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Silverline CB35 Heavy Duty Scraper

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3 Reviews

Brand: Silverline / Type: Interior Repair - Scraper

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2013 14:41
      Very helpful



      A cheap and easy way to strip....

      I own a fair few Silverline products and am always amazed at how cheap they are. Of course cheap can sometimes mean rubbish but with Silverline I have been pleasantly surprised.

      This is a perfect example of a useful and sturdy Silverline product which will last a long time if taken care of. All for under a fiver.

      Silverline are a company who manufacture tools. They have a large range of electrical power and hand tools which are primarily aimed at DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. All of their tools are guaranteed for life apart from power tools which are guaranteed for 3 years.

      They claim to be an ethical company who " monitor" their supply chain through audits and assessments to ensure human rights and "ethical standards" are adhered to. It seems that this in reality means that they do monitor the working standards within their supply factories, ensuring that workers have a safe working environment. I have no other information on this in any depth.

      This Silverline product is a heavy duty scraper. Most people would use this for stripping paint or wallpaper. I used it for stripping nitrocellulose lacquer off of a solid guitar body.

      It features a razor sharp blade measuring 100mm. The shaft of the scraper is tubular steel.
      The scraper is sturdy and heavy but not so heavy that it is hard to use after a period of time.
      The rubber hand grip helps to make sure that you do not get blisters when scraping your wallpaper or paint etc. It is balanced and feels safe to use although it is very sharp so obvious basic care is needed when in use.

      I found this to be very effective in the removal of lacquer, it came off in great long ribbons with little elbow grease and did not damage the wood underneath. I have not tested it on wallpaper but imagine that it would be very effective if this is the ease at which it can remove nasty thick varnish.


      Heavy duty scraper.
      Tubular steel shaft and rubber grip.
      Product Dimensions 12 x 3 x 37 cm
      Weight 95 grams
      Square blades in safety dispenser included.


      Paint and wallpaper removal
      Lining paper removal,
      Stripping wood varnish
      Artex removal

      This has been a very useful tool in my collection and I would recommend it to anybody. It is easy to use and sharp enough to ensure minimal effort is needed to strip whatever it is that you are stripping. IT is sturdy and well made and an excellent price. The blade is similar to a stanley type blade so do be careful!


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      15.03.2013 14:58
      Very helpful



      A good product that makes decorating speedier, but it won't last forever

      When my husband and I moved into our home there was a lot of work to be done.. With me being due to give birth in 2 weeks time we had to get it done fast. We knew with a small baby to look after neither of us would have the time to do the vast amount of work that needed doing!

      My mother and her partner had offered to lend a hand, being an ex painter and decorator Steve (my mum's partner) had plenty of useful tools in the garage to help the process of decorating run more smoothly. The wallpaper scrapers however had seen better days, with paint and plaster caked onto them they were pretty un-usable. So, we decided to grab a few new ones when we went to the local Wikes for other bits and bobs.

      At first I had picked up a couple of generic cheap scrapers but they were soon replaced with 2 Silverline cb35 heavy duty scrapers instead, they looked a lot more professional and were reduced to around £3.50 which Steve said was a decent price. They are nothing like the old fashioned wooden handled scrapers with the big flat 'blade'. Silverline heavy duty scrapers have a very long metal handle with a comfortable rubber grip at the end. At a glance they could easily be mistaken for something used for scraping ice off a car windscreen. The blade is angled and looks more like a razor type blade rather than a dull metal plate. They aren't so sharp as to be particularly dangerous, although I wouldn't leave one lying about, but the thin end is perfect for getting under the layers of paint covered paper, or as was the case in our bathroom scrapping off old textured paint.

      Once home we all stared working immediately, being heavily pregnant I was on relatively light duties and set about using one of the new scrapers and a steamer to try and shift the textured paint from the bathroom walls. The tapered edge of the blade was particularly helpful when trying to get under the paint and chip it off although I was a bit weary of applying too much force in case the blade snapped, something you don't have to worry about with a 'proper' scrapper. The length of the handle was also of great advantage to me as ladders were a no go and I am somewhat vertically challenged. The long handle gave me some extra length probably around a foot or so. I didn't, however, feel able to use the full extent of the handle, although it is around 20cm the usefulness of the scraper diminishes when you hold it right at the end as it becomes somewhat wobbly feeling and you can't get good purchase on the walls.

      I definitely believe this scrapper made the bathroom an easier job and it performed wonderfully at scrapping paper in the hallways and even at chipping away gloss paint from a piece of textured glass in the living room. The only issue I have had with this is the amount of wear and tear it suffers. Unlike a regular scraper blade, the Silverline heavy duty scrapper is somewhat less rugged and after having used it on 4 different rooms it has some nicks and chips in the blade. Although these don't seem to greatly affect the functionality of the scrapper it does make me wonder about the safety of the blade and I will certainly be replacing it before embarking on any major decorating projects.

      To sum up, I think this is a great product, it's useful and good value for money but it's not going to last you forever like your old wallpaper scrapers did and as such the value for money is based largely on the time saving element to this scraper as apposed to cost per use.

      The Silverline cb35 heavy duty scraper is avaliable from most good hardware shops and also online, it is priced anywhere from £3-5.


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      11.04.2012 10:34
      Very helpful



      A good scraper for under a fiver, but consider upgrading for big jobs.

      Last summer my husband and I bought our first home, a 1930's build which needed (and still needs) a great deal of work. We simply don't have the money to pay professionals for everything so we do as much as we can DIY fashion.

      When we moved in, the entire house except the kitchen and bathroom was covered in that awful wood chip wallpaper. It was peeling in places, extremely dirty, and nearly an entire wall in the lounge was bare plaster so we had no choice but to make stripping the wallpaper one of our first priorities (not that I would have left it in any case). As you can imagine, there were layers of paint on top of the paper so this was not going to be an easy job for your standard paint/wallpaper scraper. We decided to get the Silverline Heavy Duty Scraper because it was the most robust looking scraper we saw at Wickes.

      The Basics
      The Silverline CB35 Heavy Duty Scraper has a long handle measuring about 25cm (30cm in length if you include the head and blade). The scraping blade is 10cm long, angled and quite sharp (not sharp enough to cut but not as blunt as most other scrapers). The handle and blade are both steel with a black rubber grip on the end of the handle. It is comfortable to hold and reasonably well balanced.

      My Experience
      Stripping large amounts of wood chip wallpaper covered with layer after layer of paint was never going to be easy, but this scraper made it more doable. Over the course of a week or so I removed the paper in the 2 largest rooms of our house, the lounge and the master bedroom. This scraper did and admirable job despite the fact it soon became evident that when the electrics and windows had been updated over the years the patching plaster was poor quality and often bubbled or peeled away as I removed the wallpaper. So in addition to wallpaper and paint, I used the scraper to remove quite a lot of loose plaster so when we had the rooms replastered there would be a good surface for it to go on.

      As much as I like this stripper, it wasn't perfect. The angled blade made it hard to use in some tight areas so I preferred to use a more standard shaped scraper in those places. Also, by the time I finished the second large room, the rubber grip had slid up the handle and started to crack. After finishing that room we took a break from stripping wallpaper over the winter because my husband and I were very busy with work and we needed to save up some money because after stripping each room it needed to be replastered before we could do anything else. We only recently started stripping paper again. The cracking grip made the scraper much less comfortable to hold. I soon removed it altogether. In addition, the blade needs replacing. In truth, it is time to put this scraper to rest and buy a new one.

      Cost and Availability
      We bought ours at Wickes where it is currently selling for £4.89, but you can get one online for slightly cheaper. It is listed on Amazon for £4.12 (free shipping). You can also buy replacement blades, but since the grip didn't last nearly as long as the blade I doubt you'd need to get new blades before the whole thing needs replacing.

      I was only going to give this scraper 3 stars until I remembered how little we paid for it. It did a very good job for under a fiver, and I am happy to grant it 4 stars. However, since I still have rather a lot of paper to remove, I have decided to spend a little more money on its replacement and get a Stanley one.

      Update: after stripping the paper in several more rooms with a somewhat more expensive Stanley stripper I really appreciate what a good job this Silverline stripper did. The grip didn't last particularly well, but the blade was thin and suitably sharp (not blade sharp, but sharper than my Stanley one). I actually thought the Silverline stripper worked better in the short term so if you are only doing a few rooms I would highly recommend it.

      Note: I have also posted this review on Ciao under the same name.


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