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Sainsbury's TU Bath in a Bag

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Sainsbury's / Type: Towel Set

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2012 20:14
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      Overpriced for what it is

      A few months back I purchased a Sainsbury's Bed in a Bag, which I was really pleased with. On a more recent shopping trip, we noticed that a 'Bath in a bag' was also available and was heavily discounted. The Bath in a Bag, is a clear bag containing two bath towels, two hand towels and a bath mat.

      I personally did not want to buy this product, as at the time it had only been a matter of weeks since I'd purchased a towel bale from Next. I had also received some Christy towels for Christmas and there are only two of us, so I felt adding four more would be towel overload! My fiancé however, seemed very keen to get this as the colours matched our bathroom and in fairness we were in need of a bath mat of some sort. I agreed just because of the reduced price, I would have put my foot down had it still been for sale at the RRP.

      The towels included in the set are two greeny-blue plain bath towels and two white hand towels, which are embroidered with a circular design in the same greeny-blue colour. Incidentally Sainsbury's call the colour duck egg, but I feel it's a bit too green to be duck egg myself. I actually quite like that the colours of the hand towels and bath towels contrast. When folded up the white looks nice against the green and the coloured embroidery on the hand towels ties them in nicely together. The towels are good sizes too - I'd say they're the standard sizes you'd expect a hand towel and a bath towel to be.

      The quality of the towels is fine - they are absorbent and soft and seem to have become softer now that they've been through the wash a few times. They are certainly not the most luxurious feeling towels in the world - they cannot compare to the Christy ones I got for Christmas for example - but they are soft enough, not scratchy and perfectly adequate for the price which we paid. I have noticed that the hand towels seem much thinner than the bath towels, but I don't mind this too much, as they are still absorbent and strong. I did have to cut a few loose threads off them when I first received them, but they've been fine since.

      Although I am happy with the towels in this set, I am much less happy with the bath mat. When I first took the items out of the bag, I thought they had forgotten to put the bath mat in. I was not too impressed to find that what I had initially thought was a hand towel was actually the bath mat. To me, a bath mat should have some sort of backing, but this one was just like a slightly thicker hand towel. When I laid it on the floor, that's what it looked like and even though we have kept it (so far!), I always feel slightly embarrassed when I look at it! Maybe that's just the snob in me coming out though. It certainly does not look as thick or fluffy as the mat in the picture on the bag.

      To be fair it's not just looks that have let the mat down, as it hasn't proved to be the most practical of items either. The reason we wanted a bath mat in the first place was that we have slate tiles on our bathroom floor. They look nice enough, but they are absolutely freezing when you're barefoot. As they have a shiny, polished surface and this mat has no backing, it has a tendency to slip and slide, which could potentially be dangerous. It also seems to frequently bunch up (for want of a better expression), so that it's not completely flat, which looks awful. It does seem quite absorbent though and is warmer than standing directly on the floor when getting out of the bath. Also, because it has no backing it can go through the washing machine.

      The bag these come in is clear and reusable, but again this is not the same quality as the bag which comes with the Bed in a Bag set. The Bed in the Bag, had strong rope handles, these are plastic and the zip is not sturdy. I did keep the bag, although really I have no use for it, so I think it will end up in the bin.

      We paid £13.50 for our Bath in a Bag at our local Sainsbury's. I was stunned to find that the full price is £45. There is no way on earth I would pay anything like that, in fact if I had I'd be at the customer service desk demanding my money back. On the Sainsbury's website these sets are selling for £22.50 in the sale, which is still more than I would pay. Given that we paid much less for the same set in store, it might be worth checking your local branch if you do want to try one of these. Various other designs are available if you don't fancy the circular design we bought.

      Overall, I've been very disappointed with this set and would not recommend it, even at the price we paid. The towels are fine, but the so-called bath mat is so bad it's almost laughable and I will certainly not be buying another one.


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