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Studio Bathroom Accessories Set

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Brand: Studio / Type: Bathroom Accessories

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    1 Review
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      06.12.2013 19:45
      Very helpful



      If something is designed to be put near water then surely it shouldn't rust.... should it????

      When I was going through the process of re decorating the bathroom my wife went out and bought quite a few accessories to go into it, all matching the colours scheme that we had chosen, sort of. Which ended up with most of the accessories being more on the white side.
      One certain item she bought, which is actually more than one item, is in fact a bathroom set, which she got from a certain catalogue company that does offer some fine items at some nice prices, even if it does have it's flaws. But it's not the catalogue that I am talking about, it is the item, or items that she bought.
      The item(s) in question are in fact called the 8 piece bathroom accessory set.

      * A set. What comes in this set then,,?
      It is an 8 piece set, as I said, and consists of...

      * Toilet brush - this stands about 300mm high having a white plastic bristled brush on one end, a guard type attachment about two thirds of the way up which double as a lid, and a silver handle on the other end.

      * Toilet roll container - this stands about 300mm high and 130mm in diameter. It is tall enough to hold three regular size rolls and keep them nicely hidden away inside, covering them with the silver lid.

      * A bin with foot pedal activated lid - being about 320mm in height, with the lid being a quarter of that height. When the little foot pedal is pressed the lovely curved half globe shaped lid of the bin opens up at an angle of just under 90°. Inside the bin there is an even smaller black plastic bin which is what is take out of the outer bin in order to empty it.

      * Soap dish - this is about 120mm in diameter and about 40mm in height. It comes in two halves, top and bottom, with the top having the white coating and three slices take out of its concaved surface, whilst the lower section is silver.

      * Toothbrush holder - stand about 120mm high and about 80mm in diameter, it has a lid which has four holes drilled into it so that it can hold four brushes whilst keeping the heads of them apart.

      * Toothpaste holder - this is the same as the toothbrush holder but without the lid.

      * Mirror on a stand - this stands at a good 300mm high with the stands being about 140mm in diameter. The mirror itself is 160mm in diameter and is held in the half arc frame on a swivel type bracket which allows the mirror to turn over as it has two sides, one side gives you a normal look of you as you look into it whilst the other side gives you a very clear close up of your face, which can be a bit alarming at first.

      * Liquid soap dispenser - this stands at about 170mm high and 80mm in diameter. The top section has a pump mechanism on it that has a spout coming from it so that the liquid soap comes out. The top of the bottle unscrews to reveal a small hole which is the only way to get the liquid into the bottle.

      And that's the 8 items in this 8 piece set....

      The eight item set does come in a selection of colours, pink, white , blue and black, with the one I have being the white choice, which looks nice in the white bathroom.

      * Now for the truth about this set...!!

      # The good parts...
      The toilet roll holder looks nice, with the white coating and silver lid, begin able to hold away three rolls and wide enough to get your hand in in order to get a roll out in an emergency. It stands proud in the corner of the bathroom and keeps the rolls protected from moisture.

      The mirror has two faces, (a bit like a Politian then), with one face giving a cracking close up of my face which helps when it comes to a closer shave, showing up all those little hairs that I may have missed on the first go. The two faces swivel over in a smooth motion which can be done with one hand.
      The mirror stands tall on a nice looking pole and is made stable by a weighty base that makes sure it doesn't tip over.

      # The slightly not so good parts...
      The soap dispenser is easy to use and the hole in the top makes it easy to pour hand wash into, with the pumping mechanism being nice and smooth so that the liquid soap comes out of the long spout straight into your hands.
      Sadly though, it has one downside. A downside which I think really needs addressing from the designers and makers. I mean, what is the one thing that you would expect something that sits in a damp area, maybe in a pool of water, not to do..? No, not sing the theme tune to the titanic. You'd expect it not to rust. Which this dispenser actually does.
      Within a few days of use I noticed several patches of the good old red/brown colouring of rust, especially in the parts where the soap dropped onto the little rim on the base, which did stand out as it was red/brown on w white back ground, which does not look good at all. Then, after a while, more patches appeared all along the rim on the base and no matter how much it was wiped down the rust just grew and grew.
      The toothpaste holder and brush holder as more or less the same, both being a basic cup made of metal. The only different in the two is the fact that the toothbrush holder has a lid on it that has four holes drilled into it, which are designed to hole a brush in each one.
      Then there's the soap holder which is a flatter sort of round tray with the top section having three slots in it which allow the water from the soap to drip into.
      Sadly though, as with the soap dispenser, these three items have also been attacked by the rust monster and showed signs of rust within the first few days.

      # The bad parts...
      The toilet brush itself looks nice, but, the brush pole fell apart on first use, with the thread that attaches the handle to the pole, which traps the lid/guard in place, and looks like it is made of a flimsy plastic that would not look out of place in a box of milk tray, this thread did not just snap, it shattered into several pieces. This meant that the handle would not grip the rest of the pole so that when it came to using the brush inside the toilet it was like using a length of liquorish with a brush on the end... not good at all.

      The bin was another failure, but not just because it is as small as a baked bean tin, holding nothing bigger than used tube of toothpaste. It was the fact that the pedal fell apart on the first hurdle, seeming to snap where the pole connects to it. This made the entire bin as useful as a chocolate teapot on a hot day, in the Sahara Desert, in a sandstorm, at mid day.
      Then the lid forgot how to fit onto the bin itself, looking very wobbly indeed, a little like me on my 21st Birthday bash, (and that was a long time ago).
      So this really did let the bin down, making it more fit for the bin that used as a bin.

      * My personal thoughts...
      To be honest I can't believe that the high price for this is near £90. I mean, it's badly made and used material that should only be used in the bottom of a cats litter tray.

      The bin is tiny, and I mean tiny, leaving not much of a bin to put your toilet things in. although as it's only going to be the likes of cotton buds, pad and maybe lady thingy's then the size may not be a problem really, especially if you've got a small bathroom. But as I said, size doesn't matter really, (which is good for my ego...), and this bin may be adequate for some bathrooms if it hadn't fell apart on the first touch.
      The trays did there best to change from silver to rust red in the quickest rime possible, probably having a race with each other to see who can go red the quickest.
      And the toilet brush was so fragile that it would have been easier to clean the toilet with a silk handkerchief on a stick of rhubarb.

      But I can't be too negative though as there is one half decent item, that is the toilet roll container, which is possibly the best thing about this set, having ample room inside to hold four average size rolls, keeping them together and away from any possibility of getting damp. The metal lid is thinner than a rizla paper but it fits snugly onto the container and is nice and light to take off with one hand.
      Then there's the mirror which I can't really complain about as it does exactly what it is supposed to do without falling over, so I can go about looking at my face without having to hold the mirror with one hand.

      * What about the price of this bathroom set..?
      As I said this set of bathroom items sell in a catalogue that most people know, with others using it too. That catalogue being Studio, (or Ace). In thi scatalogue you'll find this item on sale for a This set claims to be originally priced at a whacking £89.99, but is reduced to a less eye watering £24.99.

      * Would I recommend it..?
      No, not really, considering that most of the eight items have either fallen apart of rusted over, which is not too good considering that they are designed to sit in what is really the dampest room in the house.
      Although, if you just want a nice looking set, which comes in a variety of colours, then it might be worth looking into this, but don't think that it's going to be any good when it comes to using it for what it's designed to be used for.

      To be honest, it was more a disappointment that a good buy and I feel as though my bathroom is not very happy with me for inflicting these badly made items into it.

      ©Blissman70 2013


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