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Shape Up Alarm Clock

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Brand: Other Brands / Misc House Type: Clock

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2010 14:53
      Very helpful




      As I've gotten older, I've put on a fair bit of weight. That weight is actually coming off very nicely, thanks to following Slimming World, and doing a little more excercise, but as the layers of flab have melted away, a new problem has become very obvious . I have bingo wings! Not just little, slightly wibbly ones either, but full on flappy ones that I could use to pull a Dumbo, flying around in circles.

      Okay, like many women, I exaggerated the hideousness - but the truth is, I really don't want bingo wings - I'd like nice slender toned arms. The trouble is, I'm not that much into excercising, and the excercise I prefer is generally walking, or using a treadmill. I really don't do much to excercise my upper arms at all. Until recently .

      I got a job, requiring an early morning start . The trouble was, I had no alarm clock, and whilst browsing for a suitable device to wake me up, I came across this, which seemed a good solution to help me tone up those flabby upper arms, whilst ensuring I got to work on time .

      It's an alarm clock in a sleek black plastic colour (white is also available) that is shaped like a dumbbell. On one end, it says 10kg (don't panic, that isn't the actual weight) whilst on the other end is an illuminated blue digital display. The clock works by going off with a loud noise in the morning, just like any other alarm clock, although this one refuses to shut up until you've done 30 bicep curls with it .

      The clock actually ways 660g, and is very comfortably shaped, making it very easy to hold and grip . It's really not that much of a struggle to do my 30 reps in the morning, although you do need to make sure you are holding the alarm clock the right way up, as if you don't it will not count the reps and just carry on blaring out the noise , which is loud and intrusive . The digital display on the end of the clock counts the reps, so you know how many you've done . I tend to alternate arms each morning, as I don't want them looking uneven.

      Of course, there are some time when I know I won't want to do the excercises in the morning, such as after a heavy night out drinking . This alarm clock can be easily set to go off as a normal alarm clock without the need for the reps, but I try to avoid setting it this way as it would be so easy to get lazy .

      The clock requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included. These are easy to install though, which is nice .

      As for my bingo wings . Well, perhaps they might have improved a tiny amount , but it is really quite hard to say whether this is down to the clock, or just to continued weight loss . With that said, I wholeheartedly recommend this clock, as I find that by the time I've done my 30 reps, I'm wide awake and ready to face the day, whereas with other alarm clocks in the past, I would have simply pressed the snooze button for a few minutes of extra sleep, and started the day off groggy .

      I think this is a fun little clock, and it would make a great novelty present for anyone who needs a little extra encouragement getting up in the mornings . I paid 18.99 for mine a few months ago from Amazon , and this seems to be about the standard price for it . 5 stars - an alarm clock that really helps you wake up in the morning.


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