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Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Set

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Brand: Tupperware / Misc House Type: Storage

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2008 18:10
      Very helpful



      Highly Recommended

      I adore these sandwich keepers. They have so much going for them for such simple little designs. I brought mine from a Tupperware party a long time ago and they have certainly stood the test of time, even with repeated daily use they are still as strong and as well fitting as the day I brought them.

      Basically you have a square shaped box which opens out to become completely level on the work surface. The two sides are pretty identical and you can use either side to place your sandwich in to and still shut it with no problem. The clasp is tight enough to allow for a really good airtight seal, yet my daughter can undo it at four years old so it is certainly no Krypton Factor style clasp.

      I have found that if I buy the square bread or cut the crusts off normal shaped bread, a sandwich will fit in perfectly, or two sandwiches one on top of the other. However if you make a sandwich using rectangular shaped bread it will not fit in the square box exactly and you have to slightly overlap each side of the sandwich on top of each other to fit it in. This is no real problem for us as we only ever have one sandwich in the boxes (2 slices of bread). However if you wanted to put in two sandwiches (4 slices of bread) and it was rectangular shaped you could have a problem. The thicker the bread the less chance you have of fitting in two sandwiches as well. These are only designed for one sandwich really but you can fit in two as long as you are conservative on the filling and use the right bread.

      I find with my son that he has room for one sandwich and then I usually put either a small sausage roll or a carrot on top of his sandwich as well with no problem.

      They are dishwasher safe and I have washed mine in there plenty of times; however my preferred method is the washing up bowl, as they are never really that dirty and I think the heat from the washer may just bend the plastic one day.

      These boxes are ideal for school lunches which is why I use them mainly, as they slide inside my son's lunch bag and keep the sandwiches fresh and stop any filling from leaking out or anything along those lines. I have used them for other things as well as normal sandwiches and it is just as easy to fit in kid's wraps or pitta bread as well. I also use them for work if I need to take lunch with me. I can fit in my sandwich and a carrot and it slides into my handbag meaning no extra items to carry.

      Think of all the plastic bags, cling film or tin foil you could use wrapping a daily sandwich for your kids and for yourself, then think of how much good you could do the environment by switching to one of these. They are so simple and yet so strong and sturdy that I would never be without one now. To be honest I don't think I will need to renew mine anytime soon either as they still have plenty of years left in them, even though I have had them for about 6 years already. The hinge is still perfect and showing no signs of weakening or breakage.

      I have not managed to find a price online anywhere but I paid in the region of £5.00 for a set of two six years ago. I have included their contact details in case you are interested but eBay is a good source of Tupperware goods and bargain prices.

      Tupperware UK and Ireland Ltd
      4 White House Court
      Hockliffe Street
      Leighton Buzzard
      LU7 1FD

      Tel: 01525 370014
      Fax: 01895 826450


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    • Product Details

      Large compartment can hold a sandwich, salad or entrée / Ice pack fits between the two compartments to keep food evenly chilled / Durable plastic, easy to clean, lid fits tightly and securely.

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