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Tesco Royal Blue Bath Mat

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Bathroom Accessories - Bath Mat

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2012 17:07
      Very helpful



      Deep cotton pile rug for my bathroom.

      I purchased the mat from a large Tesco store (my local store doesn't stock a large range of home ware). The mat is available to buy in a range of different colours including Royal Blue, Grey, Emerald, Burnt Orange, Black, Orange, Dark Natural, Taupe, & Pink. I decided to go for the Royal Blue as I preferred this colour to the others. I was also planning on buying some of the Royal Blue towels which go with the bath mat. I choose this particular bath mat not only for the colour but because it's a deep pile mat and is also made from cotton so can be easily washed in the washing machine to keep it looking nice & clean. The bath mat cost me £7.00 which I don't think is a bad price as this was also the price of some of the different style bath mats in Tesco. This mat also felt a lot softer than some of the other bath mats, when running my hand across it.

      The bathroom in mine & my boyfriend's flat is mainly white so I thought that the mat would give some nice colour to the room. Plus the old bath mat was getting rather tatty now, so we needed a new one anyway. I popped the mat in the bathroom as soon as I got home and threw out the old one. The mat looked really good in the bathroom and gave it a little bit of colour as well. My boyfriend loved the colour of the mat as it was bright. He also loved the fact that the mat looked really soft and fluffy too. When getting undressed ready to get into the shower, I stepped onto the mat bare footed. The mat was so soft and fluffy beneath my feet; it felt as though my feet were almost sinking into the mat. After getting out of the shower, the mat does of course get a little wet, which is expected, and because the mat is made from cotton it does soak up a fair bit of water. This is no problem, as I just hang it over or near a radiator to dry before placing it back on the floor. Over time you will notice that the cotton pile will flatten the more it's been used and walked on, how-ever when you wash the mat it fluffs up again.

      The first time I washed the mat I made a mistake and put it in the machine with a few other items, and because it was the first time I had washed this some of the fluff came off of the mat and transferred onto some of the clothes. This wasn't a huge problems, I just had to get some cellotape to de-fluff some of the other items.

      I've had the mat just over 1 year now and it's still going very well. I have washed it a fair few times now and it always comes out really fluffy and soft. A good thing is that the colour hasn't faded and it's still as bright as it was when I first purchased it. The mat can also be tumble dried which is really convenient if I can't get the mat dry. I also find that this makes the mat a lot fluffier as well.

      I have to give this bath mat 5 out of 5 stars as it's still going strong and it still looks great. It's also really easy to wash and dry and comes out looking brand new. I can't recommend this highly enough to others.

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