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Sugar Plum & Vanilla Room Spray

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Brand: Sugar / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    3 Reviews
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      19.03.2013 00:27
      Very helpful



      A fantastic linen and room spray from Avon.

      I love to keep my home smelling clean and fresh at all times. I find that linen and room sprays are ideal for relaxing me if I have had a stressful day and they also allow my home to smell lovely when guests are coming over if I am worrying.

      This room spray comes provided in a clear plastic bottle. The liquid within the bottle is clear with a slight tinge to it that I think might be caused by the colour of the bottle rather than the liquid itself. This particular spray is scented with sugar plum and vanilla and it comes from the Avon Naturals range. The bottle is a spray dispenser and I just need to press down the plastic button and the spray is released. There is quite a generous mist released and this means it is simple to spray any soft furnishings or just generally direct it around whichever room I am wanting to smell nice. When using this I probably spray it at least 20 or 25 times per room, sometimes more, and despite regular use a bottle of this lasts me at least a few months.

      This particular scent of linen spray appears to have removed from the regular Avon catalogue that I get, which is a shame as I only have one bottle left, but I am sure like many discontinued products that it will come back in a sale booklet in next to no time. Also, I have seen people selling this scent on eBay for less than they are normally sold in the Avon booklet for. The normal price of this spray is £4.00 but I always stock up when I can get 4 bottles for £5.00 including delivery to my home in the evening from my local Avon representative. There are often lots of other products that are in the special offer as well which is always good.

      When spraying this linen spray for the first time I was presently surprised. I have used some of the other sprays in the range and I have found that one or two of them have a chemical scent to them. This one doesn't. When I spray this around my home I can detect the vanilla more than the plum but then I love vanilla so perhaps I am just noticing it more than the plum. I feel that this scent is quite deep and rich compared to some of the other fruity light ones that I have tried in the range. When this hits my soft furnishings it does not leave any stains behind at all, regardless of whether I use it on my sofa, curtains, rugs or other items so that is always pleasing for me. The scent tends to linger in my home for a good one to two hours before I stop noticing it but again that could just be because I am getting used to the scent. I like how this spray is very simple to use but is a nice scent without being overpowering. There is no underlying chemical scent to this as I've found with some of the others and it takes just seconds to use this if I want to freshen up my home before guests arrive or just in general.

      I have a cat and a husband who smokes at our balcony so this can sometimes lead to nasty whiffs on my curtains and I don't always want to take them down and wash them when they still look clean. This spray is ideal for masking those scents and while it doesn't always neutralise the original odours after this scent has gone it does leave me feeling confident that my home is so fresh smelling. There is a nice depth to this scent and I feel that the vanilla is the most prominent scent for me and this works very well indeed.

      In all I don't really have anything bad to say about this linen and room spray. It is simple to use, it smells great and I guess the only downside is that it isn't currently available in the Avon catalogue and I'm on my last bottle too! I am rating this 5 out of 5 stars as I love the smell, it is not overpowering and it definitely helps to at least mask other odours in my home from smoking, pets or even cooking.


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        03.03.2012 11:32
        Very helpful




        It was only after reading the review of this product from Supersonic75 that I thought I should write about this. In my opinion this is 1 of the nicest scents out in the Avon Naturals Room Spray range - and they go and discontinue it! what's all that about? Well I think that this was launched more for Christmas time so hopefully this will pop up in the Avon Sale books now and again and at a good price as well.

        The current Avon book we are on at the moment is the 1 that states that this will be the last chance to buy from the main book ( I think Avon campaigns vary from area to area so it is campaign 6 which is the book that is current where I stay) So I will be stocking up - much to my Avon rep's delight!

        This comes in a 125ml bottle and the normal price of this is £4 which I think is too expensive for a Room Spray. This is often on offer and the offers range from a reduced price - eg 99p, £1.50 etc to a more bulk buy offer which it is in this book and this is on a 4 for £5 deal which covers all the products in the Natruals range, some Bubble Baths, some other Shower Gels and Kid's products so to get this for £1.25 is alright for me. I don't think the bottles look all that exciting to be honest, just a clear plastic bottle which is pretty slimline. This is a pump action bottle so I find that this can last a good lenght of time as a few squirts of this doesn't seem to use all that much from the bottle. The picture on the front of this looks alright with the nice looking Plum there.

        The scent of this is lovely. It is quite a strong scent but that means that you don't need too much of this. This is safe to spray on fabrics and although I don't spray this directly onto say my Couch, bed or that, I know that this scent will no doubt settle when it falls from the air anyway so it's not a concern.

        I tend to spray anything up to 7 squirts of this and this gives a good strenght of scent. After spraying this in the morning I can still smell this at night time but only a lighter hint. The Sugar Plum is fresh, fruity and slightly Sweet and the Vanilla part adds a slightly Musky scent and also a light Sweet scent too.

        This is a really nice scent and I do hope that this scent pops up every now and then.


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          26.02.2012 15:48
          Very helpful



          A lovely room freshener


          When it comes to Avon, I find the majority of their products to be of a high quality and generally good value for money, so buy from their brochures on a regular basis. I find some of their face skin care products can be slightly harsh and don't always agree with me but apart from that I find most items to be economical and do what they claim.

          One range from Avon that I have always loved is their Naturals collection and have used most of the products over the years, even their household products such as the room & linen sprays, to which I have to admit have had varying degrees of success. I came across a body lotion fragranced with 'Sugar Plum & Vanilla' and after being so impressed with the scent I immediately purchased other products from this range including this - the Sugar Plum & Vanilla' Room and Linen Spray.

          My review will now focus entirely on this product.

          *~*What is it?*~*

          Avon's Naturals collection not only caters for lotions and potions for the body, but also have a large range of Room & Linen sprays. Though this review is about the Sugar Plum & Vanilla there are several other fragrances in the collection including:

          *Lavender & Chamomile

          *Strawberry & Guava

          *Black Cherry & Nutmeg

          *Coconut & Papaya

          *Lemon Blossom & Basil

          *Violet & Lychee

          These are to name but a few, plus the fact that Avon keep adding and discontinuing different fragrances on a regular basis it's hard to keep up with what's still around.

          *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

          One thing I like about Avon is their cheap (ish) prices however recently I spotted the Room & Linen sprays at £4 each, which given the fact these are only 125 ml sized bottles and are nothing short of a glorified air freshener I think this price is outlandish and refuse to purchase unless on offer.

          The good thing though about Avon is all of their ranges and collections do tend to be on offer - quite regularly so as well - and I recently picked up this (and a few of the other fragrances) for just 99p which I deem to be good price to pay for such a product.

          The spray comes housed in a plastic transparent bottle which is identical to all of the other fragrances in the Naturals Room & Linen sprays. Apart from a picture on the front depicting an image of whichever particular fragrance you have opted for (in this case there is what appears to be a very close up shot of a sugared plum and a smaller picture of a vanilla pod) there is very little else in the way of decoration and this is fine by me - it's how it fragrances my home (and linen of course) that I'm interested in.

          To access the spray there is an easy to use plastic nozzle which is placed directly on top of the bottle and is covered by a slightly larger clear lid (which is both easy to remove and replace). The bottle is a pump spray and I often find with these types of products that a few presses on the nozzle is required to 'activate' it before spritzing in my home.

          Price wise as mentioned are not cheap when on full price at £4 and I really don't think they are worth this amount so never purchase unless on offer. I feel around the £1 is sufficient enough to pay for these products which is why I purchased a few different varieties when only 99p.

          If interested these can be bought:

          *Via your local avon rep

          *Online @www.avon.co.uk/shop

          *By phoning 0845 6014040

          *Checking out Ebay - always a plethora of products at cheaper prices so worth checking out

          *~*My experience of using this*~*

          I have always loved the fragranced room and linen sprays but I have to admit have had some duff ones over the years so the success rate really is varying. On the past few occasions that I have purchased these sprays I have been very impressed with not only their fragrance but their longevity, which is something that in the past always seemed to let them down.

          I chose this fragrance primarily on the fact that I loved the smell of the body lotion so was hoping that this would mirror the scent at least - and it certainly does.

          On removing the lid there is instantly a sweet and very enticing aroma, and which smells positively mouthwatering. On activating the spray by pressing the pump dispenser type nozzle a few times, I find that the spray emits at rather a rapid pace and the contents are dispersed evenly in a fine mist form.

          The room & linen spray has a very thin consistency and is both water like in viscosity and appearance, being a completely clear watery liquid. On spritzing this around my room I find around 4 or 5 spritzes seems to suffice per room and as the fragrance is quite strong this lingers for some time and does waft from room to room.


          I adore this particular fragrance as the sugar plum is sweet yet deeply 'fruity', but the addition of the vanilla lightens the overall scent and gives it an extra dose of sweetness but not in a sickly way. I like the fact that this room spray is sweet yet at the same time has a freshness to it and when sprayed as a room freshener it lingers in the air for at least up to one hour, which I think is very reasonable.

          Some people may think this may be *too* sweet but it isn't at all cloying, it comes across as being slightly overpowering when first sprayed but then again most room fresheners do - this soon fades and it just leaves behind it an unmistakeable sweet and fruity vanilla based scent.

          As a fabric freshener I have found that it can be detected for a few hours when spritzed but doesn't seem as effective as when it is used as an air freshener. I tend to spray on my bedding during the daytime and by the evening it can just slightly be detected but is very faint so I tend to use for freshening my rooms only.


          As I always state with Avon's Room & Linen sprays I think they are a good quality item but do not think they are worth paying full price for at all. The RRP of £4 is a ridiculous amount in my opinion as if used on a regular basis they don't last very long at all so would work out an expensive product if purchased regularly.

          If this (or the other fragrances) can be bought on offer then I would highly recommend them. Though as stated I don't rate them very much as linen fresheners, I do think the fragrance lasts quite a while when used in my home. Because I live in a small cottage I find I can spray this in just one or two rooms and it will waft through to other rooms scenting them delicately, particularly so if used in our bathroom it can be smelled within minutes in rooms at the other end of my cottage.

          I find this spray is ideal if I have guests coming to the house as it freshens the rooms instantly and offers a nice warm fragrance to greet them. It's also particularly effective for covering cooking smells and helps to alleviate rather than just cover them.


          All in all this is a beautifully scented room spray that lingers when spritzed. Well worth paying £1 for but not full price at all so I am deducting one star for the RRP only.

          **Please note - I have never found the spray to damage my bedding/ clothing when used, but I would recommend you test a small area first if planning to use on linen just to be on the safe side**

          Check brochures as available sporadically.


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