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The Body Shop Mandarin & Tangelo Home Spray

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Brand: The Body Shop / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2011 11:45
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      Ok as a body spray but not anything else

      Like many people I like my home to smell not only fresh and clean but of something. It doesn't really matter to me what it smells of so long as it smells of something. Therefore, when I was last in The Body Shop I picked up this mandarin and tangelo room, body and linen spray. Now I have a confession to make here, until I googled it for this review I had no idea what a tangelo was much less what it smelt like. It is, for those of you interested, a hybrid of the tangerine and grapefruit.

      My Experience

      I actually like the fact that products like this are multi-use. I've not seen anywhere except The Body Shop do products that are specifically designed for more then one use. Sure, many products can be used in more then one way but not many are designed to be used like that.

      Anyway, I'm getting off course. The spray top is easy to press and causes no problems. When pressed it releases a strong and very directed spray into the air in front. The initial spray smells of mandarin, I can't really detect any other smell in there.

      * As A Room Spray:

      Considering this was the main reason I bought this it's really let me down in this respect. Our living room isn't small, it's about 12ft by 9ft so I'll be fair to the body shop and point out that it is a rather large area the smell is trying to fill. However it takes 8 to 9 sprays for the smell to really be noticed at all, as I said this initially smells of mandarin, but within a couple of minutes the smell has faded and isn't noticeable at all.

      I did try again with slightly more sprays thinking that maybe I hadn't done enough or there was some other reason the smell hadn't stuck around but I achieved the same results.

      Therefore if, like me, you're interested in this as a room spray I'd look elsewhere. Whilst it does smell nice when you first spray it this doesn't last at all.

      * As A Body Spray

      As a body spray this actually works surprisingly well!

      Since the spray is quite powerful it does go on quite wet and takes around 30 seconds to dry which I'll admit is more then annoying sometimes, especially when you're rushing in the mornings trying to get ready.

      As with everything else this goes on my skin smelling of mandarins but when it's dry there's more of a grapefruit scent that I assume is the tangelo. It's not overpoweringly grapefruit though, more of a generally citrus scent with the grapefruit being distinguishable from the rest.

      This stays on as a delicate scent that's noticeable to me when I move for at least 4 hours with it being noticeable when I smell my skin for up to 6 hours.

      * As A Linen Spray

      I only tried this twice for the purposes of the review. I didn't try it before because I thought the scent would be too delicate to be used like this. Unfortunately, I was proved right.

      The first time I tried it I sprayed my bed linen in the morning and it wasn't noticeable by the time it came to bedtime.

      The second time I sprayed it around 2 hours before bedtime and although the smell was still noticeable I actually found it kept me awake! Citrus to me is quite an energising scent and I found this to be true when it came to this too.

      Other Information

      Apparently vertiver and musk are the two scents that linger longer then the others but I can't detect these at all, maybe this is why it's not seeming to linger for me?

      It does contain honey which makes it unsuitable for vegans but as far as I can see it's suitable for vegetarians.

      Price, Availability And Recommendation

      Being a Body Shop product this is only available from them and costs £6 for a 100ml bottle.

      I would recommend it as a body spray but the other uses let it down for me, because of this I'm only going go give it 3 out of 5 which is a shame really since usually I love products like this.


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