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Tupperware Hamburger Press and Freezer Set

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Brand: Tupperware / Misc House Type: Storage

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    1 Review
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      30.05.2007 11:52
      Very helpful



      Worth the outlay, saving time and money.

      had my eye on this set for quite some time, and when it came up on Ebay by a seller who would ship here, I bypassed the bidding and hit the Buy It Now. I did the same a few weeks later for more of the storage pieces without the burger press part, as I was so pleased, and thus enabling me to make up a good store of patties in my freezer. I paid the equivalent of $25 for the two second hand sets, including surface postage to the United Kingdom. overseas postage is high, but I now am the happy owner of a press and 24 keepers and 2 seals.

      I have to say I would have happily paid for the full price of a new set had I been able to locate some here, but Tupperware had not yet relaunched here when I bought these, having ceased operations here several years ago, and no new sets appeared on Ebay. I have to say these are worth every penny despite the price tag, as they have saved me money, effort, and I am able to make much healthier patties for my family as I get to control the ingredients and so they are free from unwanted additives and lower in salt. The containers are about 5 inches in diameter, stack neatly on top of each other, and come with a lid to fit onto the top of the stack. There are three containers to a set, but you can buy additional containers, called keepers. You also get a hand held disc with a handle; this is the burger press and to use it, you simply place your meat or whatever into a container, press down, and presto, one burger patty! I say whatever as I have used this to make veggie burgers as well as meat ones. The size of the patty that results fits nicely in a hamburger bun without being swallowed in mountains of bread.

      So how has this saved me money? Well, buying good meat in a pre-packaged burger form is not cheap. But buying plain ground beef, or turkey, is not horribly expensive. You can use just the meat and get a burger that doesn't fall apart, or you can mix it with a bit of egg and add breadcrumbs, dry oatmeal, cooked lentils, or whatever to add bulk and stretch your money further. Nor are these just for plain old burgers. You can also add grated cheese into your meat mixture for easy cheeseburgers, or make mini meatloaf patties by making up your meatloaf mix, turning it into patties, and topping it with your ketchup. You can also use your meat patties and cook in a pan with gravy for quick Salisbury steak, or make a vegetable bake entree by making patties with egg, breadcrumbs, grated cheese, and finely chopped cauliflower or broccoli. All of these things are a snap, and having them on hand has not only saved me cash on buying ready made, but also saved me cash on days when we need a quick meal and would otherwise order out. All I had to do was simply pop out the frozen patty, and cook as usual. No need to defrost, and ready in under 30 minutes.

      Quality wise I am also very pleased. The press, storage containers, and seals show the same quality as the vintage Tupperware I have bought second-hand, and look set to also last 30 years or more. Quick and easy to use, these are not something that gets bought, then sits in the cupboard, nor are they fiddly to clean. There are no hidden recesses or ridges or awkward corners, and they wash by hand very easily. Mine says not dishwasher safe, but as with my other tupperware, has been just fine in my newer type eco dishwasher on a 40 degree eco wash, with no warping or degradation of the plastic or seal.

      All in all, a classic must have now reissued in a larger size by Tupperware, and good value for money. You can take advantage of the pound over the dollar as I did, or go to the Tupperware website, click the find a rep bit, choose Interntaional, then fill in a brief request for a local British rep to contact you. You can also request a British catalogue, and information on becoming a rep, thanks to Tupperware's long awaied UK relaunch. Let the parties begin, and don't forget to serve your burgers!


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