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Sensei Lavender Trigger Aerosol

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Brand: Sensei / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2010 21:10
      Very helpful



      A bargain buy

      I am not generally a big fan of air fresheners, my thinking is that as long as things are clean then you can open a window and let in some air to disperse any smells. My daughter, however, is of a different mindset and will spray bottles of artificial sprays around to mask any odours, I was ill one day and instead of giving me sympathy she complained about me making the bathroom smell like sick and broke the air freshener out! I have given in and buy air freshener for her to use, if I don't buy it then she will spray a bottle of deodorant or impulse body spray about instead.

      I generally find air fresheners have a very fake and overpowering fragrance, the one exception to that I have found is Febreze mist and refresh but when it came to buying one I noticed the Sensei air freshener had exactly the same bottle shape as Febreze and it was also only £1 for a 275ml bottle instead of £3 for Febreze so I decided to give it a try.

      They had two fragrances, the lavender one which I didn't want as I don't want my house to smell like an old woman and the warm spice one which sounded much better. The smell of the warm spice air freshener is really lovely, it is a really warm blend of cinnamon nutmeg and vanilla and it is warm and spicy without being overpowering. It is a very warm and welcoming smell and smells very natural and not at all like chemicals.

      The air freshener smells nice but time to put it to the test in removing odours. First test was in the bathroom to remove general ickyness and here it works really well, it does need a lot of air freshener to be sprayed but it fills the bathroom with the lovely warm smell of spice and then when this smell disappears any nasty smells are also gone. It was the same with the litter tray, after I scoop the cat litter tray the room always smells gross for a little while and this smell was totally removed. In the kitchen the smell of chopped onions was totally removed really quickly with a couple of sprays and so my daughter couldn't whine about how her eyes hurt!

      The real test for this air freshener came in the car. I don't smoke in my house because it makes it stink and makes the walls yellow but I do enjoy a smoke in my car. This leaves my car smelling a bit like a stale ashtray and I was embarrassed about this smell. After I vacuumed my car I gave the space a good spritz with sensei filling the air with the warm fragrance. This first spray did make a slight difference to the car but was not enough to take away the stale ashtray smell however after a second spritz of air freshener the car smelled fresh enough to pass the non smoker test. After I had a cigarette with the windows closed I sprayed the car and when I next went out to the car I was expecting the stale smoke smell to be there but one spray of sensei had been enough to remove all traces of fresh smoke.

      I am really impressed with Sensei air freshener, it is strong enough to remove stubborn odours from the environment and smells nice and fresh and natural yet costs just 1/3 of the price of Febreze air freshener. A quality product at a bargain price.

      * Please not I added the warm spice fragrance as a suggestion but dooyoo added the lavander one to the database!


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