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Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller

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3 Reviews

Cat repeller / weather resistant / requires two 9V alkaline batteries.

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    3 Reviews
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      25.06.2013 09:01
      Very helpful



      A cat repeller that works.

      The gardens in our row of houses are quite open and have a lovely, communal feel to them. When I'm pottering among my plants, it's nice to share a cheery hello with my neighbours. Sometimes we amble round to see each other and have a chat.

      My neighbours' cats have clearly picked up on this spirit of bonhomie. On occasions they will come to visit too and I have to say they have given me no small amount of pleasure when they've leapt up onto the bench beside me for a bit of fuss.

      How super. At least it was super until it became apparent that a couple of my feline friends were failing to observe the niceties of the code of hospitality. To come back into the garden when I'm not there is a little irregular, but I can overlook that. I'm pleased that they feel at home and relaxed. I just wish they wouldn't relax all over my flower beds. To take advantage of my absence and use my garden as a toilet is totally unacceptable. And maybe that patch of gravel does look like a giant litter tray, but it isn't why I put it there.

      Something had to be done!

      >>>>Mega Sonic, It's A Tonic<<<<

      So I went down to B&Q and found an array of products designed to make your garden feline unfriendly. The nice man who was working on that section volunteered his own experience of having tried the Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller with great success. I was impressed, but I still walked down the road to Wilko's where I found the same machine for 98p cheaper. It was a moral dilemma. Should I stay loyal to B&Q for the sound advice, freely given? Or sell that trust for 98 pieces of copper. Obviously, as a stout Dooyooer I chose the latter course.

      The Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller is a vision in green and silver, with a motion sensor that detects when cats are near. Something old-fashioned in me is amused by the fact that this is a "motion" sensor, as that is precisely the point of its deployment. There's an extending foot that attaches to a stake which can be placed in the ground, or you can attach it to a wall or fence with a rawl plug and screw supplied.

      The idea is that on detecting motion, the repeller emits a short burst of sound that we humans can't hear but can be heard by cats, dogs and foxes. First, you put in the batteries and there's a test button on the front to make sure that the sonic alarm is working (obviously we can hear the test burst). You'd expect the batteries to last two to three months, but you need to be careful that you switch it off when working in the garden for an extended period of time, as your movement will keep activating it. A mains adaptor can be purchased for it, if you are able to site it close to a power source.

      The sensor works within a 12 metre, 98 degree arc, but you do have to be careful that nothing gets in the way, like plants or houses.


      It cost me £19.00 at Wilko. B&Q had it for £19.98. Although there are some products on line for slightly less, this seems to be a fair price for this model.


      Yes, I think so. It doesn't work straight away. It takes a week or two to be confident that the cats are not returning, but it does indeed seem to "do the business".

      It should be rainproof, but you might find that water gets into the sensor and you will have to empty it from time to time or the performance will be impaired. It sits fairly attractively in the garden - as attractively as a solar lantern, for instance, and as long as you keep, banging in the batteries, you should still keep getting results. I'm not aware of any evidence that the cats develop a tolerance to the sound, but that doesn't mean that they don't. What they can do is work out ways around it, so a good idea is to re-site the repeller every few weeks to stay ahead of the game.

      I have a small garden and the range of this is perfectly adequate for me. For a bigger garden, however you might need to think of other solutions. Moving it about might work, or using one in conjunction with, for instance, a granular or gel repellent.

      One of the stumbling blocks for me was that it takes two 9v batteries, not supplied. I don't know if you've noticed, but 9v batteries aren't that cheap.

      Obviously an attractive quality in this is that there are no chemicals and cats, dogs and other animals are not being harmed by it. Admittedly children, who tend to have more sensitive hearing, might also be driven out of our gardens,.... but is that such a bad thing? Probably not.


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        25.06.2010 09:17
        Very helpful



        Don't bother, it doesn't do the trick & it's a waste of money

        The NEW Big Cheese Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller

        Detect & repel cats from lawns, flower beds & bird feeders using this Mega -Sonic Cat Repeller! (I don't think so!)

        It claims - The motion activated repeller detects animal movement and delivers a continuously variable sonic burst to deter cats without harm.
        Coverage area is up to 12 metres in a 98 degree arc, creating a protected zone of over 120 square metres.

        After getting very fed up with my bird feeders & visiting birds & my pond fish being watched & pounced on all the time by neighbours cats, I decided to invest in one of these cat repellers.
        I can't remember where I bought it from, but my Amazon records show that I bought a 9 volt MAINS ADAPTOR FOR CAT REPELLER STV610 from them on 1st January 2009 - this would have been the same time I bought the actual cat repeller unit from somewhere else.

        It arrived in a cardboard display box proclaiming Easy Set Up, Motivation Activated, detects and repels cats from gardens without harming them.
        I liked the sound of this as I have always been a cat lover despite them sitting waiting to pounce on my beloved wild birds as they are feeding & catching & eating the occasional huge Koi Carp from my garden pond! I don't enjoy finding a decapitated fish in the garden, & it is also embarrassing when my neighbour comes round with half a fish in her hand offering sincere apologies for her cats behaviour! (last time she came with an offering of garden centre vouchers to compensate me which was very nice of her but obviously not needed!)

        The assembly involved removing all packaging, to reveal a green cylindrical unit with a lens at the top front & holes from where the sound is emitted, below that. It looks like a lollypop on top of a stick which is the pole or stand you push into the ground.

        I then had to decide which was the area it was most needed, so I selected the site worst affected by these pesky creatures & positioned the unit (as per instructions) facing directly towards the area & within the 12 metres of it.
        It says to ensure the unit is set up level i.e. not facing either up or down, & that the unit is fixed or mounted so that the PIR lens is approximately 30-40cm above ground level. I you prefer to fix on the wall or fence there is a fixing hole & screw pack provided.

        When I bought this I had read some reviews & decided that it needed to be protected from rain. Apparently the rain gets into the unit & stops it working. My son lovingly built a little wooden house for it complete with sloping roof, ensuring that the open front didn't interfere with the line of the mega-sonic beam or the sonic output!

        I removed the cover of the battery compartment at the base of the unit but instead of batteries I had purchased a mains unit which I now connected. The unit works either on 2 x alkaline 6LR61 9v batteries (not included) or on a mains transformer (not included). Every time something passes in front of it, it activates it, thus using power, so the more traffic the more battery life used. You can't hear the sonic burst so you wouldn't know when the batteries had run out (not that it would make any difference to the units effectiveness!)

        I turned the unit on using the ON/OFF switch at the base, after 20 seconds the unit activates & the test button can be pushed to check the sonic output.

        So that was it, it was up & working inside its little house. Now to sit back & watch the fun!

        Nothing much happened. On one occasion I saw a cat suddenly turn & run like a bullet from a gun, onto the fence & over the other side. I have to say that is the one & only time I have seen any re-action.
        The cats got used to it & I observed that the cats were still happily sitting beside the pond gazing longingly through the layers of strong & yet stronger netting we have fitted over the years (they still seem to magically catch a fish every now & again despite the netting) & they were still hiding near the bird table ready to pounce on any unsuspecting bird who dared to land on the grass.
        As our garden is terraced I realised that the mega-sonic beam was directed at the pond & the bird table, but did not reach the upper terrace about 3 feet higher nor the patio about 3 feet below. I tried moving it around the garden to give them a fresh surprise but it still had no effect.

        ~The final result~

        To my partner's great amusement, the cats sit on the garden step smiling at us & almost meowing nah, nah, nah nah nah! while lifting their paws & giving a gesture!
        They should be running away but neither the sonic burst nor our presence makes them want to leave our garden!

        My neighbour on the other side who hates cats with a vengeance & had her own similar cat repeller in the front garden, I notice has now taken it away in disgust.

        Several years ago I looked into buying one of these & at the time they were about £50, so when I saw the cost had come down I decided to invest in one (wish I hadn't bothered!)
        The cost of this set up was around £16 for the main unit The Big Cheese Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller!
        Plus £7.95 for the Mains transformer - recommended where there is heavy cat activity anticipated.

        It is now relegated to the garden shed complete with it's nice little house.

        The online urbandictionary says that cheesy means -
        'What it means is: Trying too hard, unsubtle, and inauthentic'.
        That's what this product is - it tries too hard & is not authentic in what it claims.

        ~ Would I recommend it ~

        Absolutely not, don't waste your money.


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          31.01.2010 02:29
          Very helpful



          Does exactly what it says on the tin, and it's nice and cheap!

          The Big Cheese - Cat Repeller does exactly that - repels cats. I bought one of these for around £15 off of Amazon about a month ago and am very pleased by how it's performing. So how does it keep those pesky cats off my garden you ask? Well I'll tell you...

          It emits high frequency variable ultra sound waves to ward them off, and activates when the infra red sensor senses activity. The IR sensor patrols a 98 degree sector with a range of 12 metres, I found this very reasonable as I don't have a particularly huge garden.

          This is about the humanist way possible to get rid of cats - no more spraying your garden with chemicals or other nonsense. It requires two 9V batteries to operate (not included, unfortunately) which last a very long time. This is because it rather handily reverts to stand-by mode when not in use.

          Well that's all I have to say about Big Cheese's cat repeller, it does the job you need it to do and even blends in with your garden (well its green). It's also the cheapest and humanist way to ward off cats at under £15 from Amazon!


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        • Product Details

          Easy to install system detects cats and repels them without harming them. (This product was formerly called the 'Big Cheese Cat Repeller').

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