums are crossing a river on stepping-stones.
      FACT - Most covers depict Rupert with a brown face as his creator intended, but within the annuals he is shown with a white face as it was cheaper to print.

      Image is the 2003 Annual cover - showing Rupert with hand bells - this image is also on the cover of the calender.
      FACT - John Harrold began writing and illustrating the Rupert stories from 1976 and drew the covers and endpapers from 1978.

      Title page form the 1989 Annual - showing Rupert running off to the beach with his bucket and spade.
      FACT - Doris Campbell's beautiful colouring of Rupert meant she was the sole colourist from 1945 to 1992.

      Image from 1944 Annual cover - showing Rupert up a tree surrounded by his friends.
      FACT - This wartime cover shows Tigerlily - one of the new characters introduced by Alfred Bestall.

      Image from 1998 Annual cover showing Rupert with a tray of cakes and unicorns, while in the background are images of houses made form cakes.
      FACT - Gina Hart did a competition page in 1991 and became the main colourist in 1993 and finally took over from Doris Campbell in 1995.

      Image is the 1964 Annual cover -showing Rupert and Dinkie the cat up a mountain.
      FACT - Alfred Bestall said one panel of Rupert would take about three hours to complete.

      Image from the 2000 Annual cover - Rupert and is running through the woods with corn dollies.
      FACT - John Harrold was still illustrating and writing the Rupert stories into the 21st century.

      Image from the 1960 Annual - page 90 - Rupert looking out of the window with a telescope.
      FACT - originally Rupert's sweater was blue but he was later changed to red with his now characteristic yellow check trousers to have more visual impact.

      Image is of 1987 Annual cover - Rupert and his friends on a desert island and Rupert has a parrot on his shoulder (this image is used as the cover on some calenders).
      FACT - the images and text are always displayed separately and mostly shown as four images per page.

      Image from 1962 Annual cover - Rupert has built a snowman and is throwing snowballs at his chums.
      FACT - magic paintings, puzzles and competitions were included to increase commercial competitiveness of the annuals.


      £9.99 but already sold out on Amazon but still available from certain sellers and also on the Past Times website.

      ===My Opinion===

      This is a lovely large and good quality calender.
      Of course I have this because it features Rupert, rather than for its calendar properties.
      However as a calendar on its own it would function will as it is shown at a month per page and with a large 1.5 inch square per day. There is plenty of room to write appointments etc and also most, if not all, international holidays are recorded.
      For me the beauty of this calendar is of course the attractive full page images of Rupert - taken form old annual covers, end papers and pages within the books.
      The glossy front cover is superb and mine features a lovely image of Rupert holding hand bells, though apparently some were on sale with a different image - one of Rupert with a parrot on his shoulder - but I have no idea why two were produced as they contain the same pages inside.
      I will not be writing on my copy as it may mark the image on the other side of the page which is what I intend to keep.
      I love the July image which is the cover of the 1998 annual and is one I have not seen before - featuring houses made from cakes in the background. The August image is of the 1964 cover which is one I remember from childhood.
      The October image is my favourite being from a page (number 90) of the 1960 annual and is a full page image of Rupert and the little black cat called Dinkie with bygone toys scattered around such as wooden trains and spinning tops - a lovely nostalgic picture.
      The December image has been chosen as it is seasonal - an annual cover that shows Rupert and his pals throwing snowballs with a large snowman standing behind him. This was from the 1962 annual which I also had as a child.
      This calendar is very well produced and has super images of Rupert which are nice in their own right but also significant for us Rupert followers as they bring back memories of annuals we may have had in the past.
      Another lovely collectors item.


      Not too bad a mistake but the August image of the 1964 cover was also used in last year's calender as well - a bit careless when there are so many images to choose from!

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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