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Silverline Shed and Fence Brush

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Brand: Silverline / Type: Brush

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    3 Reviews
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      16.09.2013 12:19
      Very helpful
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      Great for outdoor painting

      The sun was out and we were sprucing up the garden. The shed was looking tired so when the kids were at nursery I set about painting the shed.

      A trip to B&Q to get the paint and my husband advised me I would need a shed brush...A shed brush (at this point I never knew they existed).

      This brush is a lot bigger than your average brush with bristles approx. - 12cm long, 4cm deep and 10cm deep. The large bristle area allows for good coverage on painting the shed or fence. The handle is hollow plastic and nothing special. The handle is nice and chunky allowing for an easy hold. It also has a unscrewing feature however I'm not sure what I would use this for but there is also a handy clip which allows you to hook it on the side of the paint tub.

      The brush is light due to the hollow plastic which means holding it for a long period of time isn't too painful.
      I now know they have special brushes for painting shed as it would take much longer with the smaller brushes. This brush holds a good amount of paint and save a few dip trips to the paint.

      I was extremely surprised how easy this brush cleaned at the end of the job. Just water and a little bit of fairy liquid - 10 minutes later it was running clear and ready for storing for the next years job.

      I purchased my brush from B & Q for less than £3 and have no need to purchase another one for next years shed painting or a few years to come. It is good quality, robust and did a good job.


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        11.10.2012 17:43
        Very helpful



        cheap brush

        Looking after my home is something that I enjoy doing and in summer it is the perfect time to do those jobs that I have been putting off. Such as painting the shed

        ==Price and availability==

        The brush is available to buy from DIY shops and Amazon sell it for £3.99.


        The handle of the brush is around 150 mm so you are well away from the painted area so you can make broad sweeping streaks. The head is around 125 mm long. The bristles are long and quite firm. There is a large section of bristles that are 40mm long so you can get plenty of paint on to the brush and on to the shed. The handle is made from plastic and this is hollow which keeps the item quite light. There is also a little bit of plastic which allows you to hang the paint brush over the side of the paint pot.

        ==My experience==

        For the price you pay for the brush, you will be pleased with it. It has helped me paint my shed and fence in hardly any time at all. It is important to protect your wooden items for the winter and this is usually a really tedious job. This brush made it a lot quicker as you can really cover large spaces in next to no time. The little plastic stand is useful as it means you have somewhere to hold the brush while you survey the work you have done.

        The only concern I have about the brush is that the bristles were starting to fall out as I paint. This is really frustrating as you have to get your fingers stuck up with paint to get the hairs out. I find the handle easy to hold and for a good 3 hour painting session, I did not get any blisters at all.

        I would recommend this brush as I have cleaned it and stored it in cellar ready for the next use. If you look after the brushes you will have them for a long time in the future.


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        27.04.2012 09:52
        Very helpful
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        It's not Basils... it's yours.

        It's that time of year again, the sun coming out, (hopefully, even if just for one day), and the garden needing the annual spruce up. Starting with the sheds and the many wooden fences that have been battered through the savagery of winter leaving them looking like a fallen boxer after a world heavyweight battle.
        So it's time to get out the creosoting gear from the depth of the shed, preparing for that dreaded task of re-coating the wooden panels so that the heat of the (promised) sun won't damage the wood too much.
        You've been out to the DIY store and bought the best creosote you can get, and in the usual FIY store fashion, they've hiked the prices up as they saw you coming, then they try and sell you a creosote spraying gun for the price of a small family car.
        But you're prepared for this painting task and you turn down the spraying gun as you know that at home you have a much cheaper, although a lot slower, method of coating you wooden panels.
        Yes, you know that at home you have got yourself a brush, but not just any old brush, you got yourself a purpose design, if a little strange looking, fence painting brush that will get those fence panels covered in no time at all.

        But if you've not got yourself a purpose built fence painting brush then let me tell you about a particular fence painting brush that I have had for a long while now and which has made my annual shed and fence painting jobs less of a chore.
        The simple looking brush I am going to tell you about is in fact the silver line shed and fence painting brush from a company called... Silverline, and it's not only useful for sheds and fences, I've also used the same types for covering large internal walls and the like.

        What is this strange looking brush them..?
        When I say strange I don't mean it had two heads, that would be daft, I mean that it has a more 'bulkier' body than your standard brushes that you may see on the market, measuring in at a good 125mm (5 inch) long by 40mm (1.5 inch) thick. The bristles themselves are about 100mm long with the bristle housing being just under 40mm thick, so the housing really does grip those soft bristles.
        The handle is just over 130mm long and has a radius of around 30mm so it's easy to grip even with thick gardening gloves on, so in total the brush, from tip of handle to tip of bristles, is about 230mm long.
        And as the handle is hollow and the metal surrounding the bristle housing is paper thin the brush weighs very little indeed, in fact it comes in at about 20grams, which makes it easy to use over a period of painting.

        There is a little bit of plastic which seem to be sticking out where the handle meets the head, and this is actually a remarkably useful little idea as it is designed so that you can use this to clip the brush onto the edge of the tin/can of paint you're using to hold the brush in place. Although it can be removed if you want too by simply unscrewing the handle, taking off the clip and re-screwing the handle back into place, although I don't see why you'd want to do it

        Then there is a little hole drilled into the handle, about 10mm from the end furthest from the bristle head. This hole is there so that you can hang the brush up on a hook, although what I've done is threaded a plastic strap through the hole so that I can hang it from the strap instead as I find this lets the brush swing more freely and keep it away from the walls.

        How do I use it then..?
        It's a paint brush and should be used exactly the same as any other paint brush, meaning that you dip the brstle end into the can/pot of what ever your using the paint with, gently rub the coated bristles along the edge of the can/tin to get any excess paint off. Then you gently and evenly brush the paint coated bristles onto the surface you want to paint.
        But the good thing about this brush is, due to the 'chunkiness' of the bristles, it can hold quite a bit of creosote so you can get more onto the fence with less trips to the can/tin.

        As for paint speeds.
        This really does depend on the individual, but for me, I can managed to cover one side of a 6ft square fence panel in about 5 minutes, at the most, and that's getting into all the nooks and crannies. Which is not bad at all considering the low low price of this brush.

        What about cleaning..?
        This really depends on what you actually use it for and what paint you are having to clean.
        For example, if you're using a water based paint or fence paint then you can simply use running water to clean this bristles off, but if it's a more stubborn paint then you may need some form of cleaning solution, such as turpentine.
        But in general the bristles are easy to clean and they don't fall out when you are a little bit 'rough' with them, which is a useful function which any brush.
        The metal strip surrounding the bristle housing does get covered in what ever your painting with but even this can be cleaned easily by either holding under a running tap, dipping in a bowl of water and rubbing with a cloth.

        The good thing about this brush is that even though it has that metal strip on it I've never found a spot of rust on it yet, and I've accidentally left it outside a few times too.

        So what about the low low price then..?
        This brush sells for... wait for it... £2.50, yes two and a half quid, or there about at most good DIY store, although there are one or two that may try and sell it for more.
        But for £2.50 you just can't go wrong for this handy little brush.

        © Blissman70 2012


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