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Sharpie Accent Generation Highlighter

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sharpie Accent / Type: Highlighter

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    3 Reviews
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      31.10.2011 11:37
      Very helpful



      see review

      I for one am a huge Sharpie lover. I swear i own more Sharpie pens than Staples! They are a reliable brand that never disappoint.

      The highlighter collection that Sharpie sells is exceptionally good. They are easy to use, bright, bold, colorful, smudge resistant and they don't bleed through paper which is one of the main problems with most highlighters.
      The price to buy them is very reasonable i would say. You can buy a pack of 6 for about 4 dollars in Walmart or Target. I live in the UK so I find it hard to buy them, but i go on holiday to America each year and stock up on them! I've found that you can buy them off of Ebay for quite a reasonable price, so if you live in the UK and won't be travelling to America any time soon, then Ebay would be the ideal place.

      Here are some of many of the Sharpie Highlighter collections :
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Pocket
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Mini
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Mini Fashion Wrap (The Newest)
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Pocket Pink Ribbon (A Special Edition To Support City Of Hope Cancer Research Center)
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Tank
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Retractable
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Generation
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Liquid Pen
      Sharpie Accent Highlighter Jumbo

      I am a year 11 student and in many of my lessons, such as English , i have to use highlighters to, well, highlight important things. The most annoying thing i find with highlighter pens is that they tend to smudge writing and bleed through paper. I was so pleased when I discovered the Sharpie highlighters because they really brighten up my books!
      The Sharpie Accent highlighters were named this because they have a wide range of vibrant colors. This is a well known brand of disposable highlighters and pens in the US, and now beginning to hit other stores in different countries around the world.

      The design isn't 'unique' and it doesn't stand out. But the performance of these highlighters is amazing. The smell of them isn't strong like you would find with the Sharpie Marker pens, they have an odor free smell!
      The usage of these pens is great. I used mine for about a year at least twice a week for essays and highlighting books and they didn't run out until the end of my school year which i found brilliant.

      Here's some pros and cons i found:

      Many vibrant colours to choose from
      sturdy material, doesn't break if you drop it
      plenty of ink
      smell free
      light, easy grip
      ink dry's quickly
      smudge/smear free
      doesn't bleed through paper
      good value for money

      permanent, so if you get it on clothes it won't come off - if this happens apparently if you use a one dollar bill, it comes off!!
      can't buy them in the UK - you can only seem to buy the mini one's and yellow one's

      They are around £14.99 for a pack of 8 and for single one's they are around £0.95 - prices vary per shop


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        09.08.2010 17:38
        Very helpful



        a solid highlighter

        Sitting my desk I already have one of the Sharpie black markers and in the pen pot next to my hand sits the Accent Generation Highlighter. It all sounds very plush doesn't it? Yet I am not sure what is accented about this pen, as it is just a highlighting pen.

        I use highlighters daily for underlying text for study and for word documents that I have to print out. I don't care much about colours, but am happy to settle for pinks and yellows. Sometimes colour coding helps you remember stuff too.

        This pen is very comfortable to grip and sits well in the palm of the hand. It has a nice thick stem body to it and not spiked edges which makes highlighting a pleasurable and sensual experience. Okay, sensual might be over the top, but this pen does mean you can get through a document without getting writer's hand. It is more comfy than those thick highlighter pens, that are oblong shaped.

        The ink flow is smooth, the pen allows for angled precision and you can highlight from different angles, allowing you to get thick or thin lines. This is handy for when you need to speedily highlight a title.

        In terms of longevity, ours has seen us through several months and not dried out or shown sign of dwindling, so it is also good value for money. You can pick the pens up online or from all leading stationers for about two pounds. I also love the look of the pen, it looks funky, it highlights with ease and is ideal for office or creative use. I will continue to buy from this brand and look forward to trying more of their range.


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        20.01.2010 14:54
        Very helpful




        I have had to highlight a lot of information recently. I used to opt for something cheap but I was in the mood to treat myself so I bought one of these Sharpie highlighter. Accent Generation doesn't really mean much and suggests it does something special; it doesn't. It is a really really great highlighter but it is only a highlighter!

        The ink flows really well from this pen and it is very easy to use... well I guess that might sound obivous but it was nice to hold. The tip is slightly angled and you can use the pointed part to write thinner characters or to underline something with a narrower line. It is reasonably thick otherwise and will highlight size 12 font easily.

        The best thing about this pen is that I accidentally left it in the office with the lid off - over an entire weekend. And when I came back, it still worked well and hadn't dried out - pretty amazing I think!

        This pen cost me £2 and I think that's a pretty fair price for a lovely highlighter. Mine was yellow and it was nice and bright, without being too gaudy, which I find yellow highlighters can sometimes be.

        I would highly recommend this product.


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