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Triton T100e Thermostatic Electric Shower

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Brand: Triton / Type: Shower

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2012 10:07
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      Electric Shower from Triton

      Why this Shower

      To be honest I had no say in the shower I have at home, I was lucky enough to inherit it from the previous occupiers who had it installed and then didn't bother to use it as it was brand new and still had the protective film over the on/off button when I first came to try it out for myself. It's a Triton T100E electric shower, white in colour with chrome detailing and offers me (almost) everything I could possibly want in a shower thanks to it's no-nonsense design and easy to use controls.


      The Shower control panel which is fixed to the wall measures 22cm in width, 34cm in height and only 11.5cm in depth so it's quite a compact model with a low profile, the control box is simply designed with hot or cold water selector buttons and a temperature dial control that has a chunky look and feel to it. A large on/off button is located at the base of the control panel and once you have decided what temperature you want your water to be at it's simply a case of standing underneath the shower head, pressing the on/off switch and letting the water fall on you. It's simplistic design is ideal for me as I rarely alter the temperature of the water and have no need for any superfluous functions that I wouldn't benefit from. The shower head sits on an adjustable rise rail and can be moved up and down to suit the height of the person stood or sat underneath it and the shower head itself has 5 spray options which can give you either a relaxed, 'soft' shower or a more powerful, intensive blast of a shower which is rather invigorating and certainly wakes me up in the morning.

      The numbered temperature dial is easy to read and is responsive to the varying degrees it offers with 1 offering a cool shower and 10 a hot one, how powerful the shower is to other people is obviously dependant on a number of factors including water pressure although there is a 'low pressure' indicator which lights up and still operates if you have water pressure problems. A feature that Triton promotes with this shower is it's 'phased shut down' and what this does is keeps the shower running for a few seconds after it has been turned off to flush all the water through the unit thus stopping anyone else who uses the shower having to face either a hot or cold blast of water that has remained in the system. It's a clever idea but not something that affects me as I'm the only one who uses mine although I can see how this would be beneficial to families especially those with children or elderly relatives.

      The full technical specifications are listed here and have been taken from the Triton website, their inclusion in this review is meant to inform rather than pad out my review and I have included them for anyone who would find this information useful:

      Technical Specification

      Temperature Control: Thermostatic
      Power Rating: 8.5kW
      Inlet Connection: 15mm compression
      Water Entry Points:Top, bottom, back (right hand side of unit)
      Cable Entry Points:Top, bottom, back (right hand side of unit)
      Outlet Connection: 1/2" BSP
      Plumbing System Compatibility: Mains cold water only
      Minimum Running Pressure/Flow: 1 Bar at 8l/mink
      Maximum Static Pressure: 10 Bar
      Approvals:BEAB, CE, BSI kite mark

      My thoughts on the T100E

      In my opening paragraph of this review I stated that this shower gives me almost everything I could possibly want as far as a shower goes and whilst it is easy to use and allows me to maintain my personal hygiene it's not quite faultless and I do think it's rather basic as far as electric showers go. I would say this this designed more for functionality then for luxury and had I have chosen one for myself I would have picked one that offered many more features. It's perfectly fine as it is if you just want to hop in to have a wash and it provides a good enough stream of hot water to thoroughly clean both your body and hair but there are a few minor niggles that prevent me from giving this a glowing recommendation. The showerhead for example is just a standard size and whilst there are 5 choices of spray that you can select they're pretty much the same whatever you choose, the blasting spray is probably the best one for me personally as I like how it drenches my skin with the water but because the showerhead isn't particularly large you never feel the effects that each of the spray functions can offer.

      Maybe it's just me being picky but compared to the walk in shower I had at my old home I can tell the difference between the two and I can't help but compare showering now with how it was before. For me this shower from Triton simply gives me the chance to get clean, it's not a shower I can spend a long time standing under and I miss the option of having a truly powerful shower that my old one gave me. The design of the shower is nice and has been installed tidily in my bathroom but it isn't without its faults, there's a cover that clips over the hose part of the shower at its lowest point that seems to have a life of its own and is forever pinging off into my bath, it's not too much of a nuisance to clip it back into place but realistically there's no reason for it to fall off in the first place as it's not broken in any way. Similarly there's a little dish fitted onto the upper part of the pipework which is too small to be of any use, this does come supplied with the shower but it's inclusion is rather baffling as there's nothing that you can put onto it which will stay in place so for me it goes unused. These are the minor little niggles that I've noticed over the past 6 months and whilst they don't sound that bad when written here (and to be fair there could be far worse things to complain about) I mentioning them as these are the things that stop me from shouting this shower's praises.

      Niggles aside the shower has been reliable, it's used every day and it certainly serves its purpose. I do like its simplistic design even though it's not 'all-singing and all-dancing' and anyone looking for an easy to use electric shower could do a lot worse than this one from Triton. Admittedly I would have bought something different to this had I been paying for my own to be installed but as I inherited this one and it hadn't been used I'd be foolish to get rid of it so soon after moving in to my new home and until the time comes for it to be replaced I'm happy to put up with the few minor niggles that I have. I paid nothing for mine obviously but looking online I've seen that the same shower is available for £220.00 upwards, how this compares to other makes I can't say but for the price it costs and what it gives I think it's a pretty reasonable buy and whilst it's not a five star shower in my opinion it would be unfair of me to rate it any lower than four stars here.

      There's just enough going for the T100E for me to recommend it to other people, it's simple design and uncomplicated controls make it easy to use and overall I'm happy with mine.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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