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Simple Clothes Hanger

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Brand: New Life / Type: Clothes Storage - Clothes Hanger

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2012 20:25
      Very helpful



      a great idea for drying clothes

      My mother in law is always buying us useful items that I would never normally come across. Her latest offering was two coat hangers for the washing line.

      The product comes sealed in plastic and in it's closed state which is folded almost in half. To look at on first impressions you would be forgiven for not knowing what this product was for or indeed what it was. I does resemble a kind of deformed coat hanger.

      In an appealing colour scheme of pale blue and white this would fit in with many other indoor and outdoor clothes airing products you may have in your home already.

      "But what does it do?" Was my first question when I removed the packaging.

      Basically the product has been designed to fit into wet washing such as tops without stretching the neckline. You can then squeeze the neck of the clothes hanger to open the arms. The hanger then takes on the look of a standard hanger which clicks into place and then this can be hung on the washing line.
      As the top of the hanger is a complete round circle rather than a normal hook which you would find on a hanger, this is the product's selling point.
      By squeezing the neck area slightly to open the loop at the top, you can place it on one of the washing line rows outside. There is a small lip at the base of the loop area which the washing line fits into.

      By securing the washing line into the product, it claims that your hanger wont fall off the washing line. Be honest how many times have you hung coat hangers onto the washing line to come back and find your washing on the floor? I know that happens to me quite a lot when I am trying to make use of the wind rather than the sun to dry my clothes.

      After playing around with the product for a while, I realised how simple this design actually was. To release the clothes from the hanger when you have finished, all you have to do is squeeze two clips that stand out at the base of the hanger and the whole hanger then almost folds itself in half, releasing the clothes and becoming ready to store again until next time.

      So far we have used this product both indoors and outside on the washing line to dry our clothes. I have found it to be very useful mainly for the securing to an item such as the washing line. We have also improvised and attached this to the curtain rail in the bedroom on wet days. It just gives us a little extra space to dry clothes without the need for the tumble dryer.

      I researched how much this would cost and you can buy these singularly for around the £2.99 mark which I think is great value for money as the plastic is chunky and easy to hold, but also doesn't look flimsy and like it would break in a strong wind, so it's getting top marks from me.


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