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Tanita BC541 Bathroom Scale Body Fat Analyser

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Brand: Tanita / Misc House Type: Bathroom Scale

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2011 17:17
      Very helpful



      Totally worth the price you pay

      When I first joined my local gym, I was given some free personal training sessions as part of my membership, and the personal trainer I was allocated had some of these Tanita BC541 Scales and Body Fat Analyser. I was very impressed by how these worked and how accurate they were, so I went about looking to buy my own set of them.

      The trainer actually bought hers from a fitness website and paid £100 for them, which even though I am very impressed with the scales, I thought was an extortionate amount of money and I was not prepared to pay that much. I set about looking for a better price, and I found them on Amazon for just under £50!! I was quite happy with this price and I bought them as soon as I could.

      The scales themselves are a silver and gray colour, with black font on them. The buttons on the scales are silver with black pictures and fonts on them, and this makes them stand out nicely. There are two sensors on each side of the scales where you place your feet, and these are a different coloured silver to the rest of the scales. There is a small, digital screen on the scales which will show you all the amounts of information that the scales have to show you.

      I have found that the screen is lovely and clear, and there has never been a problem with me reading the information on the screen. The information is displayed big enough and it is crystal clear to read. Now we will get to all the things that make these particular scales the best ones I have ever tried in my life.

      Firstly, these scales do not just tell you what you weight, they also tell you a multitude of other information. They will tell you how much of your body is fat, water, muscle, bone, how much visceral (abdominal) fat you have and how many calories you should eat a day to maintain your current body. It also tells you what metabolic rate you have.

      All of this can be told quite quickly, as long as you have set the scale correctly. There is a quick weigh option which will just tell you what your weight is, but if you select one of the 4 memory buttons on the nearest edge to you when weighing, you can programme in a few details which will enable you to know the rest of the information. To set this information, you need to enter your height, age and wether you are male or female. This is simple to do, and the instructions that come with the scale are so simple to use, I truly believe any one could do it. It is all set out step by step, and I do not think there is any way you can wrong when doing this.

      One you have set these details, you just have to press the numbered button each time you want to use it again, as the scales will save this all in its memory. The numbered, and the power button are on the front edge, which is nearest to you when weighing, and you can just tap these with your toes to make them work, so you don't have to bend or stretch to use them.

      If you are just using the quick weigh mode, you can keep on your shoes and or socks, but when using the other functions, the scales require you to have bare feet, as the scales actually use a small electrical signal to measure your body, but don't worry, it is such a small signal you won't even be effected by it, let alone feel it.

      When I turn my scales on, I use number 1, as I was the first in my house to use them, and I own them, so I wanted to pick the first number lol! After pressing the numbered button with my toe, I usually have to wait about 2 or 3 seconds for the scales to set, and you know they are ready because the screen will display 0.0 and you can then step on the scales. Make sure your feet are lined up with the silver sensors so that the signal is sent through your properly.

      You will see your weight displayed on the screen, and then a set of zeros will come up, wait till these have disappeared before stepping off the scale, as this is then doing the final part of the measurements. The scales will make a small beep when they are done, and you can step off. The screen will alternate between showing you your weight and your percentage of body fat. You can then use the buttons on the scale just underneath the screen to see the rest of the information. Each one you press will display the information on the screen.

      These buttons all have pictures on them which show you what they mean, and even though these are really easy and simple to understand, there is an explanation of each one in the instruction booklet that comes in the box. I actually find all the different information quite interesting, and I like to see how my fitness and weight loss are coming along in all different kinds of ways, not just in weight.

      You can also pick which way you would like your weight to be displayed in, by selecting the option with a small switch which is located on the bottom of the scales. You can choose between Kilograms, Stones and lbs, or just lbs. This option is very handy, as my partner prefers to use kg (Kilograms) where as I prefer lbs, and my mother uses Stones, so we can all easily use the same scales without hassles.

      The scales are powered by 4 X AA batteries, which are included in the box. I do not know how long these will last, as I have had my scales about 3 or 4 weeks now, and they are still working fine. I should hope they would last a long while, but they only seem to be generic batteries, so I may need to buy a better, stronger brand of batteries when these ones eventually run out. The batteries are placed just under a flap on the bottom on the scales, and this is easy to open. The batteries are easy to insert, and the flap just clicks shut again, staying securely in place, so no worries about the batteries falling out at any point.

      In terms of size, these scales are roughly about the same size as most general bathroom scales that you can buy. They may be slightly bigger, but not by much. They are lightweight, and you can store them in the box they are supplied in, should you wish to. I have found that these work perfectly fine whether placed on carpet or hard flooring, but it does seem to give a quicker reading when they are used on a hard floor.

      The scales can take quite a bit of weight, it holds up to 300kg, which is the same as 661 lbs or 47 stone!! I think if you weighed as much as 47 stone, the fact of your scales being able to successfully weigh you is probably the last thing on your mind!!

      I am personally, really happy that I bought these scales, and they are accurate to 0.01 lbs, so I have no queires as to if it is correct or not. I think you could do a lot worse than buying these for your home use, or even for professional use if you are a personal trainer or something along those lines. I totally recommend them, and even though they are not any where near the cheapest of scales, they really are worth the money you spend on them. They help you to keep an eye on your body, not just your weight, and I do not think health has a price tag!!

      I give these Tanita BC451 scales a 5 out of 5, and I really can not recommend them enough.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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