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The White Company Wild Mint Home Spray

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Brand: The Body Shop / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2009 09:30
      Very helpful



      Minty, Melony and a hint of freshness, great for a different kind of home fragrance.

      A few years ago however I discovered The White Company through my mother's love for white and black painted products and from their recent seasonal catalogue I was intrigued to find that they sell a line up of scented candles, room diffuser sticks and sprays. Their ranges of bathroom accessories now extend to a line up of clothing for women and children and more recently I've been drawn to their shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh largely because of their products and the fact that many of my friend's birthdays occur just after school has broken up for mid term - and when ironically teachers get paid!

      Additionally for a country that has been a recession it hasn't stopped our neighbours splashing out on barbecues, or gardens that are being cut or the council re-tarring the roads. As such the mixed scents in the air have been truly off putting! The worst aura of scents have been cut grass and stale soil coming into our home possibly no doubt due to our over grown garden. As a result the smell of pine and dung don't go well together in my opinion! Then I came across The White Company's "Wild Mint," fragrance spray amongst shopping for a candle gift for a friend who happens to sell Yankee Candle and I knew she would love this scent from the off.

      The packaging is very simple as are most products from The White Company and here you'll find a simply designed clear glass bottle with a white label, light green/silver writing and a silver top. For 100ml however you're looking at shelling out £10 even though the bottle is classy and slim, I think this is a bit too expensive. Then again Yankee Candle's own pressurized sprays come in around the £5-95 price mark at 50ml so there's no denying that The White Company are a premium brand.

      I was initially intrigued how a product spray like this would cost £10 but I'm pleased to report that after a month (now down to half a bottle) I've been quite stingy in spraying this around the home, even though my mother is a smoker I can still get by with some beeswax candles that won't bring me out in coughing fits to mask the tobacco odour.

      The scent of this product spray is absolutely gorgeous to the point that like petrol, I find that if I smell it I suddenly get the desire to eat something. The fumes of this spray (unlike petrol) are light and airy however and a fine mist of clear spray emerges easily out of this unpressurized spray bottle. One skoosh however is all I seem to need to fill a room and the scent travels heavily through the air into the hallway. No wonder it is so expensive! The difference with this spray however is that it does tend to last for more than an hour and it is of no surprise to why, one month on there is only half of it left.

      Consisting of peppermint and spearmint, the first tone of this spray reveals a heavy amount of sweet spearmint and a slightly prickling around the nose of light peppermint. However the third ingredient according to The White Company is one of White Tea, a drink I'm not too sure I can actually describe! I've often thought that White Tea was a standard mug of Tetley with a dash of milk and that reveals an Earthy smell and one of slight vanilla thanks to the milk.

      However sweet the connotations of conjuring up White Tea are, I find the third ingredient is one of sweet Melon and the layers of this fragrance spray are finely mixed together to give one very potent and positive summer time scent that welcomes people in without being over the top. I find the whole event slightly and strangely delicious and many who have visited the home find the scent very rewarding and relaxing.

      The biggest surprise however is just how well this spray manages to mask that familiar wet dog smell, a scent I'm never keen on when my aunt brings her dog to stay over sometimes. The smell hangs in our bathroom for days and we tried the Dettol and the Oust and any other antibacterial spray for that matter to try and shift the smell, but to no avail. "Wild Mint," however is a befitting title however; upon spraying a couple of squirts the bathroom smelt beautiful as if basked in peppermint and void of wet-dog-just-bathed scent, lasting for two days which nearly banished the smell of wet-dog. For her period of stay with her pooch, our Wild Mint spray came in very handy! The second surprise is that I find it extremely effective with tobacco smells too! This is one very classy fragrance and should appeal to many on the grounds that it is very fresh and aspiring.

      So if you want to treat yourself and to a scent that is slightly different to anything on the market, the Wild Mint spray gets full marks. The downsides are that it does contain flammable warnings and shouldn't be sprayed onto furnishings directly. Infact there is very little info on the back of the bottle that should be improved. The White Company's Pomegranate candles/spray scent are additionally just as good and very different as a comparison to a delightful Mint perfume fragrance that should have everyone talking. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2009.



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    • Product Details

      Air Freshener / Fill your home with the refreshing scent of peppermint, spearmint and a special touch of white tea.

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