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Telebrands Shoes under Space Saving Shoe Organizer

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Brand: Telebrands / Misc House Type: Storage

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2010 14:46
      Very helpful



      A clever storage solution to that age old shoe storage problem

      Telebrands underbed shoe storer

      We were in Homebase the other day buying yet more paint when I spotted this box with a picture of a storage idea for shoes neatly going under your bed. This only works if you do not have a divan bed nad if you have at least 6 inches clearance under your bed.

      It shoes a wardrobe with shoes tossed in there all muddled up converted to this neat set of shoes all in separate compartments sliding under your bed. Storing shoes has always been a tricky one for me. First I had them neatly arranged on my wardrobe floor but as my collection grew I decided to be ultra organised and put them in shoe boxes all sprayed the same colour. I took photos of the shoes and stuck a photo of the pair contained in each box. This looked much neater and kept the shoes in better condition and dust free too. I felt very pleased with my efforts and this is how they have been for about 5 years now.

      Why change this perfect, cheap system I hear you ask? Well it seems great but it seems that I always want the ones on the bottom and in order to get that box I have to left all the others out to prevent a general collapse. It would be easier if all the boxes were the same size but they weren't. Gradually too they began to break and bend and not look quite as neat. I always had to have the boots boxes on the bottom as they were so much bigger and the effort that had to go into putting a pair of boots back in their box and lifting all the ones above it was just too much sometimes!

      So you can imagine my interest when I saw this storage idea. I paid £9.99 but have since seen them for a lot less on ebay and Amazon so if you are tempted then I suggest looking on the internet before you rush off to Homebase like I did. This was an impulse buy big time and didn't have any research done prior to the purchase at all which for me is very unusual.

      Anyway this cardboard box comes a rectangular folded cloth, cardboard and see through plastic storage container. It also comes with instructions telling you how to unfold it, undo the zip and place a pair of shoes in each compartment. I don't really feel that was needed but maybe I am ultra intelligent and the only person able to work out this tricky challenge.

      These are the instructions : I quote

      "Step1 - Unfold shoes under, unzip the clear plastic cover, and insert shoes or other accessories as shown ( Illust#1). Nest shoes as shown ( illust #2) or for larger shoes, stack them."
      There is a step 2 and step3 with a further illustr#3 but I think you have probably grasped the idea!!

      It holds 12 pairs of shoes. It does NOT solve the problem of boots though. I also found that my trainers only fit one shoe per hole so I only got 11 pairs in that storage bag. However I managed to get three pairs of flipflops in one hole so that made up for the trainer. I'm not sure how men's shoes would fit as they are all more like my trainer. The picture on the front of the box shows a lady and all ladies shoes, slip ons etc not business men's shoes and trainers so I would think that it might be 6 pairs of men's shoes per container not 12 for the ladies shoes.

      Anyway I managed to construct the container and put my shoes in it then slip it under the bed - job done and nice and neat too. The trouble was I had another stack of boxes still so i had to go and buy another before my wardrobe was bare except for the three boots boxes. I felt very pleased with my purchase, it is so much easier to get shoes out, see which I want and put them away. I also have a cleared space in my wardrobe so my clothes can hang and not get creased by al the boxes.

      There are some warnings too:
      * "* For intended use only.
      * Keep away from small children
      * Keep away from heat or open flame
      * Do not machine wash or dry
      * For indoor use only, not for use in extreme heat or cold temperatures"

      I despair sometimes as there must be some extremely thick people around to require warnings like these. But for warning number one - I am sure that I could store rolled T shirts or socks and knickers in here without causing too much damage to myself or the storage container thing. It also tells you that you can clean it with a damp cloth and to only store clean, dry shoes. There warnings of impending doom and danger over.

      The cats enjoy creeping between the two storage containers and hiding when i am looking to put them to bed. I have worked out that I can use the 'strong nylon handle' to move the shoe storage thing and shove them out though. They do not show under the bed and are easy to pull out for cleaning under the bed. The shoes stay dust free and easy to get out. So all in all despite the fact that I paid £20 when I could have got them for less than half the price on the internet, I am still very pleased with these shoe storage solutions. A very simple but neat and practical storage solution for me.

      This review may be posted on other site under my same user name.



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