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Simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

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Brand: Simplehuman

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2013 15:47
      Very helpful



      Useful accessory



      Another useful accessory that I have had fitted in my kitchen for a few years now, is a grocery bag dispenser; really I would call it a carrier bag storage and dispenser unit. It is made by a manufacturer I really like: Simplehuman. This company manufacture and sell many innovative household products. I find they sell items in metal and plastic which are usually clever, attractive and well designed. This manufacturer offers accessories that can be very useful for storage or fitting something into a space which might otherwise be wasted.

      In the case of the Simplehuman Wall Mounted Grocery Bag Dispenser, not only is it useful but it's environmentally friendly as, I feel, it encourages one to re-use bags knowing that so many of them can be stored and dispensed easily without taking up much precious space in a kitchen or utility room.
      Actually when I purchased this dispenser I didn't know who the manufacturer was, I just wanted somewhere to store all of those carrier bags that I seem to collect. I try to remember to use the carrier bags again when I go shopping but, especially as the shopping event isn't always planned; I am sometimes out and will decide to pop into Sainsbury's for a few bits and pieces, and realise I am without any shopping bags and so more carrier bags are requested and then accumulated.

      I re-use carrier bags as well as for further shopping trips, as bin liners and also for my recycling bins. I do try to re-use them as much as possible, providing that they are clean enough, but this does mean that I have lots to store.

      My kitchen has recently had a re-fit and most of my existing and replacement accessories have been reallocated. With this 'new' kitchen I have tried very hard to think of places to store items and make the most use of the space I have available. Before the refit the carrier bag dispenser was mounted onto the side of a wall unit. This was okay but if too many carrier bags were stuffed into it and could be seen bursting out then it didn't look too attractive. But now that I have changed things around in the kitchen, and no longer keep a small bin under the sink, this dispenser has a nice new home under the kitchen sink, attached to the inside of the door, in place of the bin. It fits upon one door of the sink unit and therefore is so easy to access. I prefer this new location for it can store so many plastic bags, squeezed in tight, without adding to paraphernalia already on worktops and spaces in my kitchen. But I would say that this item looks good enough to keep on a wall, or a side of a unit in a kitchen or utility room.

      I think that this accessory from Simplehuman, looks good and would suit most kitchens, if it is on display on a wall but will look particularly good in the simplistic design of kitchens, especially if other chrome accessories are also used.

      And not only is it useful but it matches my other accessories as it is made from chrome and black plastic.


      It is a simple design and there's no magic or mechanics involved at all. It is just a case of pushing your empty plastic bags into the hole at the top of the holder and when needing to get a carrier bag from this simply pull gently on a bag from the dispensing slot, which is generous and conveniently placed at the front of the holder. The bag is easily removed.


      The manufacturers, Simplehuman, claim that up to thirty carrier bags can be fitted into this dispenser, for storage purposes. I would agree with this and think probably I have placed more inside although, unsurprisingly I expect, I haven't yet counted.

      There is another dispenser available from this manufacturer which stores fifty bags and also looks good, but it isn't of such a compact design. I don't think that it would suit my kitchen as well as the smaller dispenser does.

      It measures:

      39.5cm in height

      16.5cm in width

      9cm in depth

      As the width of this dispenser is only about six inches it will fit into even very small cupboards, as long as there isn't anything already in the cupboard hindering it fitting in depth wise. I have a very well stocked (overstocked!)under sink unit and this dispenser fits easily alongside these items and doesn't prevent the door from closing properly, as the bin I used to keep there sometimes did when the cupboard was too full with cleaning items.


      This is another simple and quick task. Both screws and double sided tape are supplied in the box but we have this screwed onto the inside of the kitchen unit doors. When it was previously placed outside of a cupboard it was still fixed by screws. My husband doesn't like things stuck on walls as he feels they don't stay in place for long, in most instances, and so he prefers to spend the extra time, initially, on fixing things securely. In truth though, fitting this unit only takes a few minutes.


      This storage dispenser only needs the occasional wipe over with a damp cloth. When it was reallocated in my kitchen I emptied it of its carrier bags (although didn't think to count them!) and immersed it in soapy water and then left it to drain and dry. It wasn't that dirty but as it was going into a new kitchen unit I wanted to feel that everything was clean and hygienic.


      It's a long time since I bought my dispenser. I know I purchased from Argos but can't remember how much I paid. Here are some stockists with current prices:

      Argos £9.99

      Dunelm Mill £8.99

      John Lewis £8.99

      * It comes with the manufacturer's 10 year guarantee.


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