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Safe Wrap All Purpose Cling Film

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Brand: Other Brands / Misc House Type: Cling Film

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2011 16:34
      Very helpful



      A good well priced ktichen clingfilm

      Like most people nowadays, I am always looking for ways of reducing the weekly shopping bill and am very willing to try out new and cheaper brands if it will reduce the bill, and work out to be just a reliable as the more expensive products. One such product I tried recently was this Safe Wrap All Purpose Clingfilm, which can be bought in Tesco for 99p, which is significantly cheaper than the Tesco own brand. I have previously tried the Tesco value clingfilm, which was utterly useless, so I was hoping that this would be different.

      This SafeWrap comes in a white box and holds a roll of clingfilm measuring 350mm by 75m, and like other clingfilms, the box comes with a sharp cutting edge to allow you to tear the product easily. On the side of the box, it states that this clingfilm is made from PVC, and can be used in the microwave to defrost or reheat food. It is not to be used in the the normal oven and also states that it shouldn't come into contact with food whilst cooking.

      I have been using this clingfilm for a over a few weeks now, and I have to say that I haev been very impressed. The sharp cutting edge is 'very' sharp and so makes it very easy to cut off a piece of clingfilm the size that you require. I find also, that unlike the Tesco value clingfilm, this product doesn't get as tangled when you roll out a piece to cover food, plus it doesn't tear easily like the Tesco value one, and so it is obvious that this clingfilm is far better quality. I would say that in terms of quality, it is on a par with teh Tesco main brand of clingfilm.

      The only negative that I have found, although I have had the same trouble with the main Tesco brand of clingfilm is that when you go to pull out a piece of clingfilm, sometimes the edge of the clingfilm can get caught up, and you have to unravel the edge of it, but I often wonder is that just a general trend when it comes to clingfilm.

      I have to say, that since I discovered Tesco value food wrap (a bit like tin foil) I now rarely use clingfilm for covering sandwiches to take to work for lunch. However, there is no doubt that a roll of clingfilm is an essential piece of kit in the kitchen drawer and I do make use of it in many other ways, and so I would certainly recommend this clingfilm, as a way to save some money but still get a good quality product!


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