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Titan Combi Drill

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2007 11:16
      Very helpful



      A good drill for light household DIY

      I would be the first to admit that my attempts at home improvement are more likely to end up on a show like DIY Disasters than winning any B&Q award for Best Hanging of a Curtain Pole. Having said that I do still get the manly pleasure of doing a manual job and stepping back, wiping the sweat from my brow, scratching my arse and thinking “Yep that will just about do”. With this in mind I thought it time I did a manly review about my Titan Combi drill which is of the cordless variety and hence ideal for most jobs.

      I have found this drill to be a good all round drill that can cope with pretty much al the jobs around the house. As a combi drill it can be used for both drilling holes and for driving and removing screws and with a 14.4v power source it can easily cope with wood and brick jobs.

      It comes in a hard plastic briefcase with two slide clips at the top and as well as the battery and charger the pack includes a spare battery, a double ended screwdriver bit as well as to six piece sets of drill bits and screwdriver bits. The case is useful for safe storage however I do find that when you come to open it the main pieces like the drill and charger will probably have left their slots and they are not secured in them by any devices, it should be noted that price wise this drill is towards the bottom of the price range when compared with other drills and I guess you get what you pay for however for the amount of work I require from it, which is quite infrequent, it is ideal.

      I do like the fact that you have a spare battery, the charge time for a fully discharged battery is one hour and I have never had a problem with battery life for the jobs that I have done so I cannot comment on the life time of a battery as over time when the battery is stored the charge will be lost however if you have a lot of work to do I know that I can always have one battery fully charged to use while the other one is charging. The charger has a simple led display to tell you when the battery is fully charged and an automatic shutdown once full charge has been reached and works off a standard 230 volt mains connector.

      The thing I like about this drill is the ease of operation; it weights about 2kg so is quite substantial however it does not feel cumbersome and is easy to drill at different angles for those tight jobs. The drill is fitted with a variable clutch which is operated through a torque adjustment ring on the neck of the drill. This allows you to set the screwing action at the right level to avoid over screwing, it is best to start with a low setting and work upwards until you find the ideal setting, with a range of 1-15 it is possible to refine the setting to the job in hand. There is a drill setting when you are drilling holes. When drilling you have the option of setting it to a standard drill for normal jobs or for those that require a bit more power a hammer setting is available for brick and stone work however it should be noted that the drill bits provided are not suitable for this type of work.

      It is also easy to change the drill bits, there is no need for a chuck key all you need to do is twist the inner and outer chuck rings in opposite directions. On the top of the drill here is a gear box selector with two settings for high or low speed and above the trigger there is a sliding forward and reverse switch which unless it is moved from he centre position to one of the settings will prevent the drill operating. This is a useful safety feature as with a cordless drill you cannot disconnect the power source without removing the battery so having a secondary shut off is important to prevent accidental operation.

      One other small feature to ensure that you drill on the level is a small spirit level at the rear of the drill which is quite small and hence very sensitive to movement but is well located right in your eye line so you can ensure that your drill or screw is entering at 90 degrees to the hole. The handle grip is very comfortable and not too chunky; the drill is quite well balanced as well and does not feel awkward to handle even with only one hand.

      I have been impressed with this drill and it is ideal for all jobs around the house, the drill has plenty of power and is well made. The choice of speed settings and the fact that it is easily operated without the need for separate chuck keys is great and you do not need a great deal of strength to change the settings. The charge time is pretty good at only an hour and I have never had a problem with it running out of power for the types of jobs that I need it for. The additional spare battery also means you can have a fully charged battery in reserve for longer jobs.

      The drill comes with a well set out operating guide which covers everything in fairly basic language and also covers and trouble shooting problems. The drill also comes with a one year guarantee.

      I purchased this drill from Scewfix Direct over the internet as part of a bulk purchase and it cost £29.99 and due to the fact that I bought other items that took the order over £50 I had no postage or handling costs.

      Full Spec

      14.4 Vdc Battery Voltage
      12 x 1.2Vdc Battery Cell
      0-350/0 – 11000min No load speed
      1 hour charge time
      1.5Ah NI-Cd battery capacity
      14.4Vdc 2.3 A Adapter output
      1.9Kg Weight.

      Thanks for reading and rating my review.


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